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The Renaissance

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The Renaissance. Shakespeare, The Globe, & The Role of Women. Shakespeare’s Life. Born and died on April 23 rd Father was a glover (made gloves) Was competent at his trade, so he bought himself the title of ‘sir’

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the renaissance

The Renaissance

Shakespeare, The Globe, & The Role of Women

shakespeare s life
Shakespeare’s Life
  • Born and died on April 23rd
  • Father was a glover (made gloves)
    • Was competent at his trade, so he bought himself the title of ‘sir’
    • Could buy a title during this time (social/financial status were very important)
  • Married Anne Hathaway who was quite a bit older than him
  • Left wife and children to become a playwright (ventured to London)
    • Not an upstanding citizen – he was a player
shakespeare s epitaph
Shakespeare’s Epitaph

Good friend, for Jesus’ sake forbear

To dig the bones enclosed here!

Blest be the man that spares these stones

And curst be he that moves my bones

the globe2
The Globe
  • Owned by the company which Shakespeare belonged to
  • Built from the timbers salvaged from the Theater when it was demolished
    • The Theater was first public theater built by James Burbage
  • Flag flew outside to indicate when performances were about to take place
globe set up
Globe Set-up
  • Tiring house – back of stage
  • 3 floors
    • 1st floor – entrance and exit level
    • 2nd floor – balcony
    • 3rd floor – special effects
      • Cannon ball
      • Swung around a bird on a rope to represent death (plays with everyone’s strong belief in superstition during time period)
special effects on stage
Special Effects on Stage
  • Realism (similar to WWE wrestlers today)
  • Choreographed
  • Stabbing – would put bladders of blood inside of jerkins (shirts) so that fighters could stab the bladder and squirt blood into audience
    • Fighter would then reach into shirt of injured player to pull out sheep entrails to represent guts and gore (would toss into audience & they LOVED it)
  • Poor population
  • Paid 1 cent to watch plays
  • Would stand on the ground in front of the stage oftentimes in the mud (roof of the Globe was open)
  • Stage was elevated 5 feet off of the ground (around man’s average height at the time), so it was difficult for this group to see at times
  • This group would pay extra to sit along the edge of the stage in order to be seen
    • The Globe was all about being SEEN even more so than actually viewing the play
  • Dandies would get into quarrels with Groundlings
  • Wealthier group of individuals – placed importance on status, appearance, and refined language
best seats in the house
Best Seats in the House
  • The balcony seats along the sides of the stage were the best – you could see everyone, and everyone could see you
role of women in the renaissance
Role of Women in the Renaissance
  • Women served as property to men
  • Women could not participate in a theater troupe (This will be demonstrated in Shakespeare in Love)
  • If a man kicked his pregnant wife out of the home, individuals believed that she had been unfaithful
    • Anyone who tried to help or care for this women after her removal from the home could be fined heavily
  • Shows how human actions have inevitable consequences
    • Character’s bad deeds, errors, mistakes, and crimes never are forgiven or rectified
  • Brave man deliberately murders one of his fellow men (a friend)
  • Domino effect – must then commit 2 other murders as a consequence for killing first man