net care pre launch 8 25 2011 n.
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Net Care Pre-Launch 8-25-2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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Net Care Pre-Launch 8-25-2011

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Net Care Pre-Launch 8-25-2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Net Care Pre-Launch 8-25-2011. What is Net Care?. NetCare is a fantastic new visibility product that will enhance a customer’s chances of connecting with their customer base Net Care is designed for virtually every business in any location throughout the US and Canada.

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Net Care Pre-Launch 8-25-2011

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what is net care
What is NetCare?
  • NetCare is a fantastic new visibility product that will enhance a customer’s chances of connecting with their customer base
  • Net Care is designed for virtually every business in any location throughout the US and Canada.
  • It is an easy to sell but dynamic product that every business needs and will see results the first month
  • NetCare is a product that both CDs and Sales Reps can sell immediately.
net care features
NetCare Features?

• Quick List (Directory Integration)

• Search Engine Submission

(Google, Yahoo, Bing)

• Mapping Service Submission and Claiming

• Directory Submission

• Social Network Submission

• Portal and Guide Submission

(Ex. AOL, and City search)

• Mobile Device Submission

(I-Phone, Blackberry etc.)

• 411 Directory Submission

• GPS Navigation Submission

(Garmin, Tom-Tom, etc.)

• Telematic Service Submission (Onstar)

• Web Card Development

• Detailed Monthly Reporting

• Info Cast

(Educational / Awareness Program)

directory submission
Directory Submission

Over 350 directories, portals, publishers, and search engines!!!!!

net care features1
NetCare Features
  • Search Engine and Mapping Submission
additional features
Additional Features
  • Audit Reports to Clients and agents
  • Web Card (Credential Web site)
  • InfoCast (no competition)
  • Menu of additional services
    • AdWords campaign
    • Website construction
    • Social Media management
    • Video marketing

Completion Reports with links to illustrate the sites where we have listed each business or created for each business

foursquare page
Foursquare page

Example Google Places


Web Card Creation

A indexed webpage that can be used as a web site for Qnanza or to post pictures of the business on. We will teach each customer how to do this in the InfoCast publication. If they want us to do for them, we can do that for a small fee.

  • Monthly information/tutorial publication to each customer and agent
  • Informative, useful, and entertaining
  • Tutorial with simple constructive information that will teach them how to interact with this product. Lots of “how toinstruction”, testimonials and examples of successful campaigns.
  • Our “life line” to each client each month to “touch them” and give them something of value
  • Progress reports both completion as it happens, and audit reports that show progress in exposure
  • Benefits and Savings, accounting tips, marketing tips, benefits that we pass on to them to connect and secure their loyalty and trust.
  • Many topics: Let’s talk about Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and how to use these platforms to increase visibility for your business
  • Great comp to writing agent:
  • 50% commission to writing agent on collected revenue
  • No commission paid on set up fees
  • Apps in by Friday close will be paid next week pay cycle!!!
  • Binary Compensation
  • 150 points to binary for quarterly sale, then 50 points per month
  • 300 points added to binary for annual sale
  • SAME COMP YEAR 2 and BEYOND!!!!!!!!!
comp examples
Comp Examples
  • Quarterly NetCare sale
  • $450 collected ($300 plus $150 setup fee)
  • $300 x 50% = $150/150 BP
  • Starting the 4th month and beyond
  • $100 x 50%= $50/50 BP
comp examples1
Comp Examples
  • Annual NetCare sale
  • $900 collected ($800 plus $100 setup fee)
  • $800 x 50% = $400/300 BP
  • Starting the 13th month and beyond
  • $100 x 50%= $50/50 BP
net care
  • Important things to Remember!!!
  • Don’t create unrealistic Expectations!!
    • Not a guaranteed 1st page of Google
    • For the price, it is a fantastic way to expose your business to potential Customers
    • InfoCast must be sold to increase retention
    • We have listened to the leadership and molded this product so it is ready to become a big income producer for the field.
    • Things to come: menu of additional services; AdWords, Video addition, Full Websites, Merchant Services, Press Releases, and much more.
    • Retention = Residual Income for YOU!!!!!!!
we need your help
We need your help!!!!!
  • Looking for value that will enhance our retention
  • Looking information that we can pass on to our client base that build value
  • New forms in your AdzZoo back office now.
  • Multi-location form with additional locations at half price with a full price app.
multiple locations clients
Multiple Locations Clients
  • additional sites are priced at half price (with full commissions to the agent of 50%).
  • Two site location would be annually $900 plus $450 for second site for a total of $1350, then either $150 per month or second year annual will be $1200 per year for two sites
  • Three site annual would be $900 +$450+ $450= $1800, and then $200 per month or $1600 for second year for 3 sites.
  • Quarterly for two locations will be $450 plus $225 (total of $675), then $150 per month
  • Quarterly for three locations will be $450+ $225+ $225= $900 then $200 per month
prospecting report generator
Prospecting Report Generator
  • On your back office now
  • Go to
  • To find your username go to Qnanza/recruiting/recruiting system
  • Find it at the bottom on NetCare tab
  • Enter business name then zip code
  • Caution no ‘s, name is critical, no need for caps