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Best Eye Creams

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Best Eye Creams - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Uploaded on Need help on how to choose the best eye cream?

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Best Eye Creams

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best eye creams

Best Eye Creams



Most people, generally women who are searching for information on the reviews of the best eye cream, are normally doing so to target aging around the eyes, crows feet, dark circles, and the general sagging of your facial skin.


As each year passes, eye creams are becoming more and more advanced where once only surgical face lifts could achieve what some of the best eye creams are now achieving.

  • However, to make you a smarter consumer, you should be informed on the following:
  • 1. Ingredients: By far the best eye creams are made with scientific ingredients known as cosmeceuticals.

This is the latest trend in eye creams, and the most common ingredients that are found in the products are currently, Retinol, Haloxyl, Argireline, Eyeliss and Resveratrol.


2. Proven Results: There are a whole host of eye creams out there, both on the shelf and online that list fake testimonials.

  • Before the age of the internet, through television and radio, celebrities were being paid large sums of money to endorse a product.

Online marketing is no different today, along with so-called testimonials from some of America's most famous celebrity dermatologists, there's always a buck to be made their end.


But aside from trying to decipher between blogs and forums where many of these companies pose as real life consumers, at the end of the day, what's published in respectable medical journals should offer the greatest weight to a products claim.


For our review on the Best Eye Creams,