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welcome to our 2014 college of arts sciences fall advising workshop n.
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Welcome to our 2014 College of Arts & Sciences Fall Advising Workshop PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to our 2014 College of Arts & Sciences Fall Advising Workshop

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Welcome to our 2014 College of Arts & Sciences Fall Advising Workshop
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Welcome to our 2014 College of Arts & Sciences Fall Advising Workshop

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  1. Welcometo our 2014College of Arts & SciencesFall Advising Workshop


  3. STUDENT ACADEMICS SERVICES : Athena Sanders, Assistant Dean Marian Dahman, Director of Senior Advising Jan Williams-Eddleman, Director, Center for Freshman Advising Valerie Gramling, Undeclared Freshman Advising & HPLW Advising Sean Kilpatrick, Director of Psychology & Neuroscience Advising Alida Lambert, Psychology & Neuroscience Advising Nicole Lavina, Psychology & Neuroscience Advising Pamela Salemi, Biology Advising Mildred Triana, General Advising Suzanne Thomas-Hall, Transfer Advising Anna Canlon, UAS Advising & Pre-Law Advising

  4. Welcome to our new and returning advisors

  5. ITEMS TO CHECK • AP/IB, SAT or ACT scores • ENGLISH COMP. PLACEMENT • ALEKS math placement • dual enrollment COURSES • enrollment in a course for the major • COURES FOR ANY SPECIAL PROGRAMS

  6. If UM has not received the AP/IBscores for a course, tell the student to call either AP at 888-225-5427or IB at 212-696-4462 for an official notification from AP or IBto be sent to UM. Admissions MUST have these scores this semester.

  7. ENGLISH COMPOSITION • A student must have received AP, IB or Dual Enrollment credits, or been waived due to an ACT (ENG) of 32 or a SAT score of 700, or completed both ENG 105 and ENG 106 or be enrolled in ENG 106 in order to take an English Literature course.

  8. ATTENTION! • Any student enrolled in • English Composition • ENG 105 or ENG 106 • or • Modern Languages • 100 or 200 level • who has 2 consecutive unexcused absences during the add period from Monday, August 25through Thursday, September 4 will be • DROPPED from the class roll.

  9. MODERN LANGUAGES • There is no placement test for a language at this time. A student • must pass a 200 level competency • in a language to graduate.

  10. MATHEMATICS A student earning a BA or BFA degree must complete 3 credits of MTH higher than MTH 101 or MTH 107 before graduating. A student earning a BS degree must complete MTH 161/162 or MTH 140/141 & MTH 162 or MTH 171/172 and either a computer science (CSC) course or PSY 292, or a math statistics course.

  11. MATHEMATICS Math Placement Guide

  12. HONORS COURSES Honor students are discouraged from taking more than one honor course per semester. Students who were not originally invited into the Honors Program may apply after they have a 3.5 GPA and before they have 60 credits.

  13. FIRST-YEAR SEMINARS FFA190 Q:Greatest Hits of Pop Culture Heroes (Mariah Hausman, ART) FLT190 P: Becoming a Patron of the Arts(Giovanni Turner, ENG) FPR 190 S: Reason and Faith in Science and Religion(Harvey Siegel, PHI) FPR191 D:From Minerva to Mithras: The Religions of Ancient Rome (Jennifer Ferriss-Hill, CLA) FNS190 O:Wildlife Futures:  A Transdisciplinary Approach to Constructing Conservation (Linda Taylor, APY) FNS191 HI: Genes and Genomes (William E. Browne, BIL) FNS192 P:U-Inspire: Team Science at the University of Miami(Sawsan Khuri, CSC) FNS193 Q:Greatest Discoveries and Experiments in Astronomy and Physics (Massimiliano Galeazzi, PHY) FNS194 O: Biodiversity and Conservation of South Florida (Barbara Whitlock, BIL) FNS195 S:Sums of Squares: An Invitation to Higher Mathematics (Drew Armstrong, MTH) FNS196 R:iListen/ UListen (Mitsu Ogihara, CSC)

  14. UMX • UMX the “Ultimate University of Miami Experience” -added to all schedules. • Online course • No credits • Graded

  15. TRANSFER COURSES To transfer a course(s) from another institution – students may pick up a Transfer Equivalency Form in Ashe 112 or Ashe 200.

  16. Check the # of credits student are in: not less than 12or more than 17, the maximum.

  17. Please check meeting times for advisors. Please be at the designated advising room or have someone go there to set up your individual appointments on Friday afternoon or for Sunday, from 9 to 3:30 pm when academics appointments continue. Last appt. is at 3:00 in order to accommodate the President’s Picnic. Also, alert your dept. office staff that we will instruct any student that is not seen by an advisor on Friday to go to their dept. / advisor’s office.

  18. FERPA • FERPA/ check “Access to Information” in CANELINK before speaking w/parents

  19. If you have an emergency and cannot be at your designated location PLEASE call Barbara Merritt at 8-3437

  20. Da Vinci Program

  21. FNS 190 O: Wildlife Futures:  A TransdisciplinaryApproach to Constructing Conservation • (Linda Taylor, APY) • FNS 192 P: U-Inspire: Team Science at the University of Miami • (Sawsan Khuri, CSC) • FNS 193 Q: Greatest Discoveries and Experiments in Astronomy and Physics (Massimiliano Galeazzi, PHY)

  22. Updates and reminders COGNATES

  23. UNIVERSITY COGNATE WEBSITE: http://www.miami.edu/index.php/registrar/cognates/ Contains: • General Overview • Search Engine • Areas of Knowledge Chart • Cognate Representatives (RAU’s) for questions and substitution requests • FAQs

  24. BUSINESS PROCESS • Student presents substitution proposal to cognate’s Responsible Academic Unit (RAU) • If RAU representative approves, they complete the form and student returns to Ashe 112 if freshman, Ashe 200 if upperclassman • Academic Services will adjust DPR IF the cognate is declared on the student’s DPR – if it’s not, student will need to declare the cognate first before substitution can be processed

  25. New this year!!Individualized Cognates (IC) • Customized cognates meant to assist those students with incoming credits that don’t neatly apply to already established cognates • Three IC’s • IC in Arts and Humanities • IC in People and Society • IC in STEM • RULES: • IC are only available to students starting UM this year (FA14 or SP15) • Any student type (freshman or transfer) new this year who has 30-59 incoming credits (AP/IB/Dual Enrollment/Transfer Credit) can complete ONE IC. • The IC should be coherent in creation. An IC in A&H should contain historically acceptable A&S courses only (i.e., Literature, MLL, Philosophy, etc.) **History is now an A&H content area • An IC courses may be joined together with incoming credit and future UM courses, at a max of 2 UM courses • Students will have to declare an IC just like all other cognates • Once the IC is declared and coded, the DPR can be updated in Academic Services

  26. Which students must completeCognates as their Gen Eds?

  27. Questions??

  28. BREAK

  29. CASE STUDIES Instructions: In your small groups, review the following scenario, test scores, and fall 2014 enrollment information. Use the attached list to review course prerequisites and co-requisites. Discuss and be prepared to report back: How would you advise this student? What suggestions / corrections would you make to this student’s course list?

  30. SCENARIO # 1 Student is an incoming freshman from Denver, CO, entering with 34 AP credits. She is Undeclared but is an Honors student and says she wants to do either Pre-Med or Business. She also concerned about what to take for her Arts & Humanities cognate. Test Scores ALEKS: 79 AP Exams English Composition & Language: 5 English Composition & Literature: 4 American History: 5 European History: 4 Economics Macro: 4 Calculus BC: 4 World History: 4 Biology: 4 Spanish Language: 4 Fall 2014 Enrollment MTH 161-H10/H10A MoWeFr 3:35PM – 4:50PM BIL 150-NT TuTh 8:00AM – 9:15AM Th5:00PM – 6:15PM BIL 151-B3 Fr 9:25AM – 12:15PM SPA 212-F MoWeFr 1:25PM – 2:15PM ECO 211-S TuTh3:30PM – 4:45PM

  31. SCENARIO # 2 Student is an incoming international student from Beijing, China, entering with 6 credits. She is Undeclared, but is interested in the Psychology major and considering the Pre-Med track. She is trying to register for PSY 230-K (MoWe 6:25PM – 7:40PM), but is getting an error and doesn’t understand why. She would like to swap FPR 191 for PSY 230. Test Scores ALEKS: 50 IB Exams Geography: 7 European History: 6 Psychology: 4 English A1: 5 Fall 2014 Enrollment ENG 105-A5 MoWeFr 8:00AM – 8:50AM MTH 101-C MoWeFr 10:10AM – 11:00AM BIL 150-NT TuTh 8:00AM – 9:15AMTh5:00PM – 6:15PM BIL 151-B3 Fr 9:25AM – 12:15PM FPR 191-D MoWeFr 11:15AM – 12:05PM

  32. SCENARIO # 3 Student is an incoming freshman from Hialeah, FL, entering with 6 credits. He is a Philosophy major and wants to double major in Marketing. He says he really doesn’t like science or math, and is concerned about what to do for his STEM cognate. He was born and educated in the United States, but his family is from the Dominican Republic and though he only took one year of high school Spanish he regularly speaks Spanish with his grandmother, who lives with his family. Test Scores ALEKS: 40 AP Exams English Composition & Language: 4 American Government & Politics: 5 Psychology: 4 Fall 2014 Enrollment ENG 105-J1 MoWe 5:00PM – 6:15PM SPA 105-D MoWeFr 11:15AM – 12:05PM PHI 101-N TuTh 8:00AM – 9:15AM BUS 200-G MoWeFr 2:30PM – 3:20PM POL 491-3J Mo 5:00PM – 7:30PM UMX 100-Y1 TBA

  33. SCENARIO # 4 Student is an incoming freshman from Orlando, FL, entering with 12 credits. She is a Sociology major and is considering either a double major or a minor in Public Relations. She has chosen Biology for the Non-Scientist for her STEM cognate and Spanish Language & Culture for her Arts & Humanities cognate. Test Scores ALEKS: 76 IB ExamsAP Exams Philosophy: 7 English Composition & Language: 4 European History: 6 Biology: 3 Psychology: 5 Fall 2014 Enrollment SPA 101-F MoWeFr 1:25PM – 2:15PM SOC 101-G MoWeFr2:30PM – 3:20PM ENG 105-E MoWeFr 12:20PM – 1:10PM MTH 113-D MoWeFr 11:15AM – 12:05PM CPR 103-C MoWeFr 10:10AM – 11:00AM

  34. SCENARIO # 5 Student is an incoming freshman from Raleigh, NC, entering with 27 credits. He is a Biology (BS) major and Pre-Med. During the summer he was in a car accident and has a concussion; though he says he is fine his mother is concerned about lingering effects. Test Scores ALEKS: 65 AP Exams Biology: 5 English Composition & Literature: 5 Chemistry: 5 Psychology: 5 Fall 2014 Enrollment BIL 150-NT TuTh 8:00AM – 9:15AMTh5:00PM – 6:15PM BIL 151-U1 Tu 6:25PM – 9:20PM CHM 113-5J We 5:00PM – 7:50PM CHM 121-C MoWeFr10:10AM – 11:00AM Fr 5:00PM – 6:30PM CHM 121-2H We 3:35PM – 4:25PM MTH 108-F MoWeFr 1:25PM – 2:15PM

  35. Questions??

  36. FINAL REMINDER • When you meet your advisees: • Are they in a course for their major? • Check AP/IB, dual enrolled scores/credits • Did they get them? Are they listed in CaneLink? • Did we put them in a class for which they already have credit? •   Recheck ALEKS mathematics placement. • Check BA or BS requirements. •   Honors?? Do they have an honors class? •   Remind them about the policy if they miss 2 consecutive composition • or language classes during the first 2 weeks of classes. • Remind them about the last day to add, Thursday, 9/4. • Explain last day to drop in semester is 9/10 without a “W” or 10/27 with a “W.”

  37. Center for Freshman Advising 112 Ashe Building Phone: 305-284-3437 Fax: 305-284-3479 Email: jan@miami.edu