Hitech hipaa changes
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HITECH/HIPAA Changes. Privacy-Security Champ Meeting February 10, 2010. Fundraising : Clear opt-out information Effective 2/2010 Marketing: Additional restrictions on communication where entity is paid for communication. Effective 2/2010

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Hitech hipaa changes


Privacy-Security Champ Meeting

February 10, 2010

Hitech 1329805

  • Fundraising: Clear opt-out information Effective 2/2010

  • Marketing:Additional restrictions on communication where entity is paid for communication. Effective 2/2010

  • Sale of PHI: No direct or indirect remuneration in exchange for PHI, unless the individual signed an authorization; certain exceptions. Regs pending; enforcement 6 mos. Later.

  • Minimum Necessary: Covered entity must limit PHI to limited data set, or, if necessary, to minimum necessary. Effective 2/2010

Hitech 1329805

  • Accounting for TPO Disclosures: If covered entity maintains an electronic health record (EHR), an accounting disclosures for TPO for the three years prior to the request. Effective Date: Depends on CE’s adoption of HER (anticipated, 2014)

  • Right to Electronic Access: If covered entity uses an EHR, individual has a right to a copy of his PHI in electronic format. Effective 2/2010

  • Right to Restriction: Covered entity must comply with individual’s request for restriction if disclosure: (1) is to health plan for payment or health care operations and (2) pertains to item/service that patient paid for “out-of-pocket.” Effective 2/2010

Hitech 1329805

  • Business Associates: Liable for compliance with Security Rule and uses and disclosures under Privacy Rule; HIEs, certain PHR and others transmitting data are business associates. Effective 2/2010

  • Notice of Privacy Practices: New Privacy Notice. EVERY patient must receive a copy of the new one; as if they were new patient. Effective 2/17/2010

  • Acknowledgement Forms: Form is the SAME! New procedure: Do NOT send them to Privacy Office anymore! Attach them to face sheet and send to Health Information for scanning into patient record. Effective 2/17/2010.