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Learning To Fly

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Learning To Fly
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Learning To Fly

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  1. Learning To Fly What do you need to know about how to fly airplanes?

  2. Why do you want to learn to fly? The first step in this process is for you to ask yourself: “Why do I want to learn to fly?” The answer to this question will help you and your flight school of choice to guide you in the right direction and help you arrive at your ultimate goal in the most efficient way possible. Some people want to learn to fly airplanes professionally as an airline pilot or a charter aircraft pilot, etc.

  3. Where To Start? Once you’ve settled in your mind exactly what your goals are for learning to fly, the next step in this process would be to decide when and where you should train. If your schedule and finances will allow, we recommend attending one of our accelerated flight training courses

  4. What do you need to prepare? Once you have settled on a flight school or flight training center, there are some basic security measures you need to know about. Since 9/11 there are some new regulations in effect to help ensure the safety and security of airport environments as well as helping to support national security.

  5. Cost Of Learning What will it cost to learn to fly? Three factors to consider when budgeting for your flying lessons are as follows: What are your ultimate goals? With your goals in mind; what type of aircraft, simulator, etc. will best help you to reach those goals? Can you take the time to take and accelerated course?

  6. Once You learn to fly airplanes, what’s next? Once you complete your learning to fly adventure and have earned your pilot certificate, you will then have been granted a privilege that fewer than 2% of the population now enjoys. That feeling of freedom and adventure you get the first time you take to the skies as a certificated pilot is something that has to be experienced first-hand to be fully appreciated…and the adventure is only beginning!!!

  7. About Us Airport Wings Private Limited is a Leading Aviation Training & Manpower Service Provider to our reputed clients operating from Delhi IGI Airport which includes Domestic/International Airlines, Ground Handling Companies, Retails Outlets and Lounges. Wings is a government registered company under the Company Act 1956 with ISO Certification 9001-2008.

  8. Contact Us Registered Office : WZ-32, IInd Floor, Raja Garden, New Delhi , Near Metro Pillar No. 375 Contact : 011- 45679882, 9883, 1833 Mobile : 08860821619 E-mail : hrinfo@airportwings.in