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poetry slam n.
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Poetry Slam..... PowerPoint Presentation
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Poetry Slam.....

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Poetry Slam.....
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Poetry Slam.....

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  1. Poetry Slam.....

  2. What is a Memoir? 1. a historical account or biography written from personal knowledge. 2. an autobiography or written account of one's memory of certain events or people.

  3. Did you hear the world singing joyfully on the way to school this morning? UHHHH NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. On paper, make a list of six or more things you observed or heard today.

  5. Write a poem that describes your morning On the way out the door Chad wraps me up like a present in his arms A fur ball paws at our legs Pet the Bear Her soft, fuzzy, chubby belly Makes me smile I am ready To face the day Meow… Bear is begging for tuna Tearing her claws against the door Demanding canned fish Fumbling around in the kitchen Bright light blinding my half open eyes Feed the Bear I fill the blender Spinach leaves Blueberries Bananas Soy milk Whirl, buzz, slurp down the green concoction Shower Dress Meow… Pet the Bear

  6. WE ALL HAVE A STORY Whether it be a family story, an event that has happened to a family member, a friend or us. • the time the student ran the bases the wrong way • cutting your little sister’s hair • the emotions of losing a loved one • a family death MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!!!

  7. What is your Story?

  8. Examples of memoir poems from real teens just like you!! My Reality By Jamie Lee C., keaau, HI Email me when Jamie L. contributes work Connecting my life to the reality somehow. or should i say, observing and relating and changing. as i sit here, i ponder all of my memories, i see the people around me and the personalities of people. it hits me after viewing immaturity,selfishness,no hearted people, that i am one of these people. i demanded a change in my life immediately. i observe and observe and think to myself, "how can i change this?" i cant just stop hanging out with my friends, i cant just change my reputation in a blink of an eye. my personality is changing, i can feel it. i know that i have the urge to get something new and exiting in my life. some say i am growing up and maturing, maybe so, but all i know is that a big change is going to occur. feeling the dwelling inside my spirit, the tears roll down my clueless and worried face. "am i overreacting" i ask myself, am i going through a phase, the kind that feels so new to you, you don`t know how to react. crying with the thoughts in my head, simply clueless but moving along. this is my life, this is My reality.

  9. Homework: Write a narrative style poem Write about a memory in your life or just write about your life!