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Roadmap for the Future

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Roadmap for the Future

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Roadmap for the Future

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  1. Roadmap for the Future Eva Chan

  2. “DegreeWorks” What? How? When? Why?

  3. Why DegreeWorks? • DegreeWorks provides a comprehensive set of web-based academic advising, degree audit, and transfer articulation tools to help students and their advisors negotiate the institution’s curriculum requirements. • It is an integrated add-on to Banner Student

  4. Getting Ready for DegreeWorks? • Acquisition completed in April 2009 • Installation to be completed by mid-May 2009 • Training starts in Summer 2009 • Service launch in 2010…

  5. DegreeWorks As Channel Within Luminis

  6. Planner Tab • The student planner creates a schedule plan. As an advisor you can plan student’s future schedule for as many as eight terms.

  7. Planner As a student you can only view what’s in your Planner. Your advisor has the capability to edit your Planner.

  8. Audit Tab • It displays students’ degree progress based on the student’s major on file.

  9. What-If Tab • It allows you to process speculative degree audits for a student using their current class history. You can use this tab if you are thinking of changing your major and would like to know where you stand in the new curriculum.

  10. Notes Tab • This allows advisors to make a permanent note of what was discussed and what needs to be done next. You may also want to see what has been discussed with the student by a previous advisor.

  11. GPA Calculator Tab • This calculator can help students in realistic goal-setting at the beginning of a term, precise calculation of their end-of-term GPA using student’s actual academic results, and accurate mapping of student’s paths for achieving honors, avoid probation, or satisfying personal academic aspirations.

  12. GPA Calculator Tab Graduation Calculator This calculator takes Credits Remaining, Credits Required and Desired GPA as input and returns what kind of average the student needs to achieve Desired GPA.

  13. GPA Calculator Tab Term Calculator This calculator is used to calculate end of term GPA based on the student’s performance for the term. It takes course credits and grade as input and returns end of term GPA based on those grades.

  14. GPA Calculator Tab Advice Calculator This calculator takes Desired GPA as input and returns different combinations of grades how a student can achieve that desired GPA.

  15. Looking Ahead Tab • Use this tab to see exactly how a future course can be applied to your graduation requirement. This is similar to running a Planner Audit.

  16. New Features in DegreeWorks Scholarship / Award Indicator… • Set Minimum GPA • Specific Major • Automatic qualification checked

  17. Banner Upgrade • Upgrade from current 7.4 to Banner 8.1 or latest version • Will take place in April 2010 (during the Easter Break) • Improvements on the Web interfaces • Enhancements on Student modules

  18. Banner/Luminis Channels • We will localize and customize the Banner Channels for our employee, academics and students

  19. We will consider… • Create a channel for SSC to post Messages, Notices and Congratulation Notes, etc. for different target audiences • Allow Students to view their grades, course enrolments for the term, advisor information and class schedule at their finger tips

  20. We will consider …more • Provide HR related information such as annual performance appraisal, personnel action… • On the Financial side, may be we can provide more related details on MPF, promotions, etc.

  21. Outside Practice • To allow individuals (academics, administrative or technical staff) to submit claims and report actual hours spent on Outside Practice • To streamline the current workflow and improvement efficiency • Individuals can input, update or revise their submissions (time sheets) at their own convenience • Reduce paper submissions

  22. Outside Practice .…more • Will acquire a module developed by CityU • It will integrate with our Banner HR • Target date for soft launch -- December 2009 • Customizations will be done at a later stage

  23. Questions?