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Where?. Why?. What?. Who?. When?. Key questions. What is the story of regeneration in Swansea since 1980? Why was regeneration needed in Swansea?. K.I. 2.3 Change in the Inner City. Inner city – terraced houses, mainly privately rented tenure.

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key questions
Key questions
  • What is the story of regeneration in Swansea since 1980?
  • Why was regeneration needed in Swansea?
k i 2 3 change in the inner city
K.I. 2.3 Change in the Inner City

Inner city – terraced houses, mainly privately rented tenure.


In 1945 there were nearly forty iron, steel and sheet steel and tinplate making works in the area, but by 1980 all of these had disappeared. The Lower Swansea Valley area had made 80% of the world’s copper at one time.

There was industrial dereliction and mass unemployment because of deindustrialisation– so something had to be done.

The U.K. government acted …


UK government set up - the Swansea Enterprise Park in 1981 - a combined business park, retail park and industrial estate - it was the first and the largest in the UK. The Enterprise Park is the largest commercial district and the largest out-of-town shopping district of Swansea. It is mainly in Landore ward – in the Lower Swansea Valley

Start of Swansea Enterprise Park in the Lower Swansea Valley

SA1 regeneration 2014


Liberty Stadium 2006 – part of the Swansea Enterprise Park area of the LSV

Old Copperworks – becoming an Heritage Centre - 2014


The Prince of Wales and north docks completed 1898 – exported COAL in vast quantities

Swansea Docks is the collective name for several docks in Swansea, Wales. The Swansea docks are located immediately south east of Swansea city centre. In the mid 19th century, the port was exporting 60% of the world's copper from factories situated in the Tawe valley.

the docks today
The Docks today
  • The King's Dock is the principal dock in the Port of Swansea which is still in use today for cargo operations.
  • The North dock has been filled in and the Parc Tawe retail complex was built on the site in the late 1980s.
  • The South Dock was closed in 1971 and was redeveloped in the 1980s. The dock itself became the Swansea Marina and the land around the dock was developed as the Maritime Quarter residential area.
  • Usage of the Prince of Wales dock declined throughout the later half of the twentieth century. The Prince of Wales Dock is now undergoing redevelopment as the SA1 scheme.
swansea inner city change of the old docks
Swansea inner city change – of the ‘old docks’

Parc Tawe retail complex 1980s e.g. ToysRUs

SA1 – ongoing 2000-2014

Marina redevelopment 1980s – housing and marina


Swansea Enterprise Park – economic change

Marina and SA1 - reurbanisation

Why was regeneration needed? The main issues that resulted were a mix of environmental, social and economic problems:
  • Decaying urban environment with many derelict buildings and warehouses. Visual pollution from the wasteland and increasing litter.
  • Social exclusion of local people in St Thomas, many of whom depended on the docks and associated industries for work. Mass unemployment occurred here.
  • Negative multiplier effect of a spiral of decline. As people became unemployed they had less money to spend in local shops which closed down meaning people had fewer services available.
key questions1
Key questions
  • Where is the SA1 regeneration scheme?
  • Why was the SA1 regeneration scheme needed?
  • How is the area being improved?
inner city regeneration sa1
Inner city regeneration- SA1

regenerating the inner city sa1
Regenerating the inner city - SA1
  • The SA1 redevelopment is a policy which aims to make the former Prince of Wales dock an attractive living and working environment. It is led by the Welsh Assembly Government working with Swansea Council.

By making improvements to the:

  • Economy
  • Physical environment and
  • Social aspects
improvements include
Improvements include:
  • Derelict buildings such as the J shed have been renovated
  • The Technium buildings are attracting high tech knowledge based industries
  • 2000 plus quality apartments and houses E.g. Altamar – designed and created by Bellway homes
  • The Sail bridge provides a unique landmark
  • The Waterfront Community Church provides an excellent community meeting place
Restaurants such as La Parilla in the J-shed
  • Private dental care centre
  • Morgan Cole law firm has a purpose built regional office here
  • Verve restaurant and Velocity (gym and health club) opened in the Village Hotel
  • Admiral insurance has a head office and call centre providing over 900 jobs
  • Tesco express located in SA1
sa1 role play
SA1 Role play

Discuss how your character might be affected by the SA1 development. Decide if you are for or against and have detailed reasons why.

Prepare a speech for putting your view forward. (Use actual case study locations)

Outline the impact of inner city regeneration on different groups – 10 marks

  • Write down 5 things you have learnt this lesson.
  • In your opinion, which is the most important and why?