building a sense of community on a commuter campus n.
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Building a Sense of Community on a Commuter Campus PowerPoint Presentation
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Building a Sense of Community on a Commuter Campus

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Building a Sense of Community on a Commuter Campus - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Building a Sense of Community on a Commuter Campus
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  1. Building a Sense of Community on a Commuter Campus Angie Abrams-Rains Instructional Technologist/Faculty East Central Region

  2. What is a community? “By definition, a community is a group of people who work with one another building a sense of trust, care, and support. This means that in our classrooms, part of our job is to provide opportunities and structures by which students can help and support one another.” • MishaelHittie International Education Summit June, 2000

  3. Why Build a Community? A diverse population of students, faculty and staff Helps improve problem solving skills Create a sense of pride Develops a safety net for the students Fosters leadership skills

  4. Agenda Icebreaker How to build a community Electronic/Online Communities Create a plan for your class Share with group Wrap up

  5. Icebreaker • Meet two participants that you do not know • Share: • Where you are from • What you teach/job • Any interesting fact about yourself • Introduce the person you met to the entire group

  6. Other Icebreaker Ideas • “Leave It” • Leave the room for 5 minutes • When you return, each student will have to introduce 3 other people to you on a first name basis • Index Cards • Have students write their first name on an index card • Students exchange cards with someone they do not know • They interview each other and write two or three interesting things on the cards • Students interview their partner to the entire class • Any others?

  7. How to Build a Community • Build Through Identity • Students need to know other students • Gives each person another level of themselves • Ex: Mother, retired, student • Build Through Familiarity • Similarities instead of differences • How are your students alike? • Build Through Modeling • Model positive behavior • Know your students by name

  8. Electronic/Online Communities • Blogs • Post a blog on areas of interest • Students join and comment/add information • Personal vs. Educational • IM • PRONTO • Discussion Boards • Set a Discussion that is general/sharing • WebPages/Homepages • Important to know personally

  9. Create a Plan • Work in groups of 2/3 • Pick two assignments that would encourage community building • Answer these questions • How can you model community building? • What are the benefits? • What are the problems?

  10. Sharing Please share your groups ideas…… Questions/Comments/Concerns