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Falcon Suite C3C Frank Adkins, C3C Brandon Leet, Dr. Pargas , And Lt Col (Ret) Del Christman

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Falcon Suite C3C Frank Adkins, C3C Brandon Leet, Dr. Pargas , And Lt Col (Ret) Del Christman - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Falcon Suite C3C Frank Adkins, C3C Brandon Leet, Dr. Pargas , And Lt Col (Ret) Del Christman CSURF, Spring 2011. Abstract

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Falcon Suite

C3C Frank Adkins, C3C Brandon Leet, Dr. Pargas, And Lt Col (Ret) Del Christman

CSURF, Spring 2011


• The purpose of this app is to provide members of the Cadet Wing with a means through which they can access constantly-changing daily information and a number of other pieces of technology needed daily, while on the go. The app will update and display Schedule of Calls data including uniform requirements, meals, Commandant’s time scheduling, Checkpoints (Officer of the Day, Senior Officer of the day, Last AF Day, etc.), and other Time Critical information. It will also serve as an interface to access other USAFA-specific apps including the use of CAMIS (a heavily relied upon resource for Force Protection and Accountability) and Q2i (used in grade and homework management). Overall, the primary purpose of this app is its housing function for other USAFA-related apps. The app is constantly expandable and will eventually grow to be the one-stop source for all the resources needed in life as a cadet.

  • Results
  • The main application syncs with an external server to implement updates to the Routine Order, to maintain the list of apps that can be launched by the interface, and to access the information for the Q2i sub-app.
  • We use a SQLite database maintained on the device for persistent storage for when the app cannot connect to the external server.
  • After approximately one month, we have succeeded in making a working prototype for a potential app to be implemented by the cadet wing.

Screenshots of the completed app (above).


Our team was given approximately a month to design an app that could be used by either the cadet wing or in the active Air Force to integrate technology in order to improve some task that is currently done by hand.

Sub-app Screenshots

After some hard decision-making, we finally decided on an app we knew cadets would love. The Operations Routine Order and Q2i are both highly relied-upon and mobile versions would allow cadets to easily stay up-to-date.

Utilizing PHP scripts on the server (see bottom right) we were able to sync the app by sending XML to the mobile device.

PHP and XML code snippets

Q2i is currently only an online tool, used by students to check their grades and only available on campus.

We used Xcode (left) and Interface Builder (right) for a majority of the app’s design.

The Routine Order maintains all of the days information, formations, etc.

The application syncs with an external database which is hosted on a MAMP (Mac + Apache + MySQL + PHP) server.

  • Discussion
  • We used two databases to handle information for the Routine Orders and Q2i entries.
  • Simulated interaction with Q2i due to inability to be permitted access by using our own database
  • Using TabViewController, we were able to create an elegant layout for the information


This will benefit the cadet wing when implemented. It was a great exercise to show how a real computer science project in the real world might be performed from the beginning stages of design through implementation, testing, and deploying the program.

  • Acknowledgements
  • We received help from:
  • Various Websites
  • etc

Using xCode and Interface Builder, we created the App over a span of two months

The ORO requires a fairly extensive database structure.

Contact Information:

We can be contacted at: