Harnett county health department flooding response
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Harnett County Health Department Flooding Response. The Problem!. April 29,2012 3” line to the RPZ Valve inside the building ruptured. The Aftermath. The RPZ failure caused 3” – 4” of water throughout 80% of the First Floor. First floor is where all clinical operations are located.

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Presentation Transcript

The problem
The Problem!

  • April 29,2012 3” line to the RPZ Valve inside the building ruptured

The aftermath
The Aftermath

  • The RPZ failure caused 3” – 4” of water throughout 80% of the First Floor.

  • First floor is where all clinical operations are located.

  • All of our clients medical records located on the first floor.


We Maintain over 185,000 Records. All Had to be Moved.

Response issues
Response Issues

  • Contact made with Emergency Management immediately.

  • Discussions started on Resource needs.

  • What critical services had to be brought up first and time sensitive issues.

  • How were we going to accomplish????

Response recovery issues
Response & Recovery Issues

  • We wanted to keep as many services on site as possible. How could we accomplish this?

  • Fixed Facilities:

    • Cost prohibitive to move all operations

    • Equipment relocation to these facilities

    • Public Notification of move and Multiple Facilities

Response recovery issues1
Response & Recovery Issues

  • Temporary Facilities:

    • Mobile Buildings

      • Cost Prohibitive

      • Time, contract to setup

      • Permits

      • Inspections

Response recovery issues2
Response & Recovery Issues

  • Western Shelters:

    • Low Cost

    • Setup fairly easy

    • Packaged Resource

    • Resources available through our CapRac/Betsy Johnson Hospital

Emergency services
Emergency Services

  • SMAT III recall to augment the crew to erect our Mobile Health Department.

  • Harnett SMAT III was utilized along with the Harnett County Emergency Management and Fire Marshal’s Office to complete the project.

  • On going EM/FM support for daily operations throughout the event.

Emergency services1
Emergency Services

  • Inspection Issues

  • Permit Issues

  • EOP for the operation

    • Fire Safety

    • Weather Issues

Caprac process
CapRac Process

  • Contact made with the CapRac

  • Determine needs and match with Resources

  • Resource needs were finalized

  • Utilized Google Mapping for setup preplanning

    • Basic Footprint

    • Hazards and other issues

Caprac process1
CapRac Process

  • Initial Patient load underestimated.

  • Advantage of Western Shelter Gateway Flexibility to continue adding shelters

  • Added a Shelter from Betsy Johnson Hospital to handle increased patient services

  • Flexibility with the Rehab/Medical Care trailer for multiple services

Caprac issues
CapRac Issues

  • Existing Strong partnerships amongst created a comfortable working environment

  • Flexibility of the Rac Mission & Resources 2 Missions supported

    • Full Scale Exercise in Greenville

    • Harnett Co. Health Department. SMAT III resources assisting in the operational setup

Lessons learned
Lessons Learned

  • Non Declared Event Issues:

    • Permits/Inspections for tents

    • Who had jurisdiction for this

  • Safety Issues with setup

    • Weather Related Issues

    • Moving parts!!!!

    • Team Rehab and Safety

Lessons learned1
Lessons Learned

  • Feeding of staff and SMAT III

  • Insurance issues (Documentation)

  • Hygiene issues in the tent

  • Generator and power issues

    • Good to have a good Maintenance staff

Lessons learned2
Lessons Learned

  • Strong relationships with your Health Director and your local RAC very critical

  • State EM involvement early in the process is vital to assistance in resource requests


John Rouse Steve Harrison

[email protected]@wakemed.org

Gary Pope

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