grundtvig learning partnership what s on the web wow 1 st partnership meeting 4 5 october 2010 n.
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The Partnership

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Grundtvig Learning Partnership WHAT’S ON THE WEB (WOW!) 1 st Partnership meeting, 4-5 October 2010. The Partnership. IPSSARCT " A.Panzini “, Senigallia , Italy. Kolping College, Kaunas, Lithuania. Natverket SIP, Växjö , Sweden. Çiğli Halk Eğitim Merkezi ve A.S.O. Müdürlüğü.

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grundtvig learning partnership what s on the web wow 1 st partnership meeting 4 5 october 2010
Grundtvig Learning PartnershipWHAT’S ON THE WEB (WOW!)1stPartnership meeting, 4-5 October 2010
the partnership
The Partnership

IPSSARCT "A.Panzini“, Senigallia, Italy

Kolping College, Kaunas, Lithuania

Natverket SIP, Växjö, Sweden

ÇiğliHalkEğitimMerkezive A.S.O. Müdürlüğü

aims and objectives
Develop inter-generational interaction between elderly people and young adults at risk of disaffection within lifelong learning

Promote basic IT literacy amongst elderly learners

Develop self confidence, communication skills and citizenship ‘soft skills’ amongst young adults

Embed a positive inter-generational culture within local communities

Promote the awareness and benefits of European citizenship

Aims and Objectives
main activities 1
Young adults at risk of disaffection within lifelong learning will demonstrate and mentor the use of the internet and e-mail with elderly people (e.g. ancestor research, e-mailing family and friends, blogs etc).

A project website and a project blog will be established which will enable both young adult and elderly learners to communicate, publish ideas and findings and exchange information

A good-practice guide will be included on the project’s website. This guide will chronicle good practice shared during the lifetime of the project

Main Activities -1
main activities 2
There will be 3 transnational meetings per year. The first and last meetings will be for staff only as we will need to confirm a work programme that fits the approved partners in Year 1 and complete a Final report in Year 2.

The other 4 meetings will all involve both staff and learners and offer an opportunity for each partner to share good practice that they have developed in their own communities. Both young adult and elderly learners will be invited to take part in these mobility actions.

Main Activities -2
1st Transnational exchange visit (U K) October 2010

2ndTransnational exchange visit (Sweden) 6th – 9th March 2011

3rdTransnational exchange visit (Turkey) - TBC May 2011

4thTransnationalexchange - TBC

5th 2011Transnational exchange – TBC

6thTransnational exchange - TBC