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Video Production Dubai - Aka-Media PowerPoint Presentation
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Video Production Dubai - Aka-Media

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Video Production Dubai - Aka-Media - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Video Production Dubai - Aka-Media

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  1. Aka - Media Video Production Dubai

  2. Video Production Dubai we are producers and a major full service video production company in Dubai providing the ever growing demand for video videos across the business, professional, online-media and academic areas.

  3. Video Production Dubai As video producer , I’m constantly involved in five levels of video that take tasks from concept through syndication. Believe it or not, all videos – regardless of type, length or size – go through the following levels.

  4. Video Production Dubai Devlopment The first step in our process is to discuss about with the client what they want to achieve with their video and determine how we can develop upon their initial thinking. To do this, we make a development package that contains an concept, plan, timeline and budget. Once this is in place, the client can move on to approving the project and we can transition to the pre-production stage.

  5. Video Production Dubai Pre – Production Pre-production is critical to our procedure. It’s during this time that we get ready everything required for an successful video shoot. This Time is spent:

  6. Video Production Dubai Pre – Production • Writing the script. • Creating storyboards. • Preparing a production schedule • Auditioning skills and preparing the cast • Hiring and planning a crew

  7. Video Production Dubai Pre – Production • Securing equipment • Finding and securing locations • Preparing and deciding upon necessary contracts • Revising the client’s original proposal.

  8. Video Production Dubai Pre – Production • Getting provides and props • Preparing locations • Selecting wardrobes

  9. Video Production Dubai Production The main process of production is to capture the project assets – whether that requires animation, filming or design. Production is the moment where all of the energy and time invested planning ends into something special.

  10. Video Production Dubai Post-Production The main task of post-production is to finish the project. In this phase we’ll: • Edit the picture • Add songs, audio results and speech over • Edit for audio and color

  11. Video Production Dubai Post-Production • Review the project. • Add headings and credits. • Create special effects. • Encode the project. • Create publicity materials. • Release the project for your focus on audience.

  12. Video Production Dubai Marketing and Distribution Once the project has been launched, we’ll shift our initiatives to applying the pre-approved marketing and submission plan to drive audiences to it video. Now that you have an overview of what a typical video production process looks like, I’ll spend the coming several weeks diving deeper into each of the stages and providing with a detailed breakdown to each crucial step.

  13. Video Production Dubai