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UWG 2013 Meeting PO.DAAC Data Stewardship Status

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UWG 2013 Meeting PO.DAAC Data Stewardship Status - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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UWG 2013 Meeting PO.DAAC Data Stewardship Status. PO.DAAC Emphasis Areas. Data Access. Data Management & Stewardship. Provide intuitive services to discover, select, extract and utilize data. Preserve NASA’s data for the benefit of future generations. Science Information Services.

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Presentation Transcript
po daac emphasis areas
PO.DAAC Emphasis Areas

Data Access

Data Management & Stewardship

Provide intuitive services to discover, select, extract and utilize data

Preserve NASA’s data for the benefit of future generations

Science Information Services

Provide a knowledgebase to help a broad usercommunity understand and interpret satellite ocean data and related information

high level functions
High-Level Functions



Information Providers


Information In

Data In

Information Out

Data Out

High-Level Access Tools


Web Portal


Web Services & Publishing

Direct Data Access



2012 uwg recommendations for data stewardship
2012 UWG Recommendations for Data Stewardship


Recommendation 4: Annual dataset gap analysis and prioritization

Recommendation 8: Work with GHRSST on metadata practices

Recommendation 9: Dialog with the NOAA Unified Access Framework Group

Recommendation 14: GHRSST guidance on L4 products

Recommendation 15: GHRSST guidance on new GHRSST datasets

Recommendation 21: HR-DDS telecom

Recommendation 30-31: Emphasize NSIDC (OBPG) as the official cryosphere (ocean color) DAAC

Recommendation 32: Removal of GHRSST ancillary ocean color dataset

Recommendation 33: Accessibility of ocean color data by PO.DAAC tools and services


Recommendation 6: Create public webpage that documents PO.DAAC’s best practices

Recommendation 18: Review strategies/implementations followed for in situ data management

Recommendation 19: Work with NASA HQ to establish/enforce standards for field campaigns

Recommendation 20: Work with NODC to promote netCDF data templates for field campaigns

  • Purpose
    • Present on new datasets, parameters, missions and best practices
  • Presentation Outline
    • Mission driven datasets
      • Aquarius, Jason, GHRSST, QuikSCAT, obs4MIPS, MEaSUREs
    • Community driven datasets
      • From Dataset Gap Analysis studies in the parameter focus areas of Ocean Temperature, Ocean Topography, Ocean Wind, Gravity, Salinity, Ocean Circulation
      • Also new synergistic parameters of Sea Ice, and Ocean Color
    • SPURS report
mission aquarius
Mission: Aquarius
  • Public Aquarius version 2 released Feb 2012
  • Total 12 dataset versions released during the past year by the project (>250 datasets) and the JPL PI-provided CAP dataset
  • Advising OBPG on implementation of Climate Forecast metadata attributes
  • Support periodic ingest of other Aquarius Cal/Val datasets: MWR, WWAV, Ancillary-HYCOM
  • 954 registered users
  • Announcement: http://podaac.jpl.nasa.gov/announcements/2013-02-25_PODAAC_VALIDATED_AQUARIUS/SAC-D_DATA_SET_RELEASED
jason 1 and grace
Jason-1 and Grace
  • Jason-1 repositioned as geodetic missionas a result of new orbit
    • Jason-1 in safehold since 28 Feb
  • Jason-1 netCDF reformatted by project to correct inconsistencies
  • GRACE reprocessed to version 5
    • Improved gravity model, tide model, atmospheric and ocean dealiasing






  • Met with GHRSST representatives P. Minnett (GHRSST chair), G . Cortlett (Project Office), C. Gentemann (MISST PI)
    • Discussed issues on policies for new GHRSST datasets, and metadata and documentation improvements
    • HR-DDS like system will be proposed through a European ESA call
  • PO.DAAC is continuing to support evolution and extension of ISO and Climate Forecast metadata standards for GHRSST and NASA
  • Preparation ongoing for version 2 datasets from GHRSST
    • Currently testing ingest of revised L4 and L3 datasets, and VIIRS L2P (global 1 km)
  • GOES-15 and Windsat SST version 1 released
  • AATSR sensor on Envisat no longer operating
  • Implemented JPL QuikSCAT L2B version 3 dataset
    • Version 3 is in Preview, awaiting full release (coming soon!)
  • QuikSCAT briefly came back to life for one week in Jan 2013
    • Another reboot by the QuikSCAT Project is under consideration
obs4mips and measures
obs4MIPS and MEaSUREs
  • obs4MIPS
    • Global monthly 1 degree gridded satellite observation for CMIP5 model inter-comparisons
    • AMSRE SST, AVISO Absolute Dynamic Height, QS wind
  • MEaSUREs
    • Reprocessed (or additions) to MUR SST (Chin, JPL), CCMP winds (Atlas, AOML), Integrated SSHA (Ray, GSFC), Tellus (Zlotnicki, JPL)
    • PO.DAAC will archive and distribute future 2012 MEaSUREs selections:
      • New datasets for Sea Level (Willis, JPL), Gravity (Landerer, JPL) and pre-SWOT(Lettenmaier, Univ. of Wash.)
community driven datasets
Community driven datasets


  • New dataset acceptance policy driven by Dataset Gap Analysis
    • Annual review of proposed datasets (not mission mandated).
      • First review completed July 2012. Last in January 2013.
      • 30-40 datasets have been identified as Tier 1 priority
    • Five new datasets have been acquired via this policy
      • Includes new synergistic parameter areas of sea ice and ocean color
sea ice and ocean color
Sea Ice and Ocean Color





  • Acquired David Long’s QuikSCAT-Derived Multi-Year sea ice age classification
    • Fully archived
  • Acquired “remote” datasets for MODIS and SeaWiFS L3 ocean chlorophyll-a
    • Some PO.DAAC tools and services available
    • No archiving or granule distribution
      • Users directed to NASA Ocean Biology Processing Group (OBPG)
ocean wind and topography
Ocean Wind and Topography
  • BYU/SCP Enhanced Resolution Level 3 Sigma-0 datasets from David Long
  • JPL Oceansat-2 L2B dataset
    • Existing MOU allows JPL/NASA access to the data for dataset development and distribution
  • CSEOF Reconstructed Sea Level
spurs report
SPURS Report




  • E. Lindstrom has requested that SPURS in situ and other data be “packaged” for the research community
  • In response PO.DAAC will submit a proposal with F. Bingham (SPURS PI) to NASA ESDIS
    • A hierarchy of data services and commensurate funding will be proposed
    • Complete funding will provide full discovery, access, tools and archive services
  • Following the NASA/ESDIS defined policy on adoption of new “missions” or “campaigns”