Emergency Preparedness Program
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Emergency Preparedness Program. Nursing Services Orientation April 2010. Key Components of Emergency Preparedness Program. Four Foundations of Emergency Management Program. Mitigation Preparation Response Recovery. Key Program Components. All Hazards Approach – Incident Command System

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Emergency Preparedness Program

Nursing Services Orientation

April 2010

Four foundations of emergency management program l.jpg
Four Foundations of Emergency Management Program

  • Mitigation

  • Preparation

  • Response

  • Recovery

Key program components l.jpg
Key Program Components

  • All Hazards Approach – Incident Command System

  • Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan

  • Staff Roles and Responsibilities

  • Self Sustainability

  • Drills and Exercises

What is an all hazards approach l.jpg
What is anAll Hazards Approach?

All hazards approach l.jpg
All Hazards Approach

  • University Hospital’s plan addressing a wide variety of disasters through the implementation of a unified approach and Incident Command

  • Top five potential events identified by University Hospital which could activate the Disaster Plan:

    • Influx of patients into the hospital

    • Pandemic/Epidemic

    • Utility Failure

    • Snow

    • Flood

What is the incident command system and how does it work l.jpg
What is the Incident Command Systemand how does it work?

Hospital incident command system hics l.jpg
Hospital Incident CommandSystem (HICS)

  • System for managing emergent and non-emergent situations

  • Provides hospitals with required tools to address the event

  • HICS initiated by an internal/external event

    • Flexible in scale

    • Only those positions needed are activated

  • Administrative position assumes role as Incident Commander

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Hospital Incident CommandSystem (HICS)

  • Overhead page alert:

    • “Attention all Hospital Personnel: Incident Command has been activated. Please return to your assigned work area.”

    • GroupWise email is sent

  • ICS provides staff direction and makes decisions to ensure safety.

  • At conclusion of event, overhead page alert:

    • “Attention all Hospital Personnel: Incident Command has been concluded. Resume normal activities.”

Comprehensive emergency management plan cemp l.jpg
Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP)

  • Campus disaster plan can be found on the Intranet.

  • Each department/unit has a department specific disaster binder (orange).

  • Key tabs in department plan binder are department-specific responsibilities which outline special response plans and evacuation routes.

  • Environment of Care Safety Quick Reference Guide details specific responses for staff to emergencies.

What is my role if incident command is activated l.jpg
What is my roleif Incident Commandis activated?

Staff roles responsibilities l.jpg
Staff Roles & Responsibilities

  • Know Staging and Evacuation Plans for patients.

    • Evacuation Maps posted in all clinical areas

    • Horizontal and vertical routes

  • Be familiar with Evacuation Equipment.

    • Location

    • Use

  • Be familiar with Emergency Codes & Designations.

  • Check with Supervisor for updates if role is not pre-assigned.

Evacuation equipment examples l.jpg
Evacuation Equipment Examples

  • Stair Chair

  • Paraslyde

  • East Tower – located in equipment rooms

  • North Tower – located in laundry chute rooms

Staff roles responsibilities16 l.jpg
Staff Roles & Responsibilities

  • Sign up for NY ALERT.

    • DIS J-14 describes process

  • Plan for disasters at home.

    • “Caring is Preparing”

  • Be aware 12 hour shifts may be activated.

Self sustainability plan l.jpg
Self Sustainability Plan

  • University Hospital has planned for self sustainability for at least 96 hours in the following areas:

    • Communications

    • Resources & Assets

    • Security & Safety

    • Staff Management

    • Utilities

    • Management of Patients

  • DIS M-17 describes processes.

Communications l.jpg

  • Redundant communication systems

  • Emergency Responders

    • Satellite phones

    • 2-way radios

    • Cell phones

    • Ham radios

  • Nursing Staff

    • Regular phones

    • Vocera

    • Red phones – located at the Nursing (Communication) station on patient unit

Mechanisms l.jpg

  • Drills

  • Exercises

  • Tracers

  • Live Events

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Thank You!