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Hospital Solutions

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Airtech manufactures safety lobby chairs which prevent Airborne & Droplet transmission. It has an inlet airflow which absorbs the contaminated air from the atmosphere and process through the per-filter found on the ASC..

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Airtech provides a wide variety of products for the clean room environment. At the same time, Airtech also caters for the special group of customers who require a specific product that is not available from the market off the shelf. Airtech is able to capture the exact needs of these customers and manufactures the required products to their specifications.
The custom made clean room equipment that Airtech has provided so far includes the Packaged Type Clean unit, Clean Air Oven, Clean Viewer, Clean Chamber, Battery Wagon, Clean Garment Dryer, Air Filter, Clean Hand Washer/dryer, Clean Room Dust Bin, Clean Hand dryer, Clean Room Shoe Cleaner, Clean Changing Room and Clean Hand Washer/dryer.
Airtech has provided many kinds of custom made equipment that have been used successfully in a clean room environment. As long as any customer has a particular need within a clean room environment, Airtech spares no effort in helping the customer to achieve their objectives.
Airtech provides the relief damper to adjust the atmosphere in the clean room precisely such that the pressure is keep at a positive, stable and optimal level. The shoe cleaner is a tailor made device that is used to clean the shoes of the personnel working in the clean room.
If the shoe is contaminated, it can easily spread within the clean room as the shoe is constantly in contact with the floor. The shoe cleaner works by cleaning the bottom soles of the shoes which have the greatest impact on the floor in the clean room.
Customers who use the shoe cleaner by Airtech are able to achieve a higher clean lines level in the clean room by ensuring that all its personnel make use of the shoe cleaner to keep the bottom soles of their shoes clean before they enter any critical areas in the clean room.
The shoe cleaner device is portable and can be moved around easily. This allows the device to be moved to the most convenient location in the clean room where the personnel can access the device. The device also comes with a sturdy handle that the user can support on so that they do not fall down when they stand on the device.
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