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Zone Challenge

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Zone Challenge. Lealana Loiodice Mus. & Tech. Final Project. Zone Challenge . Using a mobile applications compatible for all operating systems this game hopes to do the following:

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zone challenge
Zone Challenge

Lealana Loiodice

Mus. & Tech.

Final Project

zone challenge1
Zone Challenge
  • Using a mobile applications compatible for all operating systems this game hopes to do the following:

Engage the user in a fun activity that educates through game play. Using multi media technology we hope to encourage outdoor exploration and tactile experiences to make learning a true sensory experience.

zone challenge2
Zone challenge
  • Characters are

Harry the Horseshoe Crab

Sally the Showy Sea Star

Claude “The Muscle” Hard Shell Clam

  • All our characters live in both the submerged zone and inter tidal zone of the beach ecosystem . They survive utilizing their different adaptations.
zone challenge4
Zone Challenge
  • Goal:

Introduce players to characters

(animals that live in this ecosystem)

Educate about characters environment

and physical adaptations

Help complete tasks to save a friend


Game challenge is to do this against the clock

of the tide ( timed based on the actual speed of tide coming in/out)

harry the horseshoe crab
Harry the Horseshoe Crab


  • I am a living fossil that spends most of my time underwater
  • I am the great cousin of both dinosaurs and spiders. You can tell because I have more then eight legs
harry the horseshoe crab1
Harry the Horseshoe Crab
  • 1) Just like when you get bigger and need new close I do too. Some animals call this shedding I call this molting. See if you can find my old shell along the beach. If you do count my legs. How many of them do I have?
harry the horseshoe
Harry the Horseshoe
  • 2) My tail is also special. I use it to help me move through the water like a rudder on a boat. It also helps me if I get flipped over. Move my tail back and forth to help me move through the water.
harry the horseshoe1
Harry the Horseshoe
  • 3)If you see me alive handle me with care. If you find my shell look for my 2 compound eyes. I don’t see like you do. I see shadows, light and dark spots, that tell me where things are.
harry the horseshoe crab2
Harry the Horseshoe crab
  • If you are kind to me I will be kind to you. I also help doctors by letting them use my blue copper based blood for medicine tests.
harry the horseshoe crab3
Harry the Horseshoe Crab
  • You have successfully completed all your tasks
  • Now my friend Gus the Gull can fly free.
  • Thank you for being a friend and helping me. You have been very kind and respectful.
zone challenge5
Zone Challenge
  • Original thoughts were to use QR codes to develop the game
  • Using an App allows for more options and creates a more layered and multi linear game
  • A good game should allow for the player to be challenged by options and activities
  • The reward or prize should be developed in the format of goal achievement. In our case this is helping the gull to be set free
zone challenge6
Zone Challenge
  • Participant experience

Using smart phone technology the player must enter the museum building to download app

- staff will be trained on use/application/ and other operational details

zone challenge7
Zone Challenge
  • Participant Experience continued…..

They can also be given a laminated sheet to

help find objects noted in the story line.

( Changing tides brings different things)

  • Registering in the building will also help to monitor the user. The museum staff be alerted upon completion of task.
zone challenge8
Zone Challenge
  • The player is also encouraged to take picture as part of the experience. They can then share these photos with the museum website. (helping with PR and proof of completion)
  • The computer registration allows for the museum staff to print out a certificate of completion for the player( child/ Family/ ect.)
zone challenge9
Zone Challenge
  • Staff Training:

1) Make staff aware of project and explain the idea, purpose and functions of the activity

2) Walk them through the process (start to finish) of how to play the game. Just as if they were a visitor.

3) Have discussion of experience, problems, questions and concerns

4) Reinforce the goal, objective and their important role in making it a success.

zone challenge10
Zone Challenge

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