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Czestochowa. ”École - Patrimoine - Esprit Initiative Touristique - Europe”Nr. 11-PM-243-DJ-IT “ TRAIAN VUIA” HIGH SCHOOL- CRAIOVA This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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”École - Patrimoine - Esprit Initiative Touristique - Europe”Nr. 11-PM-243-DJ-IT


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Cz stochowa

Czestochowais a city placed in the South of Poland, 140 km away from Cracovia, on Warta River. Czestochowa is a southern city placed in the Voivodeship of Silezia.It's popular in the entire world for its church, the one from Jasna Gora, where you can find the amazing picture of the Virgin from Czestochowa , icon known as "Black Madonna".

Cz stochowa1

  • Czestochowa is placed at about 200 km South-West from Warsaw. Czestochowa has 259600 inhabitants, living on a 160 km area.

  • The city is a big center with a well developed infrastructure and it has an important social and economic side. It's an academical town which has 9 famous schools(universities) where more than 40000 pupils study. It's a cultural center full of tradition and culture.


  • Poland is located between 2 climatic areas: the oceanic climate of the Western Europe and the continental climate of the Eastern Europe, which causes a great variety of the weather conditions. Czestochowa has an oceanic climate with temperate summers.

Ways of transport

Czestochowa has a railway station of Polish railways

and a small airport( Aita code: CZW)

Another option to get to Czestochowa is the airport from Katowice, located at 63 km N-E, the airport from Cracovia( 94,5 km away) or the airport from Lodz(102,9 km away ).

The urban way of transport is the tram.

Accomodation hotels


  • SONEX ***

Accomodation hotels1


  • IBIS **

Accomodation hotels2

  • HAGA *

  • ETAP *

Polish cuisine

  • The traditional dishes of the Polish cuisine are rich in calories, but delicious. You have to taste them! Polish cuisine has a lot of dishes based on meat prepared in different ways. Poland is also famous for its amazing bread and for the delicious sausages.

  • The main ingredients of the traditional cuisine are:cabbage,beet, cucumbers(marinated and gherkins), cream, kales, mushrooms and sausages. The dishes owe their original taste to the herbs:marjoram,dill, caraway,parsley, pepper.About desserts, cakes and biscuits are the most popular. At the end of the meal it's good to drink a little glass of vodka which will ease the digestion of these dishes full of calories.

Polish cuisine1

The traditional dishes are: beet soup, cabbage rolls( slices of cabbage filled with meat and rice) and pierogi( ravioli filled with cabbage and mushrooms).


  • Sledz: marinated herring, served by choice- in oil, with cream, with onion or tomatoes.

  •  Tartar: tartar steak, served with gherkins salted cucumbers, one egg and thin chopped onion.

  •  Surowka: red cabbage, white cabbage and grated carrots.


  • Barszcz: boiled beet soup with broth, usually served with pasztecik, meat pate with pastry.

  •  Grochowka: peas soup,very thick with bacon and pieces of spicy meat. It's perfect if you want to warm up on winter.


  • Zurek:sour soup with pieces of sausage and potatoes. It's tasted with an baked egg.

  • Flaki: tripe soup, very hard to digerate.

Main dishes
Main dishes

  • Kotletschabowy: breaded pork chop. It's the most popular dish in Poland.

  • Zrazzawijany: well beaten and rolled beef with smoked bacon and pickles. It's often served with kaszagryczana(cream).

  • Golonko: marinated ham in herbs or beer, then boiled on small fire or baked with broth.

Main dishes1
Main dishes

  • Bigos: Polish sour cabbage, must be tasted. Cabbage, meat, sausages, mushrooms, tomatoes and dried plums. A dish prepared for Christmas.

  • Kaczkajablkami: duck filled with apples, often served with pyzys, baked at steam bread.

Main dishes2
Main dishes

  • Karp :carp. It's prepared in thousands of Polish ways.

  • Pierogi: big ravioli usually filled with cheese or cabbage, rarely with meat.


  • Sernik :cheese cake.

  • Makowiec :cake with poppy filled with dry fruit: pears, figs, grapes.

  • Jabłecznik :also called szarlotka, a delicious apple tart served with cream.


  • Naleśniki :pancakes with fresh cheese and cream.

  • Chrusty :soft and crunchy donuts, sprinkled with powdered sugar.



There are 80 different kinds in Poland. Producers like State distillery from Lancut focus on quality. State's monopoly is owned by a hand of producers: Biala Dama in LAncut, Zubrowka in Bialowieza.

If you are a guest at Polish people, it's good to drink the first glass at a gulp. If it's too strong you should eat a cucumber after every gulp. It has to calm down the power of the alohool. There is also the grass of the aurochs vodka, Zubrowka, produced in the East of Warsaw, in Bialowieza wood.Let's mention the Wisent vodka, produced in Lancut, Sliwowica, plum liqueur and Spirytus REktifikowany.



The country produces especially blonde beer and you have a very big variety: Lech, Zywiec,Tyskie, Warka, Harna'sOkocim, Tatras (a lot stronger), Zubr. Beer is usually good, cheap and soft.


  • Tea and coffee

  • Tea(herbata) is an institution. You will be ofered everywhere you go. Tea salons (kawiarna) are very popular; it's served with cakes and crackers.

  •   Coffee is served in Turkish way.


Jasna Góra –it was repopulated in 1382 by the Paulini monks whom Prince Wladyslaw Opolczyk has sent the icon of the Saint Virgin.


Holy Virgin's Chapel- built in gothic style, houses the famous icon, the Black Madonna in Czestochowa. The Black Madona in Czestochowa is one of the most important catholic symbols in Poland. Here, the prayers and thanks remain in memory because of the memories(wota) left by the christians on the walls of the church.



The tower- is one of the highest in the country, 160 m and 30 cm. You have to climb 519 stairs. The terrace is a great place where you can enjoy the entire landscape of Czestochowa. On the second floor of the Tower there is a watch with chime which sings songs about Virgin Mary on 36 sonnets .


Saint Andrew and Saint Barbara church- built in the first half of the 17-th century for the needs of the novices from Jasna Gora church. It is located next to a little water source where the desecrated icon of the Virgin from Czestochowa was washed, stolen in 1430 from Jasna Gora. At the end of the 19-th century the church became parish. The church was built in baroque style with gothic influences. Behind the church there is Saint Barbara Chapel where a little water source can be found.


The park from Stanislaw Staszic- created in 1826 on the Eastern slope in JAsna Gora. In 1909 was the place where the National Agro-industrial Exposition was organized. The Flag of the Exposition, a stylized tower and the Astronomical Observer are dating from that time.


The Townhall- the symbol of the city, represents the creation from Czestochowa today.

Saint Zygmunt Church- the oldest church in Czestochowa, built in the 14-th century.

The Cathedral of the Archdiocese at the call of the Saint Family- built in stages between 1901-1927, is one of the biggest churches in Poland.


  • The Church and Saint Roch and Saint Sebastian Graveyard- the oldest graveyard in Czestochowa. The oldest grave dates from 1849.

  • The old Market- is the center of the old town in CZestochowa

Museums and galleries
Museums and galleries

The museum of the Paulini Fathers from Jasna Gora Church( The treasure, the 600-years old museum, The Knights' room, The Library)- the collections of the Paulini Monks kept in the church are a big national legacy, a journey through the most important events into the history of Poland.

Museums and galleries1
Museums and galleries

The Municipal Art Gallery- houses rich collections of paintings, graphics and drawings. It also presents ZdzislawBeksinski's collection of operas and PiotrDmochowski’s collection.


Museums and galleries2
Museums and galleries

The Museum in Czestochowa- has almost 100 years of activity. It is one of the oldest cultural institutions in Czestochowa. It has excellent collections of Polish paintings.

The Railway History Museum - presents a permanent exhibition of old cars and equipment

Museums and galleries3
Museums and galleries

The Match Production Museum - the old production line from the 30s still works in conjunction with equipment from the 19-th century,makes the museum a unique curiosity at European scale. It's the only place of this kind in Europe. The main attraction is the visit of the park with historical machines which still work and the possibility of getting to know a really interesting procedure to create matches.

Practical information
Practical information

  • The information centerAlejaNajświetszejMaryiPanny 65 tel. +48 34 368 22 50fax +48 34 368 22 60e-mail:

  • The Tourist Organisation of Czestochowa AlejaNajświętszejMaryiPanny 65tel./ fax +48 34 368 22 60e-mail:

Practical information1
Practical information

  • The information center of Jasna Goraul. Kordeckiego 2, tel. +48 34 365 38 88; tel. +48 34 365 38 88; tel./fax +48 34 365 43 43e-mail:

  • Railway(train) information:

    tel. 034 376 14 00, 034 370 11

  • Railway Information(cars):

    tel. +48 34 379 11

  • Useful phone numbers:

  • 112 Emergency

  • 997 Police

  • 998 Firefighters

  • 999 Ambulance

  • 986 City Police

Practical information2
Practical information

  • The Townhall of Czestochowaul. Śląska 11/13, tel. tel. +48 34 370 71 00

  • The Administration of Czestochowa(StarostwoPowiatowe)ul. Jana III Sobieskiego 9, tel. +48 34 322 91 00fax +48 34 32 29

Ecole patrimoine esprit initiative touristique europe nr 11 pm 243 dj it
’Ecole - Patrimoine - Esprit Initiative Touristique - Europe ‘’ nr. 11-PM-243-DJ-IT

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