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Osho Dhara [a live stream of Osho] Presents Anand Pragya PowerPoint Presentation
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Osho Dhara [a live stream of Osho] Presents Anand Pragya

Osho Dhara [a live stream of Osho] Presents Anand Pragya

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Osho Dhara [a live stream of Osho] Presents Anand Pragya

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  1. Osho Dhara [a live stream of Osho] Presents Anand Pragya

  2. The Art ofBlissful Living

  3. It is a three day workshop to help participants to go through the process of Self Diagnosis with the help of Eight fold path of Lord Buddha and also insights based on the most recent Psychological, Behavioral & Ontological research. Contd..

  4. With the help of music, meditation & discussions participants are encouraged to learn the art of blissful living. The sessions are structured to bring about an all round development of a person to enable him to excel in whatsoever he does. It is run in a forum style & every one is encouraged to participate actively.

  5. Anand - Bliss Pragya – Wisdom (The Wisdom to find Bliss)

  6. The Right Search (Samyak Khoj) The very Foundation of our Journey !

  7. Searching ! Seeking ! What, Why & Where ? Let us have a look !!

  8. Participants are requested to share their views on the Subject of their Search !

  9. Human needs, Motivation & The Four Principles

  10. i) Life has it’s needs, and needs motivate us to work. ii) While working there arises the ‘desire for fruit’ in return of the work done by us, and this brings misery. Contd..

  11. iii) The Eight fold path is the easiest way to get rid of all miseries. iv) Bliss is our real nature.

  12. Hierarchy of Human needs

  13. In the Western Psychology, Abraham Maslow, the humanistic psychologist, has recognized Seven types of Human needs from, Biological to Self-Actualization. In the East one more Human need has been thought to be of great importance & the Ultimate one : The need for Liberation or Ultimate Freedom !

  14. 1) Biological (food, water, air, etc.) 2) Sexual need 3) Safety & Security (Money, House etc.) 4) Love needs (to love & to be loved)Contd..

  15. 5) Belongingness or Affiliation needs (to be a part of society, organization or religion etc.) 6) Esteem needs (ambition, to be known or recognized by others etc.) 7) Self-Actualization (need to fulfill one’s own potential) 8) Liberation or Ultimate Freedom

  16. Whatever may be the ‘subject’ of our seeking, but one thing is certain that we are seeking Bliss !

  17. Seek the Right thing at the Right place !

  18. Examples for Right Search : * The two announcements in the Airplane during a journey : * Sufi mystic Rabia’s search for the needle :

  19. The one dimensional exploration of the East has led to Materialistic poverty ! & The West’s one dimensional exploration has led to Spiritual poverty !

  20. Osho Vision ‘Zorba the Buddha’ Richness of both the worlds ! Science + Religion (The Holistic approach to Life) The birth of a New Man !

  21. Pragya Geet Ghar se bahar sab nikal pade, kuch mandir, kuch mayakhane me... Dhan ke peeche kuch log lage, kuch pagal kursee pane me…

  22. The Eight fold Path for Blissful Living

  23. 1) Right Paradigm (Put firstthing first)(Samyak Drishti) 2) Right Awakening (Synergize) (Samyak Jagriti) 3) Right Action (Be Proactive) (Samyak Karma) Contd..

  24. 4) Right Living (Think Win/Win) (Samyak Sambandh) 5) Right Speech (Seek first to understand & then to be understood). (Samyak Vani) 6) Right Effort (Begin with the end in mind). (Samyak Sankalpa) Contd..

  25. 7) Right Acceptance (Samyak Sweekar) 8) Right Samadhi (Sharpen the Saw) (Samyak Samadhi) (Inspired by the Eight Fold Path propounded by the Great Buddha.)

  26. It is interesting & amazing to find that StephenR. Covey in his famous book, ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’ talks about these paradigms in great detail !!

  27. The Right Paradigm (Samyak Drishti) (Sammaditti) Putting first thing first

  28. Right Paradigm or Samyak Drishti or Sammaditti is one of the most important & the first point of the Eight fold path which leads to Blissful Living. It means to look at things, events or persons without any Opinion, Idea, Philosophy, Dogma, Imagination or Scripture.

  29. Drishti Vision Positive Negative One Extreme Other Extreme Right Samyak Middle Path

  30. Examples of Samyak Drishti

  31. * Hanuman’s finding of Red flowers instead of white flowers at the Ashoka Vatika at Lanka : * Interpretations of the chattering of the birds by various people : * A Childs conditioned mind : * American & Japanese shoe company agent’s perspective on shoe business at a tribal village :

  32. Pragya Geet Jeevan viraat hai saagar saa, ham ooper oopar jeete hain ; Ghatnayen hain laharon jaisee, hum bahut aarth de dete hain.. Kya huva jo ek saakee roottee ? Kya huva jo ek pyalee footee ?

  33. Sharing & Self-Analysis

  34. Participants are invited to share incident from their life which has given them pain or misery. i) Have you ever faced a sad event in your life ? ii) Have you ever faced a death of a dear one ? iii) Have you ever become a victim of ill treatment by a friend or relative ? Contd..

  35. iv) Have you ever been deceived? v) Has someone hurt you to the extent that it was a turning point in your life ? vi) Have you ever been rejected in love or elsewhere ? vii) Do you treasure anything unpleasant which is difficult to forget ?

  36. The three aspects of an incident !

  37. Fact ‘Tathya’ The actual incident ! Story added to it from our side ! Fiction ‘Kathya’ Lesson learnt from the incident ! Truth ‘Satya’

  38. * Expectation - Future * Attachment - Present * Guilt - Past The three pillars of Sorrow !

  39. Fiction is the real cause of our misery. Truth helps us to lead a Stress free & Blissful life !

  40. Right Awakening (Samyak Jagriti) Sammasati (Synergizing)

  41. What is Right Awakening ? Are we not awake ? Are we asleep ? Someone asked Lord Mahavira, Who is a Muni (a noble one) ? The Lord said, ‘AsuttaMuni’ !! (The one who is not asleep, but aware !,is a noble one.)

  42. The main cause of misery : We create a Non substantial, imaginary Ego or Ghost ! Then, We Fight to protect the imaginary Ego or Ghost from other imaginary, non substantial, hostile Egos or Ghosts … Beware of the Ghost nature !

  43. Psychosomatic Ailments Intrapersonal Conflict Communal fights & Wars Interpersonal Conflict Destruction of Nature Environmental Conflict

  44. The real face of the world we live in !

  45. * The world’s military budget totals to more than One trillion dollars per year. * 450 million people suffer from hunger & malnutrition. Contd..

  46. * 1.7 billion people lack access to clean water and 1.2 billion to adequate sanitation. * The explosive yield of the world’s nuclear arsenal is equal to 1 million Hiroshima bombs. * In the last 3000 years man has fought 5000 wars in the name religion & a piece of cloth called national flag.

  47. Know your Ghost !

  48. Types of Ghost Nature

  49. Psychology reveals that there are Four Pairs of Ghosts …. Almost everybody is under predominant influence of one of these Ghosts :