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Department of Defense (DoD) Sample Briefing. What is (MCC )?.

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Department of defense dod militarychildcare com

Department of Defense (DoD)

Sample Briefing

What is militarychildcare com mcc
What is

  • (MCC) is a Department of Defense (DoD) website for military families seeking child care. This single online gateway provides access to comprehensive information on military-operated and military-subsidized child care options worldwide.

    • Enables families to search for and request care, manage their requests, and update their profile online

    • Expedites child care placement through a standardized request process and waitlist management tools

    • Ultimately MCC makes it easier for families to find the child care they need.


Benefits for Families

  • Provides a single gateway to military child care options worldwide

  • Showcases programs across all Services

  • Allows families to manage their child care requests

  • Allows families to update their household profile

  • Enhances and streamlines communication

    Benefits for Programs

  • Standardizes procedures

  • Expedites placement

  • Enhances daily operations

  • Supports planning

Mcc sites
MCC Sites

  • Hawaii – Navy and USMC

  • NellisAFB, NV – Air Force

  • Key West, FL – Navy

  • Orlando, FL – Community-based

  • Metro San Diego – Navy and USMC

  • Bahrain – Navy

  • Hawaii – Army ( Summer 2014)

  • NRSW sites – Navy (Summer 2014)

  • Additional sites TBD

  • Global Rollout – Dec 2014

Mcc operations center
MCC Operations Center

The Operations Center oversees implementation of MCC, MCC Central (a central repository for marketing and outreach materials, training resources, and operating procedures), and the Help Desk.

Mcc program components
MCC Program Components

Programs have access to the following system features:

  • Program content – Information entered by programs (e.g., narrative text, photos) that is displayed on the search results to inform families about each program

  • Waitlist component – Displays requests for care submitted by families and provides tools for programs to manage placement

  • RFC component – Displays request details, used primarily during the transition to MCC to enter waitlist data. Also used in rare instances to place requests on behalf of families and for exceptions that warrant an adjustment to the RFC date.

  • Household profile – Reflects the information entered and managed by families (e.g., sponsor name, contact information, family type, child data, email notification preferences). Programs can update profiles on behalf of families and access messages delivered to families to better assist them during the request process.

Mcc program highlights
MCC Program Highlights

  • MCC places all DoD child and youth care programs on a level playing field, and families can choose the option that best meets their needs.

  • The Waitlist component is where requests are listed, whether or not there is a wait at the program.

  • MCC enhances customer support and does not replace personal communication with families.

  • The Waitlist does not hold inventory (e.g., the system does not know vacancies are open in what programs). The Waitlist is separate from enrollment. Programs identify vacancies and conduct enrollment processes outside the system.

Mcc program highlights continued
MCC Program Highlights (continued)

The Waitlist is a tool that enables programs to view and manage requests.

  • Alerts are generated as reminders

  • A reconfirm process was designed so theWaitlist more accurately reflects true need (families are required to confirm that care is still needed every 45 days)

  • Offers must be responded to within a designated timeframe or the request will be cancelled automatically by the system

  • Requests “age up” automatically based on the date of birth and the date care needed

  • Email notifications are automatically delivered to families

Mcc program highlights continued1
MCC Program Highlights (continued)

  • Programs maintain a comment section for documentation and to communicate with other programs about a request(s) they have in common

  • Programs can review requests in advance to identify individual needs and future demand

  • The Inclusion Action Team (IAT) Log shares information from families, which helps programs identify the need for early assistance.

  • Programs can plan for school age transportation and identify requests for schools not currently served

  • Reports will be generated to analyze space management, provide accurate accounting of demand for care, anticipate surge care capabilities, support program management at approved user levels

Mcc family components
MCC Family Components

Families can access and use the following system features:

  • My Profile – stores household details (e.g., sponsor name, contact information, family type, child data, email notification preferences), which can be updated at any time

  • Search for and Request Care – access to a search engine to locate facility-based or in-home child care options and select one or more options

  • My Requests – displays the status of requests and allows families to manage requests (e.g., accept offer, decline offer, cancel requests, reconfirm requests) and change information about requests (e.g., date care is needed)

  • My Messages – message center for families that provides additional information about specific requests and is a supplement to system-generated email notifications

  • Resources – Information about DoD programs, toll-free and email technical support, and system generated notifications

Mcc training
MCC Training


  • Overview of MCC

  • Content building: profiles to describe programs to families

  • Waitlist “cutover” - transitioning households and requests to MCC

  • Waitlist, Household, RFC management

  • MCC Implementation for Managers

  • MCC Reports

    Training Methods

  • During soft rollout: onsite training and webinars with instructional materials, tip sheets, and one-on-one assistance

  • During global rollout: Virtual training modules, reference guides, and job aids

Marketing positioning the brand
Marketing: Positioning the Brand

Program Tagline:

We care for your children while you protect America.

Elevator Pitch: (MCC) is a DoD website for military families seeking child care. This single online gateway provides access to comprehensive military-operated and military-subsidized child care options worldwide. Ultimately MCC makes it easier for families to find the child care they need.

Mcc central
MCC Central

MCC Central was created to support programs with implementation of MCC. It contains materials related to:

  • Marketing and outreach (Brand Portal)

  • Training

  • Transition Materials

  • Operating Procedures

Mcc coordinator role
MCC Coordinator Role

The MCC Coordinator is the primary installation POC with the MCC Operations Center. This person is responsible for managing the overall transition process and overseeing implementation of MCC.

Mcc help desk
MCC Help Desk

MCC Help Desk

Toll Free: 855-696-2934