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Preventive Factors in Finnish Workplaces PowerPoint Presentation
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Preventive Factors in Finnish Workplaces

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Preventive Factors in Finnish Workplaces - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Preventive Factors in Finnish Workplaces. Antti Hytti, Senior Planning Officer Association for Healthy Lifestyles, Finland. The Questions. Are there workplace-related factors (social, financial etc.) that prevent emergence of problems caused by alcohol abuse?

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Preventive Factors in Finnish Workplaces

Antti Hytti, Senior Planning Officer

Association for Healthy Lifestyles, Finland

the questions
The Questions
  • Are there workplace-related factors (social, financial etc.) that prevent emergence of problems caused by alcohol abuse?
  • According to the people who are responsible for daily occupational safety and well-being at workplaces, what are those factors?
  •  What kinds of attitudes and knowledge are the decisions at workplaces based on?
background experience of the ahl
Background: Experience of the AHL
  • NGO, founded in 1914
  • Promotes healthy lifestyles and social well-being by preventing substance abuse
  • Active in workplace-based prevention since 2005 (HUUGO Programme,
  • Keywords: evidence-based primary prevention, problem solving, cooperation with all parties involved (employers, trade unions, occupational health care)
  • Information, consulting, education
background occupational safety personnel in finland
Background: Occupational Safety Personnel in Finland
  • Each workplace must have a Chief of Occupational Safety (COS) – usually the manager or HR chief, in bigger industries a separate post – appointed by employer
  • Each workplace with >10 employees must have a Occupational Safety Representative (OSR), elected by employees
  • Main questions related to workplace safety must be discussed and decided jointly between COS and OSR
  • National registry includes both COSs and OSRs
the survey
The Survey
  • Carried out in 2009 in the Internet
  • The invitation to survey was sent to 5000 randomly selected COSs and OSRs in the national registry
  • 2302 answered
  • Median answering time 33 minutes
  • 54% OSRs, 41% COSs
  • Differently-sized workplaces (<50, 50-250, >250) evenly present
  • 43% predominantly male workplaces, 37% predominantly female, 20% with equal numbers
preventive factors and their perceived significance
Preventive Factors and Their Perceived Significance
  • Phase 1: Name preventive factors (open question)
  • Phase 2: Give them significance value (1-10)
written alcohol policy
Written Alcohol Policy?
  • Existence of a workplace alcohol policy significantly promotes intervention: 59% of workplaces with a policy had intervened during last year, only 25% of workplaces without a policy
  • Well-being of both a working community and an individual employee seen as significant as regards prevention – substance abuse often seen as a result of difficulties at work or in private life
  • There are difficulties in finding and defining concrete good practices when it comes to prevention – prevention and intervention may mix up in workplace policies  need for more best practice examples
  • Workplace alcohol policy is an important tool

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