why 2014 election matters countering the threat of islamism in america by david r bores n.
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Why 2014 Election Matters: Countering the Threat of Islamism in America By David R. Bores PowerPoint Presentation
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Why 2014 Election Matters: Countering the Threat of Islamism in America By David R. Bores

Why 2014 Election Matters: Countering the Threat of Islamism in America By David R. Bores

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Why 2014 Election Matters: Countering the Threat of Islamism in America By David R. Bores

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  1. Why 2014 Election Matters: Countering the Threat of Islamism in AmericaBy David R. Bores

  2. Willful Blindness

  3. Willful Blindness Deception

  4. Blackout: Wichita Bomber

  5. US Attorney’s Response • “…Loewen’s alleged actions in no way…reflect on any religious group.” • But What Does the FBI’s Criminal Complaint Say?

  6. Loewen in His Own Words • “I have been studying subjects like jihad, martyrdom, and Shar’ia law. I don’t know how you can read the Qur’an… • “and not understand that jihad…is demanded of all Muslims…” • “I have numerous ideas of ways I could perform jihad in the path of Allah…” • “I must be active in some kind of jihad to feel I’m doing something proactive for the ummah”

  7. Another Blackout?

  8. Another Denial? • Ft. Hood: Work Place Violence • Little Rock: Drive-By • BokoHaram is “…trying to portray its philosophy as being a Muslim philosophy, and that’s just not accurate” Ambassador Robert Jackson, Dep. Asst. Sec. of State for Africa • AbubakarShekau: “It is either you are with jahideen, or you’re with the Christians. We know what is happening in this world. It is jihad war against Christians…This is what I know in Qur’an. Allah says we should finish them when we get them.”

  9. Raymond Ibrahim: Nigerian ‘Sex-Slaves’ Disrupt Obama Narrative on Islam

  10. TOPICS TO BE COVERED • Penetration of Muslim Brotherhood Into White House & Federal Government • Islamism in US Legal System • Anti-Blasphemy Measures • Shar’ia Law in American Courts • Purge of Islamic References in Federal Training • Islamism in Public Schools

  11. First, Some Background • Meccan Period: 610 to 622: • 86 of 114 Chapters in Qur'an Received • All Peaceful & Tolerant of Others • Medinan Period: 622 to 632 “The First Jihad” • 28 of 114 Chapters in Qur'an Received • All Violent; Subjugation of Non-Muslims • Conquered Arabia • What Versus Take Precedence?

  12. Initial Conquests:“The Second Jihad”

  13. A History of Imperialism • Islamism 622 to 1683 • The Caliphs Followed 7th Century Beliefs (632-661) • Engaged in Conquests of Dar al-Harb • Islam Must Dominate • Secular/Cultural Islam 1683 to 1924 • Muslims Regrouped in Middle East • Egypt Conquered by Napoleon in 1798 • Became More Nationalistic in Arab Region • Revival of Islamism 1928 to Present: “The Third Jihad” • Re-Birth of Salafism • Promoted by Banna, Qutb, Wahhab, Mawdudi, Khomeini

  14. GRAND JIHAD or “The Third Jihad”Impose Shar’ia LawTwo Methods EXTREME/RADICAL JIHAD PRACTICAL /STEALTH JIHAD Non-Violence “Mainstream” Front Groups Promote Islamization by Disinformation & Deceit Saudi Financial Backing Muslim Brotherhood Follow Salafism & Wahhabism INDIRECT ATTACK • Overt Violence • Foreign Terrorists—al-Qaida • Domestic “Lone Wolves” • Jamaat al-Fuqra in US • Follow Jihadi-Salafisim & Wahhabism • DIRECT ATTACK

  15. “Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America” “The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a Grand Jihad in destroying Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their own hands AND the hands of believers “So that America is eliminated and god’s religion is made victorious “Without this level of understanding we are not up to the challenge & not prepared for jihad…” Author: Mohamed Akram


  17. Huma Abedin & Hillary Clinton

  18. Her Background • Executive Board Member of MSA at Washington University • Asst. Editor of Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs • Promotes Islamic Supremacist Ideology Among Young Muslims in Western Societies • Father, Mother, & Brother Have Close Ties with MB Officials & al-Qaeda Financial Orgs. • Mother Senior Member of Muslim Sisterhood • Child Marriages • Marital Rape • Supports Female Genital Mutilation • Stoning for Adultery

  19. Mohamed Magid

  20. Imam Mohamed Magid • Member, DHS Advisory Council on CVE • President of ISNA • First Organization Listed on Explanatory Memo & Unindicted HLF Co-Conspirator • Father, Grand Mufti of Sudan • Hostile Towards Jews, Americans, & Infidels • Promotes Supremacy of Shar’ia Law

  21. Common Characteristics • Questionable Associations and Backgrounds w/ Muslim Brotherhood Groups/Members • Public Statements Critical of US Policy & Domestic Security Issues • Most Highly Defensive of Islamist Beliefs & Publicly Justify Their Actions as “Misinterpreted” • All Support Supremacist Doctrine of Shar’ia • Issue: Can’t We Do Better?

  22. Obama’s Embrace of Islamism • Supported Islamic Center at Ground Zero • Pursued Policies Supporting MB in Egypt • Stated “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam” • Refused to Link Islam with Terrorism • Purged Training Materials at DOJ, DHS, and DOD Related to Islamism • Supports Criminalization of “Defamation of religion” • Refused to Charge Unindicted Co-Conspirators of HLF Trial

  23. Not Just Obama—Chris Christie Too • While US Attorney, Aided Mohammed Qatanani, Convicted in Israel for Hamas Ties; • As Governor, Appointed Qatanani’s Attorney as NJ Superior Court Judge; • Opposed NYPD’s Surveillance of Mosques and MSA Groups; • And Stated: “…this Shar’ia law business is crap…and I am tired of dealing with the crazies.”

  24. And Bob Barr Fundraiser

  25. Islamism in US Legal System • Censorship • Shar’ia Law in American Courts

  26. Free Speech “On the Ropes” • Political Correctness Targets Speech That Is: • Offensive • Patriotic • Pro-American • Critical of Others • Or Favorable to Christians or Jews • Silencing Speech = “…thousands of paper-cuts of well-intentioned exceptions designed to maintain social harmony.” • Or, TO SILENCE THE TRUTH

  27. Anti-Blasphemy Measures

  28. What Does the Theology Say? • Slander: “…to mention to your brother that which he would dislike.” • Talebearing: “…consists of revealing anything whose disclosure is resented.” And “A person should not speak of anything he notices about people… “besides that which benefits a Muslim to relate or prevent disobedience.”

  29. Organization of Islamic CooperationCairo Declaration of Human Rights 1990 • Art. 22: “Expression OK if not Contrary to Shar’ia” • Art. 24: “All rights and freedoms…are subject to Shar’ia.” • Art. 25: “Islamic Shar’ia the only source…for explanation or clarification of…the Declaration” and • “(human) rights…can only be assessed in terms of what Islamic law permits…where Islamic law is the only criteria (for resolving) any dispute…”

  30. Human Rights Council of UN“Resolution 16/18” March 2011 • Adopted to “combat intolerance, negative stereotyping and discrimination, incitement to violence…based on religion or belief.” • Called Members to: • “Adopt measures to criminalize incitement to imminent violence based on religion or belief.” • Supported by Obama Administration: • Hillary Clinton: “…use some old-fashioned techniques of peer pressure and shaming…”

  31. Bottom Line • Freedom of Speech Does Not Extend to Discussions of Islam • Islamic Anti-Blasphemy Rules Now Called “Human Rights Violations” or Hate Speech • When Religious Speech Leads to “Incitement to Imminent Violence” • And Should be Punished Criminally • Constitutes Islamophobia or “Slander Against Islam” • Truth is NO Defense if Speech Causes “Resentment” or Shame • Rather, “Test of Consequences”---If Violence Ensues, It’s the Speakers Fault

  32. We Need to be Vigilant • Slander= Malicious Lie + Harm to Another • Blasphemy=Saying the Truth + Resentment, Offense, or Discomfort to Muslim • Remember What Obama Said on Sept. 25, 2012: “The Future Must Not Belong to Those Who Slander the Prophet of Islam.”

  33. Manchester, TNJune 4, 2013 • Meeting Sponsored by American Muslim Advisory Council • US Attorney for Eastern District of Tennessee Will Apply Hate Crimes Statutes to Prosecute “…threats of violence “ Against Islam or Muslims • The Problem: “Threats of Violence” vs. “Depictions or Statements that Incite Islamic Violence” • All It Takes is a Cartoon or Video

  34. Brandeis University Caves: Cancels Honoree Degree & Speech

  35. Shar’ia Law Used in American Courts in Over 50 Cases • New Jersey: 6 cases • California: 5 • Florida: 4 • Massachusetts: 4 • Washington: 4 • Maryland: 3 • Texas: 3 • Virginia: 3 • Iowa, Louisiana, Nebraska: 2 each

  36. The Problem • Majority of Cases Involve Family Law Matters Related to Child Custody, Visitation, Wife & Child Support, Protection Orders, & Divorce • The Result: US Citizens and Residents Are Being Denied Liberties, Rights, & Privileges Guaranteed by Our Constitution

  37. ALAC in America • Prevents Use of Foreign Law in State Courts that: • Violates Any Right Guaranteed by US and State Constitutions , such as: Due Process, Freedom of Religion, Speech, Assembly, or Press, OR Any Privacy Right • Already Law in Tennessee, Louisiana, Arizona, Kansas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Missouri, Florida & North Carolina • ALAC Laws Proposed in 20 Other States

  38. ALAC in Georgia • GOP Resolution May 18, 2013: • Supreme Court Justices Ginsburg & Kagan Say Foreign Law OK During Deliberations; • Georgia GOP “…abhors activist judges using foreign sources to resolve legal disputes.” • Resolve: “GA…courts do not use foreign law in resolving cases…” • Sen. Tommie Williams Sponsor of SR 808 & • Rep. Dustin Hightower Sponsor of HB 895 • Need to Wait Until Next Session

  39. WHY FEDERAL GOVERNMENT REMOVED ALL REFERENCES TO ISLAM • How the Obama Administration Has Purged All Training on Islamism at: • Department of Justice (FBI) • Department of Homeland Security • Department of Defense (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines)

  40. 9/11 Commission • “What motivated the attackers was a seductive Jihadist Ideology rooted in Islamic law; “That has been lying dormant during the decline of the Ottoman Empire, “But has been revived and renewed in the Twentieth Century.”

  41. Since 2009, The Language Has Changed 9/11 FBI ‘09 Intel. Strat. Ft. Hood* V.E. 3 29 9 0 Enemy 39 0 0 0 Jihad 126 0 0 0 Jihadist 32 0 0 0 Muslim 145 0 0 0 Islam 322 0 0 0 M.B. 5 0 0 0 Religious 65 3 1 59 Al-Qaeda 36 0 1 0 Caliph 7 0 0 0 Shar’ia 2 0 0 0 *Maj. Hassan NOT Even Identified in Report

  42. Why the Purge of Training Materials

  43. Who Signed the Letter?

  44. The Complaints • “…the federal government’s use of biased, false, and highly offensive training materials about Muslims and Islam.” • 13 Specific Problems Identified About Individual Trainers, Documents for Training, Power-points, Classes, Seminars, & Library Materials • Specified: FBI, DOJ, DHS, DOD, and US Army

  45. The Solution • Establish “…interagency task force, led by the White House, to: • “Purge all federal…training materials of biased materials: • “Implement a mandatory re-training program for…(those) subjected to biased training; • “…all trainers..who promoted biased (training) are effectively disciplined; • “…ensure bigoted trainers and biased materials are not developed or utilized in the future and: • “Issue guidance…that religious practice and political advocacy are protected…not indicators of violence and shall not be the basis for surveillance or investigation.”

  46. The Reaction