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Dakota Lacrosse

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Dakota Lacrosse. 2014 Coaches Meeting and Clinic. Introduction (Kristin Lail) Rules Overview and Referees (Lance Kapps) Concussion Awareness ( Amy Proshek ) Team Managers ( Amy Lupich ) Equipment ( Michelle Krouch ) Coach Development (Matt Dunbar) SPLIT

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dakota lacrosse

Dakota Lacrosse

2014 Coaches Meeting and Clinic

today s agenda

Introduction (Kristin Lail)

  • Rules Overview and Referees (Lance Kapps)
  • Concussion Awareness (Amy Proshek)
  • Team Managers (Amy Lupich)
  • Equipment (Michelle Krouch)
  • Coach Development (Matt Dunbar)


  • Coach Clinic (Coaches and Mentors)
  • Referee Briefing (Lance Kapps)
Today’s agenda
dakota lacrosse contacts

Paul McClagan & Lance KappsCo-Commissioner, VAA

  • Amy Proshek (U9 & U11 coords)Lacrosse Program Director, RAAA
  • Ali AwadLacrosse Program Director, EVAA
  • Terry IversonPresident, Hastings Lacrosse Club
  • Jane DiFronzoBox Lacrosse Coordinator, IGH
  • Kristin LailDirector of Box Lacrosse, EAA
  • Kevin SorensenDirector of Referees, EAA
  • Scott HintermeisterEquipment Director EAA
  • Matt DunbarDirector of Player Development EAA &Founder Dakota Lacrosse
DAKOTA Lacrosse Contacts

Partnership with VAA, RAAA, IGH, HLC, EAA and EVAA

  • 24 teams: 12 in each age group
  • Dakota Lacrosse Pinneys
  • Developmental league
  • No team standings or Playoffs
  • Jamboree May 17-18
  • Team schedules available tonight
  • Thank you for volunteering!
lance kapps
Lance Kapps

Valley Athletic Association


Referees are enlisted from high school

  • Primary duty to keep players safe and help players learn the fundamentals of the game
  • Secondary duty to referee games and moderate player behavior
  • Arguing with referees will NOT be tolerated and shall be grounds for dismissal
  • Pay cards to be signed by home team coach
  • Report referee issues to Kevin Sorenson (encourage parents to report issues to the team manager)

Based upon US Lacrosse Rules (with the following exceptions):

    • No Body Checking
    • Time is Running Time
    • Two Pass Rule
      • Pass back to the goalie will not count as a pass
      • One pass must be in the offensive zone
    • Substitutions on the Fly
    • Players with three personal fouls will be removed from game play
amy proshek
AMY Proshek

Rosemount Area Athletic Association

concussion awareness

Allbox and field lacrossecoaches and assistant coaches are required to complete concussion awareness training.

  • Contact your association for proceduresand documentation.
  • Link to video training module on the EAA website. EAA coaches save a copy of the Certificate of Completion and email to coaches@eaasports.org.
  • Training has to be repeated every three years.
Concussion Awareness
amy lupich
Amy LuPIch

Eagan Athletic Association

team managers

Distribute player pinneys and make team roster card

  • Coordinate home team and color jerseys for games
  • Work schedule for timer and box for each game
  • Coordinate team pictures on 4/12 from 9am-12pm
  • Act as liaison between parents and coaches
  • Feedback to U9 and U11 Dakota Lacrosse Coordinators
Team Managers
michelle krouch
Michelle Krouch

Eagan Athletic Association

player equipment

Lacrosse Stick (37 to 42 Inches)

  • Lacrosse or Hockey Helmet (lacrosse helmet req. for summer)
  • Mouth Guard
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Arm Guard (must cover elbow)
  • Lacrosse or Hockey Gloves (lacrosse gloves req. for summer)
  • Groin or Pelvic Protector
Player Equipment
goalie equipment

Combination Shoulder, Arm, and Chest Guard

  • Goalie Shorts
  • Shin / Knee Protector (Catcher’s Shin Guards)
  • Located in Arena Shed (combination will be sent in e-mail)
  • Last teams of the day make sure it is locked.

(can remain unlocked between games)

Goalie Equipment
coaching do s

Do Be a Positive Role Model

  • Do Give Equal Playtime for Every Player in Every Position
  • Do Challenge Players to Play Against Themselves (and not the scoreboard)
  • Do Recognize Player Achievements
  • Do Focus on Fundamentals
  • Do HAVE FUN!
Coaching Do’s
coaching don ts

Don’t Coach to Win, Coach to Instruct

  • Don’t Yell or Criticize, Use Positive Reinforcement
  • Don’t Exclusively Commend Team Stars, Commend the Team
  • Don’t Permit Hostile or Demoralizing Attitudes
  • Don’t Ever be Alone With a Child
Coaching Don’ts
lacrosse fundamentals

Athletic Stance

  • Cradling (Hold Crosse in One Hand with Fingers)
  • Pass and Catch (Hand Positioning)
  • Ground Balls (Body Positioning and “Box Out”)
Lacrosse Fundamentals

Create a Practice Plan

  • Be Consistent
  • Add a Fun Game or Scrimmage