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Delivery from Singapore to Malaysia

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Delivery from Singapore to Malaysia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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To accommodate the demand of a reliable and prompt delivery system, a cost-effective and time-efficient delivery service needs to be put into place.

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To accommodate the demand of a reliable

and prompt delivery system, a cost-effective

and time-efficient delivery service needs to be

put into place. There is also a need for a 24-

hour truck delivery and rescue maintenance

network in order to facilitate time-effective

transportation of goods. From the variety of

logistics services available, one point that will

always be on your mind is to ensure that you

get the maximum cost savings from the

delivery system. The different transportation

choices that you will find should have certain

parameters to guarantee that your needs are

met. To make it easier for you to choose from the different Logistics Services Companies, here are 3 vital

points to note when managing your cross border freight delivery.

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Email Us:

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Call Us: +65 9846 6111

+65 9846 6111


Cost Effective

Cost Effective – Truck delivery services are definitely a

more economical option when compared to air and ship

freight. Online accessibility is also a plus-point since this

will also ensure that the processing of the correct

documentations for your cargo is done seamlessly and in

a short amount of time. For goods that are less urgent,

there are options for a more cost-friendly service like

specified business days, weight specifications and liability


Cargo Insurance

Cargo Insurance – To reduce the risk of not receiving your

goods or delivery of damaged goods due to poor

maintenance, standard insurance protection of goods is

put in place. Make sure that the service you are using is

offering this package and at a competitive price. Another

reliable insurance that your package is on its way to you,

reading up on the company’s online E-tracking or any real-

time tracking system for your goods status – and update

yourself on the usual transportation route for goods

delivery from Singapore to Malaysia

delivery from Singapore to Malaysia.

Customs Clearance Procedures

Customs Clearance Procedures – With your busy

schedule, there will be no time for complicated customs

documentations, clearance measures and import/export

permits that are the usual norm for any transport service

between Singapore and

between Singapore and Malaysia

Malaysia. Hence, it is imperative

that your choice of company also provides this service so

that you can go about your business while the whole

process is taken care of. These value-added services will

be both cost effective and time-efficient for you.

Trucking, air or sea freight definitely provides more

flexibility and choice for your business or personal needs.

The network of goods delivery from Singapore to

delivery from Singapore to


Malaysia provides you with a milieu of competitive

logistics services. However, it is important that you get

your goods delivered before the deadline with the

assurance that your goods is handled with care and with


transport service