comm 101 introduction to communication studies
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COMM 101- INTRODUCTION TO COMMUNICATION STUDIES. PHOTO - ESSAY/PHOTO - STORY PROJECT. The Topic and Content. The focus of your photo essay will be : A reflection on an emotional/psychological situation like sadness, happiness, anger, joy, hopelessness etc.

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the topic and content
The Topic and Content
  • The focus of your photo essay will be :
    • A reflection on an emotional/psychological situation like sadness, happiness, anger, joy, hopelessness etc.
    • You will try to convey this emotional situation to the audience as effective as possible.
  • The projects should be prepared with MOVIEMAKER programme.
  • The durations should be between 1 and 3 minutes and with 10-15 photographs
  • You can use music, sound effects.
  • You are expected to use your original photographs but you can take pictures from the magazines, posters, old photos, and web to enhance the content of your project.
  • You are not allowed to use the downloaded pictures from the web unless there is an absolute necessity to support your story.
  • There should be begining and finishing titles.
15-16 March: Find an idea, write it down and discuss it with your instructor

29-30 March: Submit first draft of your file to your instructor. Your file should include:

One page on your topic and idea, your perspective

Storybord: if you take some photographs you can put them in order according to what you are trying to tell, and also the subtitles...etc

10-11 May: Final Submission of your projects copied on VCD.

list of human emotions we can experience
List of human emotions we can experience
  • There is a huge list of human emotions that we are capable of experiencing. However often times we only experience a very limited number of emotions.
  • It is always the same few ; happiness, anger, love, confidence, anxiety, stress, relaxed. Ask people what emotions do they experience in a week and they’ll invariably say those common emotions.
  • The more type of emotions we feel, the more colorful our life experience will be. It is not that we can’t experience a wide array of emotions, rather it is because we often label different emotions into a common group like happy or sad that we forget to experience that emotion for what it is.
  • Take happy. There is happy, ecstatic, cheerful, relax, exited, exhilarated etc. All those emotions are unique in their own way but we usually label it as happy. By doing that we unintentionally take away it’s characteristics and thus take away our experience.
  • Below is a list of human emotions to remind you of the emotions that we humans are capable of experiencing. I have included both positive and negative emotions. Experience as much positive emotions as you can.
useful sources
Useful Sources
  • Information on photo essays
Examples of photoessays
Short films
For better photographs