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Canadian Symbols - Film

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Canadian Symbols - Film - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Canadian Symbols - Film. A symbol is something/someone who stands for or represents someone or something else, an idea or quality. 1. If a picture is worth a 1000 words, than the Canadian Flag is worth a million.

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canadian symbols film

Canadian Symbols - Film

A symbol is something/someone who stands for or represents someone or something else, an idea or quality.

1 if a picture is worth a 1000 words than the canadian flag is worth a million
1. If a picture is worth a 1000 words, than the Canadian Flag is worth a million.
  • 2. Symbols can come from any sources, elements found in our landscape, the rich traditions of aboriginal peoples, and people who came to live in Canada.
3. The first flag to fly in Canada was the St. George Cross of England brought by explorer John Cabot in 1497.
fleur de lis and union jack
Fleur-de-Lis and Union Jack

5. Since the 18th century the Union Jack has symbolized membership in the commonwealth and allegiance to the British Crown.

  • 4. The Fleur –de-Lis was carried by Jacques Cartier in 1534.
the red ensign
The Red Ensign

6. From 1870 to 1965 the Red Ensign was our unofficial flag.

the canadian maple leaf
The Canadian Maple Leaf

7. The Maple Leaf flag first flew in 1965.

Debate over the new flag.

George Stanley

8 list four famous canadian buildings shown in the ever so cool musical montage
8. List four famous Canadian buildings shown in the ever so cool musical montage.

Peggy’s Cove LightHouse

Nova Scotia

  • Parliament
  • CN Tower
  • Light house of Peggy’s Cove

10. As Canadians we embrace such values as compassion, respect and acceptance.

  • 9. Our Maple Leaf identifies embassies and high commissions abroad and says home to Canadian Citizens.
11. Countries troubled by war see the Maple Leaf as a symbol representing security fairness and justice.
12. Besides peacekeeping, what is one other way Canada helps other countries? Group Discussion/Reflection

13. The United Nations has several times declared Canada the best country to live in.

14. Canadian travelers get a warm welcome when the flag is recognized.

  • 15. Before Europeans arrived, the aboriginal people lived here and they had a spiritual and enduring respect for the land, water, forests, wildlife.
16. What does the new Canadian citizen say when he/she receives his/her certificate of citizenship? O’Canada

Your challenge is to write the

O ‘ Canada stanzas.

17 what is one reason people from other nations wish to live in canada reflection question
17. What is one reason people from other Nations wish to live in Canada? Reflection Question
  • 18. What is meant by the term multiculturalism?
  • Discussion and Reflection
  • 19. List Five sports that are portrayed.
  • Hockey,
  • skiing,
  • skating,
  • cycling,
  • rowing,
  • running,
  • swimming
canadian hero s
Canadian Hero's!
  • 20. What famous Canadian hero is pictured to the left?
canadian accomplisments
Canadian Accomplisments

21. List four jobs that are mentioned by the young people.






Social Worker

Movie makers