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  1. 2005 CLG Faculty Recognition Title Here

  2. Faculty Recognition • MBA • 9 Core Courses • Undergrad • 4 Subject Matter Groupings • Criteria • Taught minimum 4 CLG courses in 2005 • Taught twice in recognition area • Consistent 4.00 and above on EOC student evaluations • Input from Instruction Dept on intangibles

  3. Cardean LearningGroup MBA All Stars

  4. Janet Woerner Superb efforts in terms of student retention in initial MBA class Teaches MBA elective course Implementing Marketing Strategy Currently training as CSS instructor Instructional Excellence in Managerial Marketing

  5. Ross Treeby Also teaches advanced accounting courses in MBA program as well as undergraduate accounting courses Subject Matter Expert for a number of undergrad accounting courses Faculty coach for new accounting instructors Instructional Excellence in Accounting for Managers

  6. Rick Yager Experienced and dedicated instructor Also teaches elective MBA course Topics in Financial Management and the undergraduate Financial Management Instructional Excellence in Managerial Corporate Finance

  7. Janice Spangenburg Received excellent student reviews in this challenging core course Also teaches Organizational Behavior in the undergraduate program Instructional Excellence in Managing Organizations

  8. Susan Milanak Also teaches Corporate Finance, Managerial Strategy, and Topics in Strategy in MBA Designed current Global Ops course Core faculty member Significant contributor to recent project to convert MBA course to numerical grading Instructional Excellence in Global Operations Management

  9. Arsen Grigoryian Relatively new CLG instructor who quickly mastered a very difficult and challenging MBA course His students say…“Arsen is great. He is very helpful to his students and makes a difficult course easier to understand.” Instructional Excellence inManagerial Decision Models

  10. Kevin Reckelhoff Long time CLG instructor Also teaches a number of undergraduate economics courses as well as MBA elective course Game Theory & Economics Worked on recent MBA grade conversion project Instructional Excellence inEconomics for Managers

  11. Steve Van Hook Also teaches Managerial Strategy, Managerial Marketing, and Business Communications in the MBA program Teaches BOA and Business Policy Seminar in undergraduate program Recently completed his Ph.D. in transcultural distance learning Instructional Excellence in Global Environment of Business

  12. Jean Lhermitte Also teaches Global Environment of Business in MBA program A very dedicated and conscientious instructor Instructional Excellence inManagerial Strategy

  13. The 2005 CLG MBA All-Stars • Janet Woerner • Ross Treeby • Rick Yager • Janice Spangenburg • Arsen Grigoryan • Susan Milanak • Kevin Reckelhoff • Steven Van Hook • Jean Lhermitte