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Toshiba Phone Training

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Toshiba Phone Training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Toshiba Phone Training. Ready to begin. Phone Operations. Buttons Phone basics Handling calls Making Pages Additional features. How do you change the volume on your phone?.

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Toshiba Phone Training

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    1. Toshiba Phone Training Ready to begin

    2. Phone Operations Buttons Phone basics Handling calls Making Pages Additional features

    3. How do you change the volume on your phone? • Press and hold the Volume up & down button until the desired level is reached for speaker, ringing or handset volume.

    4. Which button is the hold button? • The red colored button is for hold on your phone only.

    5. What does the button with a microphone on it do? • Mutes the microphone in the speaker or handset.

    6. What are the Spdial and Redial buttons? • Speed dial is used to access personal bins 100-109 and also system bins 200-799. • Redial works just like at home, last number dialed.

    7. How do you answer a call? Press speaker button or lift handset In order to make an outside call, you must dial 9 and then the phone number desired.

    8. How do you transfer a call to another phone? If you have an extension button for the person you may: • Press extension button and hangup • Press extension button, make announcement and hangup • Without a button: • Press Cnf/Trn, dial extension and hangup • Press Cnf/Trn, dial extension, make announcement and hangup

    9. How do you transfer a call directly to someone's mailbox? Transfer a call to the phone and when no one answers it will roll into the voicemail to take a message. With extension button: • Press Transfer to Voicemail, press extension button and hangup. Without button: • Press Transfer to Voicemail, then dial the extension number followed by the # key and hangup.

    10. How do you put a call on hold for someone else to retrieve in the building? Press Park/Pickup * and note the code 7000-7019 in display. How do you pickup a parked (held) call? Press Park/Pickup and dial code heard during page.

    11. How do you put a call on hold at your phone only? How do you pickup a ringing call on another phone? Dial #5#5 plus the ringing extension number. Press the HOLD button.

    12. In order to make an intercom call, all you need to do dial the extension number, then lift the handset to make it a private call. To make an all page announcement, lift handset, press the All Page button and talk, then hang-up when finished.

    13. How do you make a conference call? • While on a call, press Cnf/Trn dial other party or another extension number, then press Cnf/Trn again.

    14. How do you program buttons on your phone? • Dial #9876, press HOLD, then press desired button, dial 610+extension number and press the button again to store the information.

    15. How do you program a speed dial number? • Dial #9876, press Spdial, dial 100-109 for personal bins or 200-799 system wide bins, then dial 9 plus the number and press Spdial again to store information.

    16. What are the softkeys? • You can use them to access additional functions for the applications you are using including options while in voicemail.

    17. How do you retrieve Caller ID information? • Press the Caller ID log button and then use the softkeys to scroll through the last 10 calls at your extension.

    18. Voicemail You’ve got mail!!! *

    19. What button lights up when you have a new message? • The button with a picture of an envelope on it. • The light at the top right hand corner of phone. • Your dispay reads __ new/___ saved msgs *

    20. The first time you enter your mailbox, you will be asked to complete a tutorial in order to set up your voicemail. To access your mailbox: With a light press * Without a light on the * button dial 500 From someone else’s phone dial 500, then press # * and your mailbox number

    21. The default passcode for your mailbox is... Your extension number plus 997 Voicemail can notify your cell phone when you have a new message or if you have unified messaging it will send your voicemail to your inbox with your emails.

    22. How do you access your mailbox while you are away from the office? • Call the backdoor number and then dial * and your mailbox number, it will then ask you for your password.

    23. What digit deletes a voicemail message? 3 How many greetings can you have in your mailbox? 7 Remember to listen to all the many other options available in your mailbox

    24. By pressing the 9 key , you can go back to the previous menu in voicemail. • While listening to messages: • * button rewinds 7 seconds at a time • # button fast forwards 7 seconds at a time • Press 4 to pause the message up to 30 seconds

    25. Do you have any questions? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?