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Bingo Chairperson Training Program

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Bingo Chairperson Training Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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welcome. Revised 01/19/2011!. To The. Meredith Eves. 456789. Your Name Here. 09/09/2012. Bingo Chairperson Training Program. Module TWO: Licensing. Licensing Section. Responsible for: Answering Inquiries & assisting in complaint investigation Transferring Equipment

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To The

Meredith Eves


Your Name Here


Bingo Chairperson Training Program

Module TWO: Licensing

licensing section
Licensing Section

Responsible for:

  • Answering Inquiries & assisting in complaint investigation
  • Transferring Equipment
  • Registry of Workers
  • Pre-License Interviews
  • Also responsible for
    • License Fees
    • Forms
    • Administrative Rules
  • Issuing Licenses!

Jack Willow


April 10, 2012

Your Name Here

types of licenses
Types of Licenses
  • Conductor
  • Lessor
  • Manufacturer
  • Distributor
  • Unit Manager
  • System Service Provider

Per HB 1474


A non-profit organization

who conducts the bingo


Other terms you’ll hear:

  • Licensed authorized organization
  • Conductor-lessor
  • Lessor-conductor
  • Charitable lessor
  • Charitable Conductor
  • Charity

Persons who lease bingo

premises to licensed

authorized organizations

for the conduct of bingo

Other terms:

  • Charitable lessor
  • Lessor-conductor
  • Commercial lessor
  • Grandfathered lessor
  • Association

Big $$ Win



Persons who make bingo equipment

and supplies.

  • Sells only to TX licensed distributors or other manufacturers

Persons who sell the manufactured bingo equipment and supplies to licensed authorized organizations or other distributors

Showtime Bingo Products Distributor

distributor contact information
Distributor Contact Information


Distributors and their Contact Information!

Use the list of active distributors here to buy your bingo supplies, compare product and prices!

unit manager
Unit Manager

Persons who are responsible for the payment of prize fees and filing of the quarterly reports for an accounting unit

the original license
The “Original” License

The Very First License Issued to the Licensee

  • By-laws
  • Meeting minutes
  • Proof of charitable activity & existence
  • Membership rosters
  • Background checks
  • 501c documents
license renewal
License Renewal

A “regular” license is renewed

Annually or Bi-annually



license amendment change
License Amendment = CHANGE

Changes made during

the active license term

  • change in bingo chairperson
  • change in license days / times
  • change in location
licenses issued in 2010
Licenses Issued in 2010

87 Originals

1,289 Renewals

742 Amendments

7,084 Temporaries

A total of 9,202 licenses issued !

(Unaudited figures as of 1/19/2011)

conductor license types
Conductor License Types

“Regular License”

Temporary License

License that expires on first or second anniversary of the date of issuance. Term includes an annual license.

HB 1474

New Term

regular license
Regular License
  • Good for up to three occasions per week.
  • Each occasion may be up to four hours.
temporary license
Temporary License
  • The temporary license is issued for one4 hourbingo occasion for a specified date and time.
  • These are commonly used for special occasions or holidays.
  • $25.00 per occasion


number of temporary licenses permitted
Number of Temporary Licenses Permitted
  • Regular License – 24 per license period year
  • Regular Bi-Annual License – 24 per license period year for a total of 48 temporary licenses
  • No Regular License – 6 per calendar year

Increased by HB 1474

temporary license location options
Temporary License Location OPTIONS
  • At the same playing location as a regular license.
  • At a different playing location from the regular license.
  • At an unlicensed playing location.
  • Location Must
    • Be in the same county as organization’s primary business office or contiguous county
    • Be legalized for conduct of bingo by election

HB 1474

big change
  • Rule 402.401 (Amended with effective date of 03/09/2010)

“Occasion not held. If a licensed temporary occasion is not held, the organization will forfeit any license fee paid.”



file your renewal
File Your Renewal!
  • Temporary occasions cannot be approved whose effective date falls in a future licensing period if the renewal application has not been filed.




Current license period

Future license period


Help Us Help You!

  • Whenever possible, use the interactive form
  • Easy to read, easy to data-enter—less errors
  • Look for this icon symbol for forms on the website:
  • Reading hand-writing can be difficult and lead to data-entry errors that become part of your permanent record until discovered and corrected.



double check use the right form
Double Check: Use The Right Form!
  • Section 1 – Use if playing at your annual license playing location.
  • Section 2 – Use if playing at a location different than your annual license playing location.
  • Regular and interactive forms on our website for your use
bingo occasion

HB 1474

  • Redefines the definition of an “occasion”
    • “a single gathering or session at which a bingo game or a series of bingo games, including the selling and redeeming pull-tab bingo tickets, are conducted on the day and at the times listed on the license issued to a licensed authorized organization”.
    • The occasion no longer includes preparatory or concluding activities incidental to the conduct of bingo such as selling bingo paper.
  • Citations
  • Sec. 2001.002(6), Sec.2001.419, Rule 402.201
sec 2001 419 bingo occasion
Sec. 2001.419 BINGO OCCASION
  • Deletes the requirement to observe a 10-minute intermission
    • If more than one bingo occasion is conducted at the same premises on the same day:
      • The bingo occasions must be announced separately
      • The licensed times may not overlap
      • Bingo cards may be sold during a bingo occasion for play during a subsequent bingo occasion that is scheduled to being at the same premises in not more than eight hours after the sale of the bingo cards for the subsequent occasion begins.
      • Bingo paper for a bingo occasion may be sold at the licensed premises before the bingo occasion begins.
  • Citations
  • Sec. 2001.002(6), Sec.2001.419, Rule 402.201


HB 1474

limits to the number of occasions per day
No more than two occasions may be conducted per day


A third occasion is allowed under a temporary license provided the organization holds an annual license at that playing location.



Limits to the Number of Occasions Per Day
coordinate all changes in the hall
Coordinate All Changes in the Hall
  • Ensure that the temporary date and times do not overlap any annual bingo occasion being held that day.
  • Submit amendment applications at the same time as the temporary application.


The License Examiner has to be able to see the entire hall playing schedule and coordinate ALL of the changes.

regarding advertising
Regarding Advertising…


Door Prizes

Betty’s Bingo

  • Remember, unless the license is issued and received, it is illegal to advertise or conduct the bingo occasion.

Bingo License Pending; Grand Opening 11-03-2012


A regular license must be amended any time there is a change to the:

  • bingo occasion days and times
  • designated bingo chairperson
  • playing location
  • primary business location
  • organization’s legal name

*See Administrative Rule 402.422 effective 02/10/2009



texas application to amend license to conduct bingo amending days times only
Texas Application to Amend License to Conduct Bingo Amending Days/Times Only

With ESCROW funds , fax will be faster!

amending days times only
Amending Days/Times Only
  • Texas Application to Amend License to Conduct Bingo Amending Days/Times Only.
  • $10.00 fee.
  • Once approved, application form is faxed back and should be posted next to the license.
texas application to amend a license to conduct charitable bingo
Texas Application to Amend a License to Conduct Charitable Bingo

Used for changes to:

  • Bingo chairperson
  • playing location
  • primary business office
  • organization name

Submit your current annual license for a change in playing location.



Charity Bingo



  • Bingo must be legal in the county
  • May conduct bingo in contiguous county to organization’s primary business location county, or the principal residence of their chief executive officer
  • In this picture, conductors in Travis county (red) may conduct bingo in contiguous counties (blue) of Williamson, Bastrop, Caldwell, Hays, Blanco and Burnet counties
how can i verify con teeg goo us counties
How can I verify “con teeg goo us” counties?

There is a Texas Department of Transportation (txdot) website page that will help you!

Just select the Texas County; it will show you all surrounding counties

amending your playing location
Amending your Playing Location
  • Enclose a copy of the meeting minutes where your organization voted to move playing locations.
    • must be certified as true and complete by an officer
    • must contain the name and/or address of the new playing location**

Bingo New Home VOTE


** Administrative Rule 402.422

amending your primary business office
Amending your Primary Business Office
  • Where the records relating to the primary purpose of the organization are maintained.
  • If no business office, then use the residential address of your chief executive officer.
  • Enclose a certified copy of the meeting minutes when and where the organization voted to move.

Organization’s Business Office

CEO’s Residence

amending your bingo chairperson
Amending your Bingo Chairperson
  • Must be an officer or director of the organization.
  • Must be in compliance with the bingo training requirement.

Administrative Rule 402.406 effective February 10, 2009

amending your organization s name a formal process
Amending your Organization’s Name …..a formal process
  • Enclose the following:
    • Certified copy of the meeting minutes
    • Copy of the new organizing instruments
    • Copy of the correspondence sent to the IRS
    • Letter from parent organization, if applicable
when amending your playing location
When amending your PLAYING LOCATION…

You must: (1.) surrender your

original bingo license when

you are filing an amendment to

change your playing location

and (2.) you must make a copy

of your annual license and post

it until your new amended license

is received.

Per Section 2001.306(c)

John B. David

899 Tweeter St.

Bennett, TX 76344



Twany Animal Shelter

78878 Smith Ave.

Dickinson, TX 78777

John B. David

899 Tweeter St.

Bennett, TX 76344




Twany Animal Shelter

78878 Smith Ave.

Dickinson, TX 78777

letter of authority
Letter of Authority



  • Issued when a license cannot be received before the requested effective date.
  • Post in lieu of a license until the actual amended license is received.
letter of authority1
Letter of Authority
  • If a Letter of Authority is granted for a temporary license, no license is mailed to the organization because the date would have passed.
  • Do not rely on a Letter of Authority being issued; plan ahead to allow sufficient time for our office to process the application and your organization to receive the license.

Too Slow !

administrative procedure act apa approval letter
Administrative Procedure Act (APA) Approval Letter
  • Serves as an approval until the final disposition of a pending renewal application.
  • APA Approval Letters should be posted at the playing location.
escrow accounts
Escrow Accounts
  • The organization may submit license fees in advance to be placed in an escrow account.
  • Indicate the purpose of the funds on the check or in an accompanying letter.
  • Account balances may be obtained from the Bingo Services Center.
license fee payments
License Fee Payments
  • License Fee Payments should be:
    • Written from your bingo or unit bingo account, as applicable
    • Made payable to the State Comptroller
  • All regular licenses must be renewed.
  • License periods are one or two years.
  • HB 1474 offers some license fee pay options

HB 1474

renewal applications
Renewal Applications
  • The Charitable Bingo Operations Division mails renewal applications approximately 30-45 days before the end of the license term.
  • You are responsible for filing timely. Forms must be postmarked on or before the license expiration date to avoid a penalty.

You’ve got mail!....maybe!Is your address of record correct and current?????

Ensure any changes are reported promptly!

renewal applications1
Renewal Applications
  • You will have to pay a penalty if you file your renewal application late.

I want my bingo!

late renewal of annual license options
LATE Renewal of Annual License Options

Past license renewal date…

  • Up to 14 days late---license fee(LF) + 10% LF
  • 15-28 days late---license fee + 20%
  • 29-42 days late---license fee + 30%
  • 43-56 days late---license fee + 40%
  • 57-60 days late---license fee + 50%
  • >60 days---reapply for original license

You can do it, but being late costs you money!

renewal applications2
Renewal Applications
  • Personalized for each organization.
  • Changes to information may be made directly on the form.
  • Please ensure that any previously submitted changes are reflected on your renewal application.
license fees
License Fees
  • License fee listed on the renewal application are estimated fees.
  • All annual license fees are recalculated after reports are filed and the difference is credited or collected, as applicable.
license fee balance due or credit
License Fee Balance Due or Credit
  • If after the year is over and your organization has made more gross receipts than was estimated, you will owe additional license fee for that given year, shown as a LICENSE FEE BALANCE DUE on the renewal application, plus the new estimated license fee.
  • If your actual gross receipts were less than estimated, you will have a LICENSE FEE CREDIT DUE.
two year licenses
For a two year license, each year is recalculated separately but the estimated license fee is based on the most recent previous four quarters gross receipts from the date the renewal application was computer generated.

The two year license fee is 2 x the estimated license fee for the four most recent quarters.

Two Year Licenses

Four Most Recent Quarters

  • Required to secure payment of the tax on gross rentals or the fee on prizes.
  • Ways to post a bond:
    • Cash Bond
    • Bond from a surety company chartered or authorized to do business in Texas
    • Certificates of Deposit
    • Certificates of Savings
    • Letters of credit from financial institutions
    • United States Treasury Bonds
    • Assignment of negotiable stocks or bonds, subject to the approval of the Commission
    • Other security as the commission considers sufficient
release of bond or other security
Release of Bond or Other Security
  • A bond can be released after two years if there has been no jeopardy determination.
  • Written notice of release is sent to your organization when the bond is no longer required.

You’ve Got Mail---your bond is no longer required!

new bond required
New Bond Required?
  • “Jeopardy Determination” = New Bond
  • A new bond must be posted if the organization has a jeopardy determination.
  • The amount of bond is 3 times the highest prize fee in the four most recent quarters.
  • A bond required under a jeopardy determination will not be released.
  • Citation: Section 2001.511 Jeopardy Determination
unit jeopardy determinations
Unit Jeopardy Determinations
  • The required security is divided equallyamong unit members for units with a designated agent.
  • The required security amount must be posted by the trustee organization for units set up under a trust agreement or the unit manager.
administrative hold
Administrative Hold
  • Administrative Hold is a license status that is considered active but the organization is not currently conducting bingo.
  • To go into Administrative Hold:
    • Submit your current annual license
    • Complete a Request for Administrative Hold Status form
how do you come out of administrative hold
How do you come out of Administrative Hold?
  • File a Texas Application to Amend a License to Conduct Charitable Bingo form
  • Submit a $10.00 license fee
  • Provide meeting minutes
can a licensee renew in administrative hold
Can a licensee renew in Administrative Hold?
  • Yes, if all of the requirements of the Bingo Enabling Act and Charitable Bingo Administrative Rules are met
what is the cost
What is the cost?
  • There is no fee to place your license on administrative hold status.
  • To renew a license in administrative hold status, you may submit an estimated fee of $100.00 plus any prior year balance due.
administrative hold change
Administrative Hold CHANGE!
  • New Requirement!
  • If you had bingo games during the organization’s license period, there must be positive net proceeds.

HB 1474

registry of approved bingo workers
Registry of Approved Bingo Workers

OK, Let’s talk about the…

  • Simply a list of persons who are approved to be involved in the conduct of bingo, to act as a bingo operator, bingo bookkeeper or be named the Bingo Chairperson.
registry of approved bingo workers1
Registry of Approved Bingo Workers
  • A person is unable to work or volunteer unless that person is listed on the Registry or…

HB 1474 allows

“Provisional Workers”

who should be listed
Who Should Be Listed?
  • Operators*
  • Managers
  • Cashiers
  • Callers
  • Ushers
  • Salespersons
  • Bingo Chairperson*
  • Bookkeeper*

See Admin. Rule 402.402 (amended March 9, 2010) for more information.

* These individuals must be added to the license record.

how to be listed
How To Be Listed
  • Complete a Texas Application for Registry of Approved Bingo Workers Form.
  • Pass a criminal history background investigation.
  • Persons residing outside of Texas must also submit a verifiable FBI or DPS fingerprint card.

New Forms !

New term….”provisionally employed”

registry identification cards
REGISTRY Identification Cards







  • Once approved, a letter of notification and six registered worker identification cards are mailed.
  • HB 1474 allows the use of “Provisional Employees”
    • Print ID cards off website
    • Good for maximum of 14 days
    • Annotate “Provisional Employment”
    • Enter date Registry paperwork was sent to Commission

Jonathan F. Doe


May 7, 2011

Samantha P. Jones

Provisional Employment

Citation: Admin Rule 402.402 (effective March 9, 2010)

October 28, 2010

provisional employees

Let’s Talk About

“Provisional Employees”
  • AR 402.402 (effective 03/09/2010) outlines requirements.
  • Individuals must indicate their provisional employment status and location on their Registry application.
  • Organization must retain copy of provisional employee’s Registry application until the individual is formally added to Registry or notified of ineligibility.
  • Provisional employees must generate and wear their identification card while on duty.

Instructions for Provisional Employees

Jack R. Jones

Provisional Employment

April 28, 2010

provisional employees1
“Provisional Employees”

Let’s Talk About

  • Must stop working bingo if:
    • a Texas resident and have not been listed on the Registry within 14 days of registry application processing date.
    • A non-Texas resident and have not been listed on the Registry within 45 days of the registry application processing date.
    • Notified by Texas Lottery Commission that individual has been found ineligible based on background investigation.
  • Mitigating circumstances if fingerprint cards are rejected and must be resubmitted.

Registry Identification Cards




  • Required on duty.
  • Must be legible, visible, on a Commission approved form and list the individual’s name and registration number.
  • Are not transferable – personal photo identification must be carried at all times.
  • Additional cards are available.
who may not be listed
Who May Not Be Listed?
  • A person convicted of:
    • felony
    • gambling offense
    • criminal fraud
    • crime of moral turpitude
  • If less than 10 years has passed since the end of a sentence, parole, mandatory or community supervision served for the offense.
  • Not Listed = Not Working—paid or non-paid
worker registry listing
Worker Registry Listing
  • Applicants are added to the Registry after it is determined that they are qualified.
  • A person is listed on the Registry for three years.


How does your bingo operation track the registry status of your workers so there are no scheduling hiccups or compliance issues?

worker registry renewal
Worker Registry Renewal
  • Renewal applications must be filed before the registrant’s expiration date but not earlier than six months.
  • If the application isn’t filed timely, it is illegal for the worker, operator, or Bingo Chairperson to serve in that position.
changes to personal information
Changes to Personal Information
  • Registered workers must report all changes to personal information within THIRTY days of the change.
  • You may use Schedule N-3Notice of Change for Registered Worker to notify our office.
  • Request new identification cards if changing your name.

Keep the Commission Informed!

notify the commission of almost any changes in your bingo operations
Notify the Commission!(of almost any changes in your bingo operations)

A Few Examples:

  • Newly elected or designated individuals required to be named on the bingo record
  • Notification to remove Individuals from the bingo record
  • Changes in personal information: address, name or phone number or positions held
  • within the organization
  • Changes in the organization’s 501(c) exemption status or affiliation
  • Lease agreement termination or rent amount change
  • Organization’s contact information: telephone/fax numbers, e-mail address, contact
  • individual, mailing address, physical address.

Not sure which form to use to notify? Call the Bingo Division at 1-800-246-4677


The End of The

Bingo Chairperson Training Program

Module Two: Licensing