The mobile difference
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The Mobile Difference. Educause - Webinar July 14, 2011 Lee Rainie: Director, Pew Internet Project Email: Twitter: @ Lrainie. Portrait of a generation. Population. Race and ethnicity. Male education level. Female education level. Community type.

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The mobile difference

The Mobile Difference

Educause - Webinar

July 14, 2011

Lee Rainie: Director, Pew Internet Project


Twitter: @Lrainie

Self definition technology aptitude
Self-definition = technology aptitude

Smartphone activities millennials coll students over index on
Smartphone activitiesMillennials/coll students over-index on …

  • Texting use

  • Taking pictures on smartphone

  • Going online using smartphone

  • Downloading apps

  • Email on smartphone

  • Recording video on smartphone

  • Playing music on smartphone

  • Playing games on smartphone

Mobile is conversation search starter mobile users overindex on
Mobile is “conversation/search starter” – mobile users overindex on…

  • Daily use of internet

  • Social networking use

  • Search

  • News consumption (including political use)

  • Health and fitness information

  • Video use

  • E-commerce

The mobile difference

College students and social networking online

% of internet users in each group

Sns activities millennials out perform other gens on
SNS activities Millennials online out perform other gens. on …

  • Logging on daily

  • “Liking” something/someone multiple times a day

  • Updating status daily

  • Tagging and commenting on photos daily

  • Commenting on others’ status daily

  • Having diverse socio-economic network

What does this mean
What does this mean? online

Social networks are more influential - 1


What does this mean1
What does this mean? online

Social networks are more influential - 2


What does this mean2
What does this mean? online

Social networks are more influential - 3

Audience = New media are the new neighborhood

Will millennials use of tech change as they age1
Will Millennials’ use of tech change as they age? online

By 2020, members of Gen Y will continue to disclose personal information to stay connected. Even as they mature, have families, and take on more significant responsibilities, their enthusiasm for widespread information sharing will carry forward.

67% experts

69% full sample

By 2020, members of Gen Y will have grown out of much of their use of social networks and transparency-engendering online tools. As they age and find new commitments, their enthusiasm for widespread information-sharing will abate.

29% experts

28% full sample

Themes online

  • Online sharing builds friendships, forms communities and builds reputations – Millennials have seen the benefits and will continue to share online as they grow older

  • New social norms that reward disclosure of private information are already forming, in fact, 20th century notions of privacy are already morphing

  • New boundaries will be set as people adjust to new realities shaped by social network providers

  • Those who disagreed with the majority mostly said that commitments tied to aging will change Millennials level of sharing – especially the time crunch from work and family

The mobile difference

Thank you! online