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Why Lloyd’s? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why Lloyd’s?

Why Lloyd’s?

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Why Lloyd’s?

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  1. Why Lloyd’s?

  2. The world’s leading specialist insurance market • 93% of Dow Jones Industrial Average companies • 92% of FTSE 100 companies • 86% of Fortune Top 50 European companies • 81% of Fortune 500 US companies • Top 7 pharmaceutical companies • Top 20 banks It provides insurance for the majority of the world’s largest companies It has a global reach and local depth. It does business in over 200 countries. Source: Lloyd’s Why Lloyd's?

  3. Lloyd’s is trusted to insure the world’s toughest risks We have always led the way, being the first to underwrite motor, aviation and satellite insurance. From covering events such as Wimbledon, to insuring helicopters in war torn Baghdad, Lloyd’s underwriters excel in devising tailored, innovative solutions for complex risks. Source: Lloyd’s Why Lloyd's?

  4. A market structure which encourages innovation, speed and value Corporation of Lloyd’s CLIENTS members CorporateGroups Individuals(unlimitedliability) Individuals(through companiesand limited partnerships) Reinsureds 42ManagingAgents Lloyd’s Brokers Service Companies 66Syndicates Commercial Personal Business flow Capital provision Immediate access to decision-makers means that answers on whether a risk can be placed are made quickly, making it attractive to policyholders and participants alike Source: Lloyd’s Why Lloyd's?

  5. An unrivalled concentration of specialist underwriting expertise and talent The market attracts top underwriters and brokers who are… …supported by a high quality, diverse capital base. Source: Lloyd’s Why Lloyd's?

  6. An outstanding reputation for paying valid claims The San Francisco earthquake in 1906 and more recently Hurricane Katrina cemented Lloyd’s track record for paying valid claims. After 9/11 Lloyd’s was commended for paying claims swiftly. We believe in protecting policyholders rather than quibbling. Source: Lloyd’s Why Lloyd's?

  7. A secure and disciplined market with strong, stable ratings The reputation of Lloyd’s for first-class security is recognised by three leading independent rating agencies. The Lloyd’s Market Ratings apply to all business underwritten by all syndicates A ‘Excellent’Affirmed 29 March 2007 Stable Outlook A+ ‘Strong’Affirmed 28 March 2007Stable Outlook A+ ‘Strong’ Affirmed 23 April 2007Stable Outlook Source: Lloyd’s Why Lloyd's?

  8. A bold, vibrant, thriving international business with the ability to accept £16.1 billion in insurance premium. Lloyd’s is one of the best known brands in global insurance, and has been for over 300 years. As it trades into the 21st Century, the Lloyd’s market continues to be at the forefront of world insurance. Source: Lloyd’s Why Lloyd's?

  9. Why Lloyd's?