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web site: August 2007, Issue No. 1. Common Area Landscaping Improvements. Welcome to the first issue of the Flynn’s Crossing HOA Newsletter. The purpose of this newsletter is to provide homeowners with current community news, issues, projects, and policy information.

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Flynn s crossing hoa newsletter

web site:

August 2007, Issue No. 1

Common Area Landscaping Improvements

Welcome to the first issue of the Flynn’s Crossing HOA Newsletter. The purpose of this newsletter is to provide homeowners with current community news, issues, projects, and policy information.

The covenant guidelines detail everything from maintaining your lawn, trees, fence, and home exteriors to approval guidelines for exterior alterations.

The Covenant Committee, comprised of community volunteers, is responsible for architectural reviews of homeowner’s proposed exterior projects, routine inspections and enforcement of violations to the covenant guidelines, and disclosure packets.

The process of covenant guidelines enforcement is a three tiered approach. If during an inspection, or if the HOA receives a complaint, a homeowner is found to be out of compliance with the covenant guidelines, the Covenant Committee will:

1. Instruct our management company to send a letter to the homeowner in violation with a description of the violation, and a deadline for compliance (30 days).

2. If after 30 days the homeowner is still in violation, they will receive a second violation letter with an additional 30 days for compliance.

3. If after 60 days the homeowner is still in violation, they will receive a registered letter requesting they appear before the HOA Board of Directors to discuss why they continue to be out of compliance. The hearing will occur no earlier than 14 days.

Failure to report to the hearing or correct the violation could result in fines and legal actions in an effort to bring the homeowner into compliance. However, this is implemented as a last resort.

In most cases, after the first letter is received, the homeowner brings their property into compliance with the covenant guidelines. The main purpose of the violation letters is to notify the homeowner that they are out of compliance. On several occasions, homeowners were unaware of the covenant guidelines or simply overlooked the problem. The violation letter acts as a reminder.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the covenant guidelines, committee, or enforcement, please call or email our management company (contact information located on the back of this newsletter). ■

The HOA Board of Directors is currently working on a landscaping strategy in an effort to revitalize the common areas of our community. This is a high priority item. The Board of Directors will be reviewing proposals for tree restoration and replanting, removal of dead plants, soil aeration, strategic top soil resurfacing, grass reseeding, and the installation of “Flynn’s Crossing” signs at the entrances of our community. The summer’s hot weather may push some of these projects off until early fall, but the startup work is underway. ■

Flynn’s Crossing HOA Newsletter

Covenant Guidelines Enforcement Underway

As our community faces the challenges of a stagnant real estate market, it is more important than ever to strive for excellence with how our community looks. While we are planning many exciting changes to the landscaping of the common areas which will make a noticeable difference to the “curb appeal” of our community, the most critical element to maintaining our property values is adhering to the covenant guidelines of our community.

The “Flynn’s Crossing HOA Architectural Design Guidelines” Document states:

“The basic authority for maintaining the quality of design in Flynn's Crossing Homeowner Association is founded in the Covenants, which are a part of the deed to every property in Flynn's Crossing Homeowners Association. The intent of Covenant enforcement is to assure residents that the standards of design quality will be maintained. This, in turn, protects property values and enhances the community's overall environment. Every Flynn's Crossing property owner received a copy of the Covenants at settlement. All too frequently, this information is not read by the owner. Since these Covenants “run with the land”, they are binding on all owners, whether or not they have been read. They should be periodically reviewed and fully understood…”

As a homeowner in Flynn’s Crossing, we have all signed an agreement to adhere to our community’s covenant guidelines. If you are not familiar with these covenant guidelines, please read the “Declaration of Flynn’s Crossing”, chapters 7 through 9, as well as the “Flynn’s Crossing HOA Architectural Design Guidelines”. These two documents can be found under the documents tab on our web site (

Proposed Parking Policy Meeting

At the August Board of Directors meeting, two residents volunteered to set up a community meeting to discuss the current parking policy. The goal of the meeting is to determine if the current parking policy is meeting the needs of the community and to offer ideas for improvement. The volunteers will be asking other homeowners to join in with the meeting. If you are interested in being a part of the meeting, please contact our management company and provide your contact information. They will pass your information on to the volunteers. ■

September Board of Directors Meeting

The September Board of Directors meeting will be held on September 10th, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. The location of the meeting is the Heritage Baptist Church on Shellhorn Road.Our HOA’s legal representative will be on hand to discuss the changes to the Virginia Homeowners Association Act, and how it affects our community. Resident attendance is strongly encouraged. ■

Flynn s crossing hoa newsletter

Volunteers Needed

Our Mission Statement

The Flynn's Crossing Homeowners Association shall promote a safe and friendly community while improving and protecting our investment through community involvement, financial stewardship, covenant enforcement, and property maintenance.

Are you interested in volunteering opportunities? If you are willing and able to commit some of your time for our community, the HOA has need for you. The following committees are open to volunteers:1. Election - This committee is responsible for soliciting, interviewing and nominating candidates for the Board of Directors.2. Parking - Committee will be responsible for parking issues in the Association.3. Budget and Finance - Committee will review monthly Income Statement in preparation for establishing the Annual Budget.4. Open Space - Oversees the common areas; all maintenance needs, enhancements including long term road maintenance.5. Communications - Committee will be responsible for preparing a community newsletter, establishing and maintaining a community directory and e-mail tree for quick communications.6. Social - Organize and manages community functions.For more information, please see the volunteer section of our web site ( or contact our management company.

Board of Directors

President - Richard P. LaFreniereVice President - Cindy LittleSecretary - Ben BryanMembers - Dhruv Nanda, Sebastian Yoon

Our Property Manager

Carol HanasDirector of OperationsNational Realty Partners703-435-3800 (Main)703-673-9185 (Direct)703-464-5872 (Fax)