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i n Pudukottai

i n Pudukottai

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i n Pudukottai

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  1. in Pudukottai A TN-IAMWARM – TATA RALLIS Initiative

  2. Genesis of the Initiative In Pudukkottai IAMWARM - TATA • Private : TATA-RALLIS • TATA interest in agriculture through its companies Rallis and Tata Chemicals. • Identified pulses as an area of nutritional significance for our country and decision to work towards promoting cultivation and availability. • Public : TN-IAMWARM • Working on water conservation projects in agriculture based on a sub basin concept. • Identified that pulses cultivation requires about 1/5th the water required for other crops A Joint Workshop in Chennai in October 2009 to identify areas of collaborative work

  3. Outcome of the WorkshopTATA with the help of TN-IAMWARM will work towards making an Impact in the following areas In Pudukkottai IAMWARM - TATA • Providing quality black gram seeds for farmers 2. Critical technology interventions to increase yield per acre through a PoP (Package of Practices) 3. Create a mechanism for buy-back from farmers

  4. Working on a PPP Model In Pudukkottai IAMWARM - TATA Research Station - Breeder Seeds TNAU Best Practices Department Details of Working Areas Seed ProductionModule Formation of Commodity Groups Extension of PoP to Farmers – Field Work Bring in Products & Services based on PoP Banking Services to Farmers for Payments and Loans - Tie up with SBI m-krishi (TCS) for access Buy-Back TATA - RALLIS TN - IAMWARM

  5. Status of Commodity Group Formation In Pudukkottai IAMWARM - TATA

  6. Progress Update In Pudukkottai IAMWARM - TATA 1. Seeds production at F1 stage with 6.3 tons of F1 seeds. The final commercial seeds will be available by Jan 2011 (about 250 tons) 2. Propagated TNAU’s recommendations and delivered a Rallis PoP - Demonstration plots for seed treatment, line sowing 3. Rallis has procured 200 tons till date from the farmers in the area 4. Tata Chemicals piloted with ‘I-Shakti Urad dal’ in Chennai

  7. Package of PracticesA technical handbook on Blackgram In Pudukkottai IAMWARM - TATA The handbook describes key recommended technology for achieving higher yields in blackgram. This is distributed to all member farmers.

  8. Farmer’s Record In Pudukkottai IAMWARM - TATA To facilitate record keeping of various interventions done, a sheet is provided at the end of the handbook. The following details are captured: Farmer’s name Acre under blackgram Date of sowing Variety Pest/disease observed Pesticide used Dosage Date of application Our TFAs will monitor the above details during their visits.

  9. Farmer Relationship In Pudukkottai IAMWARM - TATA • Team is interacting extensively with farmers to understand needs • Package of Practices booklet made and circulated • Demos and exhibition stalls to involve farmers

  10. In Pudukkottai IAMWARM - TATA Farmers have been taught about line sowing using the line sowing equipment A farm sown using line sowing method

  11. Farmer Engagement In Pudukkottai IAMWARM - TATA • TFAs visit the farmers in his area regularly ( once a week). There is involvement with the farmer throughout the crop cycle • Rallis team has prepared a activity chart/farmer diary that the farmer has to follow. Respective TFAs help the farmer in maintaining the activity chart/farmer diary • A formal meeting of the commodity group under the supervision of the TFA is conducted. This acts as a knowledge sharing platform. The objective is intensive engagement with individual farmers and realignment of practices towards achieving maximum yield

  12. Procurement of Produce In Pudukkottai IAMWARM - TATA Commodity Commodity

  13. Key Interventions in Buy-Backwith help of m-krishi deployment In Pudukkottai IAMWARM - TATA 1. Procurement at farmers doorstep 2. Electronic payment transfer directly into the local bank account of farmers 3. Transparent pricing based on market published rate 4. Tie-up with State Bank of India for crop-loans to commodity groups

  14. The processed pulse is placed via TATA Salt Distribution Channel In Pudukkottai IAMWARM - TATA

  15. Proposal to Expand In Pudukkottai IAMWARM - TATA

  16. Key Interventions from the Public Partner for a successful PPP • Support in identifying the key areas for focus. • Support for private partner in extension in the initial stages to build scale. • Extension of the government schemes to the farmers covered under the project. • Access to crop loan to farmers to take up more acreages on contract farming. • Support in infrastructure areas like storage.

  17. Thank You