7 01becoming a leader
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7.01Becoming a Leader. Objective 7.01 Understand Leadership. How are leadership skills developed?. Leadership Skills. Everyone in a leadership position should have good leadership skills. What are Skills?. A skill is the ability to perform a task due to training and/or experience.

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7 01becoming a leader

7.01Becoming a Leader

Objective 7.01 Understand Leadership.

Leadership skills
Leadership Skills

  • Everyone in a leadership position should have good leadership skills.

What are skills
What are Skills?

  • A skill is the ability to perform a task due to training and/or experience.

  • Once you have learned something, it becomes a skill.

How can students develop leadership skills
How can students develop leadership skills?

  • Students can learn and practice leadership skills by being active participants in school and community clubs and organizations.

What are ctsos
What Are CTSOs?

  • CTSOs are Career Technical Student Organizations.

  • Any student enrolled in a Career Technical Education course may join the related CTSO.

  • Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is the CTSO for business students.

Benefits of ctso membership
Benefits of CTSO Membership

  • CTSO’s develop:

    • Citizenship

    • Technical skills

    • Leadership

    • Teamwork.

  • CTSO’s enhance students' civic awareness.

  • CTSO’s provide opportunities for developing social competencies and a wholesome attitude about living and working.

Fbla officers

The President:

presides over and conducts meetings;

prepares an agenda for the meeting;

calls meetings as needed.

The Vice President:

assists the president in the discharge of his/her duties;

presides at meetings in the absence of the president.

FBLA Officers

Fbla officers1
FBLA Officers

  • The Secretary:

    • prepares and reads the minutes;

    • attends to official correspondence;

    • sends out and posts meeting notices;

    • prepares chapter reports.

  • The Treasurer:

    • receives and acts as custodian of chapter funds;

    • collects all dues and is responsible for their disbursement;

    • keeps financial records; devises, appropriate fund-raising activities;

Fbla officers2
FBLA Officers

  • The Historian:

    • Maintains a chapter scrapbook of chapter activities for the year.

    • Provides local chapter history when requested.

    • Submits local newspaper clippings, pictures, etc., for inclusion in the state scrapbook.

  • The Reporter:

    • gathers and classifies chapter news;

    • prepares news releases and articles for publication in school and local newspapers;

Fbla officers3
FBLA Officers

  • The Parliamentarian:

    • assists chapter members in understanding the basic purposes of parliamentary procedure;

    • advises the presiding officer and others on parliamentary procedure;

    • provides reference materials pertaining to parliamentary procedure for meetings;

    • points out and explains irregularities in parliamentary procedure to the presiding officer; and

    • makes sure chapter meetings are conducted in an orderly manner.

Comparison of leadership skills for business and ctso leaders

Business Leaders

Communicate with workers—share and receive information

Lead by example. Be a good role model.

Represent the business at various functions

Be a good listener

CTSO Leaders

Communicate with members—share and receive information

Lead by example, dress appropriately and conduct him/herself in a respectful manner at all times

Represent the organization in various activities

Be a good listener

Comparison of Leadership Skills For Business and CTSO Leaders