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Antibacterial Lotion Soap PowerPoint Presentation
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Antibacterial Lotion Soap

Antibacterial Lotion Soap

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Antibacterial Lotion Soap

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  1. Hand Wash Antibacterial Lotion Soap Supplier

  2. Airtech provides antibacterial lotion soap that is designed for hand wash. It is formulated with an antibacterial agent that is able to kill any bacteria on the hands. The antibacterial agent works by interfering with the formation of new bacteria as well as attacking the existing bacteria and killing them.

  3. This helps to prevent the spread of diseases through bacterial infection. It is important to keep the hands clean. As such, good hand hygiene practice is the first step that one must start with. Having good hand hygiene helps in preventing bacteria and virus from spreading and infecting another person.

  4. A lot of illnesses can be infected from the lack of washing hands using soap. In order to wash the hands effectively, the following steps can be applied. First, the hands are run under clean water that is either warm or cold before putting on an adequate amount of soap onto the palms.

  5. Running water should be used as there is a high chance that the hands will be contaminated if a basin of water is used through repeated use. Using the antibacterial lotion soap from Airtech helps to remove any bacteria from the surface of the hands.

  6. Second, the hands are rubbed with the applied soap such that the soap covers all parts of the hands. The soap must reach the back of the hand, the spaces separating the fingers and below the fingernails. By rubbing the hands properly with soap, much of the dirty and harmful materials will be lifted off from the surface of the hands.

  7. Third, the hands are rubbed hard for a minimum duration of twenty seconds. This duration of time can be adjusted if the hands are dirtier or there is a high chance that the hands may have come into contact with any undesirable germs. Fourth, the hands are run under the water again to wash away all the soap.

  8. All the undesirable materials that are lifted off during the scrubbing are also washed away together with the soap. Finally, the hands are dried properly using either paper towels or air dryers. If the hands are not properly dried, they may be contaminated again as wet hands have a higher chance for germs to land on.

  9. For the laboratory and bio safety environment, it is important for all personnel to use the best antibacterial lotion soap such as the one offered by Airtech together with good hand hygiene practice so that the chance of contamination is kept at the lowest level possible.

  10. Contamination may occur due to infectious substances being handled by the personnel in the laboratory and bio safety environment. Airtech provides solution for Infection control and Decontamination through BioGienie.

  11. Even though personnel wear gloves to protect themselves against any possible contamination, their hands must still be thoroughly washed with antibacterial lotion soap after the gloves are removed before leaving the environment.

  12. After handling any infectious substances, the hands must also be washed immediately with antibacterial lotion soap to reduce the likelihood of contamination. It is important that all personnel are encouraged to practice good hand washing habits.

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