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HYUNDAI Wacor Tec. Co., Ltd. PowerPoint Presentation
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HYUNDAI Wacor Tec. Co., Ltd.

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HYUNDAI Wacor Tec. Co., Ltd.
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HYUNDAI Wacor Tec. Co., Ltd.

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  1. HYUNDAI Wacor Tec. Co., Ltd.

  2. Products Information Definition of Water-softener (conditioner) What is Water-softener (conditioner) ? It is a water-softening apparatus that changes hard water to soft and fresh water, and does water-softening by reducing and removing calcium, magnesium, etc. included in water through chemical or physical action. By water-softening methods • Ion-exchange resin method • Using ion-exchange resin • Adsorbing Ca, Mg, etc. in water • Needing on-time refreshing work • Natural water-softening method • Using mineral matters • Emitting far-infrared rays, • anion, etc. It is trend that products of native water-softening method replace those of existent chemical ion-exchange resin method HYUNDAI Wacor Tec. Co., Ltd.

  3. 02. 제품소개 Products Information Overview • Model No. GMC-4000 • Materials ABS, ACF block, some ceramic balls, PP, magnet, etc. • - Size 206mm(W) X 430mm(H) (T: 135mm, W: 3.2 Kg ) • Patents Utility model patents & trademark • Others•Using GM-π ceramic, ST ceramic, anion ceramic, antibacterial ceramic, ACF block, ferrite magnet, etc.• Attaching to wall simply using adhesives etc.•Peculiar and elegant product design•Improving water-softening and water-purifying function by strengthening • filter HYUNDAI Wacor Tec. Co., Ltd.

  4. 02. 제품소개 Products Information Strong Points • Strong points •As DIY type of goods, everybody can establish easily to use adhesives • •There is no discomfort of on-time ion-exchange resin refreshing works, and everybody can • keep and manage easily because of having only to change filter regularly.•Inexpensive maintenance•Combining water-purifying function in water-softening (conditioning) way that use • ceramics that contain the mineral matters of selenium, tourmaline, etc.•Through introduction of multiplex functions including various ceramics, block of activated • carbon fiber, ferrite magnet, etc., it supplies a functional water that approximates to the • quality of water of water-purifier HYUNDAI Wacor Tec. Co., Ltd.

  5. 02. 제품소개 Products Information Structure • Outside Structure Front Side Cap Transparent part Ring Body Bracket(I) Base Bracket(L) HYUNDAI Wacor Tec. Co., Ltd.

  6. 02. 제품소개 Products Information Structure • Inside Structure Ⅰ. Water-softening (conditioning) & water-purifying function by filters(3 stages of compressed structure) Ⅱ. Water-softening (conditioning) & water-purifying function by ceramics(4 stages of multilayer structure) Right Left GM-π ceramic ST ceramic Megascopic cross section of filter Anion ceramic Special composition zeolite Antibacterial ceramic Ⅲ. Permanent magnet (1 stage of cylindrical structure) ACF (activated carbon fiber) block Permanent magnet (2,800 gauss of ferrite magnet PP filter Ceramic part Filterpart HYUNDAI Wacor Tec. Co., Ltd. 이너드림

  7. 02. 제품소개 Products Information Contents • Contents ▲ Adhesive ▲ Bracket for wall-sticking ▲ Wrench ▲ Main body ▲ Hose for connection ▲ Shower head ▲ Manual HYUNDAI Wacor Tec. Co., Ltd. 이너드림

  8. 02. 제품소개 Products Information Setup 1. Attach the bracket on the wall to use adhesives 3. Connect the hoses to the main body - 50cm : to the right of the main body - 150cm : to the left of the main body 5. Connect 50cm of hose with the tap 6. Shape after completion 2. Combine the main body to the bracket after 24 hours have passed since attaching bracket on the wall 4. Connect 150cm of hose with the shower head HYUNDAI Wacor Tec. Co., Ltd. 이너드림

  9. 02. 제품소개 Products Information Management • Management method • •Do not need a special management in addition to change filter every 5 ~ 6 months • • Change method of filter • If open the chink of the transparent part and connection ring on the right of the main body, • the filter is exposed. After removing the used filter, insert a new filter. HYUNDAI Wacor Tec. Co., Ltd. 이너드림

  10. 02. 제품소개 Products Information Principle Special Composition Zeolite Stage 1 Softening (conditioning) & purifying water by filters (3 stages’ compressed structure) ACF (activated carbon fiber) Block P.P Filter GM-π Ceramic Stage 2 Softening (conditioning) & purifying water by ceramics (4 stages’ multilayer structure) ST Ceramic Anion Ceramic Antibacterial Ceramic Stage 3 Improving water by magnetic force (1 stage of cylindrical structure) Permanent Magnet HYUNDAI Wacor Tec. Co., Ltd. 이너드림

  11. 02. 제품소개 Products Information Principle Stage 1Softening (conditioning) & Purifying water by filter 1. Special Composition Zeolite • Replacing Ca, Mg, etc. in water with Na ion by cationic exchangeability, changes from hard water to soft water • Strain impurities in water by the superior absorption of microscopic holes in the structure 2. Block of ACF (Activated Carbon Fiber)• As activated carbon fiber, it means the filter that is maximized in the adsorbable capacity by a lot of microscopic holes and the adsorption speed comes to 100 times of the granular activated carbon • Getting rid of residual chlorines, constituents that bedim water, bad smells, general bacteria, etc. 3. P.P Filter• As a kind of non-woven cloths, removes the impurities of rust dregs, limes, etc. HYUNDAI Wacor Tec. Co., Ltd. 이너드림

  12. 02. 제품소개 Products Information Principle Stage 2Body activation by ceramics 1. GM-π Ceramic • Made by compounding new materials of Se, Ge, etc., which is the materials that emit the far-infrared rays, and treating it with heat at a high temperature • Creating an activated water by the activation energy happened by the resonance of water by the far-infrared rays 2.ST (Super Tourmaline) Ceramic • Using tourmaline • Strengthening the absorptiveness and infiltration of water into the skin, cell, etc. by lessening the cluster of water 3. Anion Ceramic •Treating it with heat at a high temperature after compounding anion powder with some new materials • Emitting the far-infrared rays and anions 4.Antibacterial Ceramic• Antibacterial function HYUNDAI Wacor Tec. Co., Ltd.

  13. 02. 제품소개 Products Information Principle Stage 3Body activation by permanent magnet Changing common water to magnetic water by the magnetic force of 2,800 gauss's ferrite magnet HYUNDAI Wacor Tec. Co., Ltd.

  14. Basic Data of the Effects of the Materials Selenium 1. Selenium One of the oxygen group elements belonging to the 6B group of the periodic table Chemical symbol : Se Atomic No. : 34 Discovery It was discovered by J.J. Berzeliusin 1817 and the name originates in the word of 'selene' that means the moon in Greek. (Its color is similar to the moonlight at burning.) Peculiarity • Emits the far-infrared rays Function • As an antioxidant, it strengthens the effectiveness of vitamin E • in body tissue • Prevents that hemoglobin of erythrocyte is oxidized and • damaged • Promotes the restoration of the liver • Prevents poisoning by noxious materials in human body of • mercury, cadmium, etc. • As a kind of minerals that is essential in human body, it helps • to prevent aging HYUNDAI Wacor Tec. Co., Ltd.

  15. Basic Data of the Effects of the Materials Tourmaline 2. Tourmaline Mineral matter belonging to hexagonal system Discovery After, in 1703, a pellucid crystal was discovered in the island of 'Selon' and transmitted to Europe, spread widely as a jewel, the birthstone of October.In 1880, was called tourmaline after Pierre, Mrs. Curie's husband, confirmed that charge is happen -ed in the surface. Peculiarity - Discharges 0.06mA of feeble electric currents forever - Anion is produced by electrolysis - Emits the far-infrared rays - PH 7.2 ~ 7.5 - Contains some minerals 기 능 Function • Anionizes and light-alkalizes the quality of water (Contacts • with moisture of air and makes anion) • Improves the permeation and absorptiveness of water for skin • and cell through activation of water and makes anionized water • - Deoxidation (Neutralizes Oxidation materials) • - Deodorization • - Supplies with the minerals beneficial to the human body • - Antibacterial and sterilizing effect HYUNDAI Wacor Tec. Co., Ltd.

  16. Basic Data of the Effects of the Materials Permanent Magnet 3. Ferrite MagnetMagnet that preserve strongly-magnetized state for a long time Peculiarity 특 성 • 2,800 gauss of magnetic force • Ferrite 기 능 Function • Creates a magnetized hexagonal water (Contacts with • moisture in the air and makes anion) • Hydrogen(H) and oxygen(O) ions, which the molecule of • water, H2O, consists of, move to N-pole and S-pole in • process that pass permanent magnet and the molecules • of water rotate fast by magnetic force • In the process of the collision of anions and molecules, • they subdivide and their clusters are decrescent in the • magnetic field and, at last, water becomes soft magnetiz • -ed water HYUNDAI Wacor Tec. Co., Ltd.

  17. Basic Data of the Effects of the Materials ACF (Activated Carbon Fiber) 4. Activated Carbon Fiber Peculiarity 특 성 • It is called fibrous activated carbon, and a lot of micro- • scopic holes are developed in it by activating thin fiber • Because the specific surface area is large, the adsorbabil • -ity is excellent • Because microscopic holes are exposed to the surface, • the adsorption speed is excellent • It can absorb ingredients in water electively by changing • the sizes of holes • - Available up to the high temperature of 470℃ • Because the microscopic holes are perforate each other, • the permeability is excellent 기 능 Function • Removes the impurities of residual chlorines, common • bacteria, etc. in water • Removes bad smells by peculiar adsorptive capacity of • charcoal HYUNDAI Wacor Tec. Co., Ltd.

  18. Basic Data of the Effects of the Materials Zeolite 5. Zeolite General term of the minerals that is the aluminium silicate hydrates of alkali and alkaline -earth metals Discovery As a kind of feldspars, it was discovered by Cronsted, a Swedish mineralogist. It is designated to the meaning of seeth -ing(ZEO) stone(LITE) Peculiarity 특 성 • Absorption, hygroscopicity, cation-exchange capacity, etc. 기 능 Function • - Deodorization • - Softens water by cation-exchange action • Removes thin impurities in water by the internal microscopic • holes HYUNDAI Wacor Tec. Co., Ltd.

  19. Basic Data of the Effects of the Materials Far-infrared Ray 6. Far-infrared ray Peculiarity 특 성 • Means the beams longer than 25㎛ in wave length among • the infrared rays • A kind of electromagnetic waves that have strong heat • action because of its long wave length • - Absorbed easily into matters • Resonance and sympathy actions to the molecules of • organic compounds are active Function 기 능 • Heat action: Helps the medical treatment of the skin • diseases and promotes the circulation of blood • Promotion of metabolism: Activates the molecular motions • of the substances in human body. • Action on water: Prevents the corruption of water and the • occurrence of moss and raises the concentration of the • dissolved oxygen in water • The effects of growth promotion, immunity improvement, • pain mitigation, the exclusion of bad smells, air-cleaning, • etc. HYUNDAI Wacor Tec. Co., Ltd.

  20. Basic Data of the Effects of the Materials Anion 7. Anion Discovery After Faraday, a British chemist, found the matters moving for the electrodes in the electric field in solution at electrolysis, originates the name from 'ionai' meaning 'Go' in Greek (Plus ion (Cation), Minus ion (Anion)) Peculiarity • Matter that is about 1/1,000mm in size and has the property • of minus(-) electricity Function • Air-cleaning • - Sterilization (antibacterial) & deodorization • - Promotes the growth of plants and so forth • - Changes to alkali constitution • - Activates the cell • - Strengthens immunity • - Purification of the blood & vasodilatation • - Alleviation of pain & urination HYUNDAI Wacor Tec. Co., Ltd.