Diversity in the workplace sils september 29 2010
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Diversity in the Workplace SILS September 29, 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Diversity in the Workplace SILS September 29, 2010. Dr. M. Cookie Newsom University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill newsom@email.unc.edu. Medicine Wheel Understanding Perspective. UNC-CH Employees by gender and race. UNC-CH Faculty by sex and race.

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Diversity in the workplace sils september 29 2010

Diversity in the Workplace SILSSeptember 29, 2010

Dr. M. Cookie Newsom

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Medicine wheel understanding perspective
Medicine WheelUnderstanding Perspective

Five identified diversity goals of the university
Five Identified Diversity Goals of the University

• Goal 1. Clearly define and publicize the University’s commitment to diversity.

• Goal 2. Achieve the critical masses of minority populations necessary to ensure the educational benefits of diversity in faculty, staff, students and executive, administrative and managerial positions.

• Goal 3. Make high quality diversity education, orientation, and training available to all members of the university community.

• Goal 4. Create and sustain a climate in which respectful discussions of diversity are encouraged and take leadership in creating opportunities for interaction and cross group learning.

• Goal 5. Support further research to advance the University’s commitment to diversity and to assess the ways in which diversity advances the University’s mission.

Diversity plan
Diversity Plan

  • Implemented in the Spring of 2007

  • 34 Schools and Units asked for reports

    • Tied to the Budget process

    • Required to include which of the five University Diversity Goals they were going to prioritize this academic year, their action plan and their evaluation methods.

    • AS of 2009-10 the reports include outcomes from 09-10 and plans for 10-11

2010 diversity assessment
2010 Diversity Assessment

Will be conducted this fall

Will be used to determine programming and changes to the Diversity Plan for 2010-2015

Understanding perspective and cultural filters
Understanding Perspective and Cultural Filters

Everyone is made up of variables that have an impact on the way they view the world

These variables are sometimes called “filters” the implication being that we pass external stimuli, written, oral and visual, through these filters to make sense of them

It is impossible for people to be unaffected by their own unique filters when making judgments, drawing conclusions and making decisions.

Some variables that impact cultural filters
Some Variables that Impact Cultural Filters

What impact do these filters have on the work you do
What impact do these filters have on the work you do?

  • Cultural Discontinuities?

    • Co-workers

    • Others

  • Communication Issues?

    • Co-workers

    • Others

  • Ability to support a common goal?

  • Other issues?

    • Middle Class values versus poverty behavior

    • What is normal? Who gets to decide?

    • What is acceptable? Who gets to decide?

    • What is cultural, what is socio-economic based?