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ERASMUS INFORMAL MEETING INTENSIVE PROGRAMMES 22-23 September 2011 Athens-Greece - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ERASMUS INFORMAL MEETING INTENSIVE PROGRAMMES 22-23 September 2011 Athens-Greece IP impact : how to measure it ?. Elina Mavrogiorgou, IKY-Hellenic National L.L.P. Agency / Erasmus. Why IP are necessary at the EU level?. Why they are an appropriate choice?

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22-23 September 2011


IP impact : how to measure it ?

Elina Mavrogiorgou, IKY-Hellenic National L.L.P. Agency /Erasmus

why ip are necessary at the eu level

Why IP are necessary at the EU level?

Why they are an appropriate choice?

Which are the general / specific objectives related to ERASMUS IP ?

general objectives for llp

General objectives for LLP

foster interchange, cooperation and mobility between education and training systems within the Community so that they become a world quality reference

specific objectives for llp

Specific objectives for LLP

-contribute to the development of quality Lifelong Learning

-promote high performance, innovation and a European dimension in systems and practices in the field

-support the realization of a European area for Lifelong Learning

-improve the quality, attractiveness and accessibility of the opportunities for Lifelong Learning available with Member States

specific objectives for llp 2

Specific objectives for LLP (2)

-reinforce the contribution of Lifelong Learning to social cohesion, active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, gender equality, personal fulfillment

-promote creativity, competitiveness, employability and the growth of an entrepreneurial spirit

-contribute to participation of people regardless their socio-economic background

-promote language learning and linguistic diversity

specific objectives for llp 3

Specific objectives for LLP (3)

Support the development of innovative ICT-based content, services, pedagogies and practices

creating a sense of European citizenship, encouraging tolerance and respect for people and cultures

erasmus operational objectives

ERASMUS operational objectives

-Improve the quality and increase the volume of students and teaching staff mobility throughout Europe

-Improve the quality and increase the volume of multilateral cooperation between HEI in Europe

-Improve the quality and increase the volume of cooperation between higher education institutions and enterprises

-facilitate the development of innovative practices in education and training at tertiary level and their transfer, including from one participating country to others

-Support the development of innovative ICT-based content, services, pedagogies and practice for lifelong learning

erasmus policy

Erasmus policy

Curricular reform: competence based learning, flexible learning paths, recognition of qualifications and competences

New skills for new jobs initiative: get the right skills and competences : make the best possible predictions about what skills will be needed in the future

ip impact definition

IP Impact definition

3 components

Students – Teachers - Institutions

Main objectives:

Mobility, innovation, creativity, ICT, recognition, multinational cooperation, intercultural dialogue, personal fulfillment, employability, language learning, social inclusion

In the long term: comparability and transparency of qualifications

Development of a common scientific language

Curricular reform

Providing education more relevant to the outside world

methods used for monitoring ip

Methods used for monitoring IP


-Discussion with the coordinator

-Observation (attending courses)

-Group discussion with the IP participants

-Send questionnaire before the visit

evaluation of the final report

Evaluation of the final report

-6 NA use external experts


-Quality assessment sheet based on EACEA example

-Check list

-Comparison of application and final report

(not always the case)

-External expert used for an overall judgment

ip enhance the quality of erasmus mobility

IP enhance the quality of ERASMUS mobility?

Establish + strengthen networks of cooperation

Possibility to be mobile for more students, who cannot participate in a standard

ERASMUS mobility

ip quality impact on institutional level

IP quality impact on Institutional level

-Mobility promotion tool

-New level of trust between the partner institutions

-international team work-improvement of teaching methods, learn from students/learn from each other

-a kick-off for further cooperation, research projects, networks, joint degrees

-Joint master programs

-CD projects

-Erasmus Mundus Masters

-EU Canada projects

-FP7 projects

ip inclusion to the curricula

IP inclusion to the curricula

Data collected on the final report level

Best practice:

-Special dissemination questionnaire, additional to the final report

-Excel sheet: must be handed in with the Final report

IP is in some cases included to the curriculum as an elective course

In one case, an IP will be implemented in the new English Module of the coordinating HEI



-PhD students

Certificate,recognized as an elective course

Not always the same number of ECTS (usually 5 ECTS /differences between partner institutions)

Even if the coordinating Institution recognizes the IP course, it is not always the case for the partner institutions

ip after the 3 year funding

IP after the 3 year funding

-followup only during monitoring or systems checks

-Asking best practice IP coordinators at a personal level

ip duration

IP duration

3-5 years

Should bear in mind that there are IP for 15 years! (same partnership-different topic)

Stronger emphasis should be given to dissemination

Extension of the financing period but cutting funds down

-Some NA support the idea

-Could reduce the number of traveling IP

But: the majority not in favor: difficult to find additional funding

information on ip quality and impact given by coordinators

Information on IP quality and Impact given by coordinators

IP allow teachers to take risks, to try something new

Share of best practices -more ideas, creativity, links between partners

Improvement of the quality: comparison between different educational systems/ teaching methods/learning content

Mix theory + workshops

work in a multinational environment : Working with an international group of students

ICT used

Lab exercises / Field work-in wild nature

Working on real cases

Faster way of gaining knowledge

Developing soft skills

Innovation: important component

-Spin-offs : articles/publications/research projects

positive impact on teaching methods

Positive impact on teaching methods

IP make the teachers be more open minded

Teaching improved/enriched

New ideas

Encourage further cooperation

Creative teaching methods

benefits for teachers

Benefits for teachers

-Teaching staff improves professional teaching experience –exchange of ideas

-teaching in a foreign languageadds prestige

-Discuss the latest research results/on state of art subjects in their field

-Self assessment of teaching methods

-Work with international groups

-International recognition

benefits for students

Benefits for students

Strong impact on young researchers

Learn something they can’t in their university, but needed for their research

They learn a lot : about new approaches on their subject, about linked subjects, new topics, latest research

Improved language skills


Work intensively and in depth

Creative thinking

Building confidence/networking

Many opportunities to study abroad after the IP

Learn how to work in a group of people coming from different cultures-overcoming stereotypes

evaluation sheets a good tool

Evaluation sheets: a good tool?

-Useful tool for the IP improvement

-Specific questionnaires are also needed (prepared by the IP partnership)

Suggestion: impact study done both at national and European level

But: Coordinators feel some of the questions are not relevant or cannot be answered right after the IP

-Some coordinators adapt the evaluation sheet to their specific needs.

Evaluation tool on line: good idea (who is going to organize it?)

platform for ip coordinators

Platform for IP coordinators ?

IP portal/platform: link the coordinators-exchange of experience

Good idea (coordinators’ reaction very positive) but face to face contact is also very important

-Needs good organization -Information should be transferred directly from the LLP link: administrator of the platform is needed, coordinators don’t have the time for that.

-Some IP have their own internet platforms or are part of subject related networks

Proposal:ADAM/EST data base

suggestions on the ip impact

Suggestions on the IP impact

Application forms-published earlier:more time for partnerships to be prepared

-Defining clearly the learning outcomes

-Teachers should stay minimum 3 days

-Contact seminars for coordinators

-Thematic meetings for coordinators

-Informal meetings

-Impact study done both at national and European level

how innovative are ip

How innovative are IP?

“An IP is as innovative as are its partners”

Need for a good definition for “innovative”

One teaching method may be standard in one area, but innovative in some other

IP seen as “think tanks”

“Excellence character component” : how it can be highlighted more explicitly?

need for a long term strategy

Need for a long term strategy?

-A sustainable strategy should be obligatory?

-At least ensure that the new content created can become a part of the teaching program

-Small IP can be used as a tool to enhance mobility

-Minimum requirements for outputs and dissemination strategy?

-Dissemination activities: how can they be strengthen?