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Welcome Outlook Basic Training PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome Outlook Basic Training

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Welcome Outlook Basic Training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome Outlook Basic Training

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    1. Welcome! Outlook Basic Training Presented by Academic Technology and User Services

    2. Introductions Introductions Class objectives: Have fun. Learn to read and send Outlook 98 email Explore Outlook features What is Outlook and why do I need it? Updated Mail Server Single application with six features Mail, Schedule, Contacts, Tasks, Notes, Journal

    3. Whats New and How Can I Use It? Quick Survey: Rules, Options-voting. Follow Up: Flags Out of Office: Out of office assistant. Auto Sort Email: Rules To Do Lists: Tasks Electronic Sticky Notes: Notes

    4. Start Outlook Double click Outlook Icon: User Name: train01-train12 Password: password.

    5. Outlook Today Outlook Bar: Selected icon controls contents of Information Viewer Identify Outlook Bar, Folder List, Information Viewer Identify Outlook Shortcuts: Inbox, calendar, return to Outlook Today. Turning it on. Customizable: Groups,Folder Shortcuts: Folder List: Selected folder controls contents of Information Viewer Turning it on: View menu, Push Pin. Information Viewer: Options, Contacts, Calendar, Mail, Tasks. Options: Set as default, Calendar 7days, Task list. Contact: Finds match in full name field of GAL, or Contacts, PAB. Todays Overview: Mail, Calendar, Tasks.

    6. Notes Electronic sticky notes. Available at work or at home. Create a new note. Double click on a blank space in the Info Viewer.

    7. Contacts Create a new Contact. Double click on a blank space in the Info Viewer. Right click on any address in a message. Stores more information: Notes, Phone, Categories. Map locations. Always Available: Stored on the server.

    9. Distribution Lists

    10. Inbox Information Viewer: Preview Pane: Turn on or off for inbox only. Point out Auto Preview Point out that column heads can be used for sorting List of Icon: Unread, Flagged, etc. Double-click to open message Message Window: Read message: Save Attachments Move Between messages Point out Reply, Reply to All, Forward, Print, Delete Close Message Window using Close box .

    11. Inbox (continued.) Folder List: Subfolders help organize- look under Inbox Create Subfolder: Right click on the inbox and select New Folder Move Message to subfolder. Create A New Message: Click New Message icon Address the message to the client three ways: Name, Inet Address, To button. View: BCC, Options. Options: Message settings, Voting tracking, Delivery. Insert: Attachment, Signature. Flags: Type of action, Reminder date. Click SEND button Closing but not sending: Drafts folder. New Features: Rules, Out of office Assistant, Spell Checking

    12. Sent Items View Sent Messages Recall A Message Actions: Recall

    13. Calendar Information Viewer: Date Navigator Current date has box Dates with appointments are bold use selector triangles to select date and change months Go To Today button brings to the current date . Calendar Area: Shows detail for selected date(s) in Date Navigator Change calendar view: Day, Week, Month. Make an appointment by clicking on the time and typing Use mouse to change length of appointment Double-click to see details, then close

    14. Calendar Item Window: Read Detail: Subject, Location, Message, or Save Attachments Change Meeting Time: Date Navigator, Time increments Show Time As: Busy Tentative, etc. Recurrence: Time, Pattern, Range Invite Attendees: Attendees available tab Invite Others button Auto Pick button, Save and Close button. Delete appointment by using Delete button on toolbar Allowing Others to view: File, Folder , Properties for Calendar , Permissions tab, Reviewer New Features: Adding Holidays: Tools Options Calendar Options Add Holidays. Drag Message Calendar: Makes a new calendar entry. Calendar (continued)

    15. Tasks Organize projects: Create tasks and assign work load Information Viewer: Check complete box: To change the status to done. Make a task by Double clicking on a blank line. Task Item Window: Read Detail: Subject, Location, Message, or Save Attachments Change Meeting Time: Start Date, End Date, Status, Priority Reminder. Assign Task: To , Keep a copy, Send report on completion. Recurrence: Pattern, Range, (Note: No time.)

    16. Journal Tracks Work: Office 97 document and allows manual entries Create a Manual Entry. Double click on a blank space in the Info Viewer.

    17. Tips Minimize Outlook : Takes less system resources. Other programs run faster. Set up screen saver with password This provides security.

    19. Questions??? Surveys !!!