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Roles Specialization PowerPoint Presentation
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Roles Specialization

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Roles Specialization - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Roles Specialization. Everyone wins in the "team" approach. Coordinator. Opener. District Manager. Benefits Counselors. Coordinator & Opener. Roles Specialization.

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Roles Specialization

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Roles Specialization

Everyone wins in the "team" approach.




District Manager

Benefits Counselors

Coordinator & Opener

Roles Specialization


The OPENER: Responsible for prospecting, opening and closing an account direct or through brokers and servicing/maintaining the working relationship.

  • Tools: Colonial Product/Services Binder & New Account Kit
  • Responsibilities:
  • Market direct to businesses and/or work with brokers.
  • Set appointments for benefit evaluation/discovery.
  • Give decision maker presentation offering appropriate products & services to fit within current benefits package.
  • Discuss enrollment expectations and proper working conditions for a successful enrollment.
  • Complete/submit new account paperwork to NASU including welcome call.
  • Inform DM/PA that enrollment coordinator will be contacting them to discuss enrollment schedule, announcement letter, and census data.
  • Provide completed New Account Kit to district coordinator to start the enrollment process.
  • Be part of the enrollment process by conducting or having a presence at initial group meetings.
  • Conduct post enrollment meeting with PA and/or Broker providing service packet/binder that coordinator prepared. Items should include…thank you letter, post enrollment survey, deduction report, enrollment summary, enrollment election forms, service/claim forms, new hire sheets, etc.
  • Maintain on-going working relationship with client and/or broker.
  • Service account as needed for new hires and re-enrollment using district coordinator for support.
  • Follow up on any underwriting memos to ensure all policies have been issued.
  • Leave the coordinating to the coordinator…GO OPEN ANOTHER GROUP!

The COORDINATOR: Responsible for implementing and managing entire enrollment process from pre-enrollment to post enrollment and assisting in service and account management.

  • Tools: New Account Kit & Coordinating Kit
  • Responsibilities:
  • Discuss with opener the enrollment level, products, expectations, working conditions, etc.
  • Contact client and/or broker to start pre-enrollment process. This includes...enrollment schedule, announcement letter, census data, enrollment time line, etc.
  • Prepare Harmony database specific for enrollment level to perform.
  • Get approvals from carriers if performing core enrollment for use of enrollment election form and/or data unload.
  • Schedule, assign and communicate to enrollment team using enrollment guide tool.
  • Conduct pre-enrollment training with enrollers covering enrollment guide, products, expectations, working conditions, etc.
  • Monitor enrollment process and assist during initial group meeting.
  • Close out enrollment - download enrollment forms and export enrollment data.
  • Prepare post enrollment for PA and/or Broker. Prepare service packet/binder to include…thank you letter, post enrollment survey, deduction report, enrollment summary, enrollment election forms, service/claim forms, new hire sheets, etc.
  • Assist opener by providing on-going service for new hires and re-enrollment.
  • Assist in district account management.

The BENEFIT COUNSELOR: Responsible for educating, positioning and enrolling employee’s one on one.

  • Tools: Trunk kit
  • Responsibilities:
  • Prepare for enrollment. Read enrollment guide and review database prior to enrollment.
  • Bring to enrollment proper enrollment materials and/or create employee packets as outlined in enrollment guide. This includes product brochures, outline of coverage, policy holder service guide, business cards, etc.
  • Conduct enrollment meetings using ppt and/or employee packets.
  • Conduct individual enrollments.
  • Communicate and/or enroll employees in non-Colonial products, if required.
  • Provide employee with enrollment form, salary illustration, benefits statement, product brochure w/outline of coverage, service guide, and business card. Explain service/claims process.
  • Upload/submit business to home office.
  • Follow up on any underwriting memos.