electricity what is it n.
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ElecTricity : What is it? PowerPoint Presentation
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ElecTricity : What is it?

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ElecTricity : What is it? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction About electricity Saving electricity My electricity quiz. ElecTricity : What is it?. Electricity in our lives.

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ElecTricity : What is it?

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Introduction • About electricity • Saving electricity • My electricity quiz ElecTricity: What is it?

    2. Electricity in our lives • My presentation is about electricity in our lives. Electricity is one of the most important aspects of our lives, just as important as water. Today I will discuss a few topics relating to electricity.

    3. About Electricity • First off, electricity is …

    4. Saving Electricity • Next, electricity is important and it can be costly. So, we have to make sure we are doing everything we can to save electricity to make sure we aren’t spending a lot of money and also more importantly helping save the environment.

    5. My Electricity Quiz • I have a quiz you can do later to see how much you know about electricity and about what you’ve learnt from my presentation. • Take quiz

    6. 1) What is electricity? Electricity is only power. Electricity is where power comes from lightning to make things work like lights. Electricity is the presence and flow of electric charge.

    7. 2) What are some examples of electricity? Charges, currents, fields, power. Static, lightning, wires. All of the above.

    8. 3) How can schools save electricity? Always keep the fans on the lowest setting. Only use air conditioners in the hottest weather (if even necessary), turn lights off during the day and turn appliances off at walls when not in use. Turn off the bubblers during class time.

    9. INCORRECT!  Try again!

    10. INCORRECT!  Try again!

    11. INCORRECT!  Try again!

    12. CORRECT!  Next question

    13. CORRECT!  Next question

    14. CORRECT!Wow! You know a lot about electricity! Good work!

    15. What is electricity? • Electricity is actually… • Science is a big part of electricity because…

    16. Where it goes • Electricity goes everywhere in the environment: • Homes • Shops • Schools • Businesses

    17. At home • To save electricity at home, we can do a few things. I got some tips from the Government’s website on saving power. We can: • Get an expert to come and read our power and give us tips face-to-face • Turn off tvs at the wall at night time • Turn lights off when we leave rooms • Don’t use microwaves as much • Use the clothesline instead of the dryer • Have shorter and cooler showers

    18. At school • To save electricity at school, we can do some things too. These are much the same as what we should do at home: • Turn fans off or to a lower setting in winter

    19. In the environment • To save electricity in the environment, we should: • Turn lights off that are not necessary • Use power-saving light bulbs in businesses • Get solar panels installed