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Using 2D Code

Fall Seminar. Using 2D Code. Presented By Derreck Ford. Jet Equipment Corporation. Agenda. JET Equipment Corporation Overview 2D Code Technology Overview Cost and Benefits of 2D vs. 1D 2D Code Readers & Vision Systems IMS TM Software Questions Demonstration & Site Tour.

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Using 2D Code

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  1. Fall Seminar Using 2D Code Presented By Derreck Ford Jet Equipment Corporation

  2. Agenda • JET Equipment Corporation Overview • 2D Code Technology Overview • Cost and Benefits of 2D vs. 1D • 2D Code Readers & Vision Systems • IMSTM Software • Questions • Demonstration & Site Tour Using 2D Code

  3. JET Equipment Corporation Overview • An International One-Stop Shop Product Identification Solutions Provider • Turnkey industrial ink jet, laser marking, dot peening, scribing and label application systems. • Ancillary bar code and 2D Code hardware, vision systems and material handling equipment. Using 2D Code Customersserved Industriesserved

  4. 2D Code Technology Overview • Started in 1992 • Trend towards Mil-Std-130 • Ability to store more data than linear barcodes • Ability to read poor or damaged 2D code • More cost efficiency Using 2D Code

  5. Types of 2D Codes Maxi Code Data Matrix Using 2D Code Micro PDF 417 Snowflake RSS

  6. Data Matrix • For Small Parts Marking • Used By: • Automotive • NASA • Pharmaceutical • Semi-conductors • High degree of redundancy • Resistance to printing defects • Stores from 1 to about 2,000 characters • Ranges from 0.001 inch per side up to 14 inches per side Using 2D Code

  7. Maxi Code • Used by the United Parcel Service • Size is 1.11 x 1.054 inches and contains up to 93 data characters of information Using 2D Code • Includes error correction • Encodes two messages • 1.) Encodes the postal code, country code and the class of service number. • 2.) Encodes address data but it can also encode other types of information.

  8. Snowflake • Encodes more than 100 numeric digits in a space of only 5mm x 5mm • Used in the pharmaceutical industry Using 2D Code • Includes selectable levels of error correctionup to 40%

  9. RSS • Reduced Space Symbology is a high density 1D bar code • Encodes standard UCC/EAN item numbers - up to 14 digits - in a very small footprint Using 2D Code RSS-14 limited RSS-14 Stacked • Several variants of RSS exist, including Stacked, Limited, and Expanded RSS Expanded RSS Stacked Composite RSS Limited Composite EAN 13 composite

  10. Micro PDF 417 • A 2D stack code derived from and closely based on PDF417 Using 2D Code • Stores up to about 1,800 printable ASCII characters or 1,100 binary character per symbol • Used by the DOD, electronics,healthcare, logistics, and manufacturing industries • Common use on drivers' license cards and for national ID cards globally • Includes fixed levels of error correction

  11. Cost and Benefits of 2D vs. 1D • Holds more information in limited amount of space • Reads omni-directional • Prints quality and contrast are much less critical than with 1-D bar codes or stacked bar codes • Allows independent database with complete freedom of movement • Has encryption providing additional security • Eliminates time consuming and error prone manual data entry because 2D codes are machine-readable Using 2D Code

  12. 2D Code Readers • 2 Types: • Fixed--- Fixed or Stationary readers require the 2D code to be in the same field of view from part-to-part. • Hand Held---Hand Held readers are mobile readers. Available as wireless, battery operated, wedge or RS232. Using 2D Code

  13. 2D Code Readers (Hand Held) • Manufacturers: Welch-Allyn, Symbol, HHP, RVSI Acuity and Code Corp. Using 2D Code

  14. 2D Code Readers (Fixed) • Manufacturers: Cognex, DVT, RVSI, Omnitron, Microscan, and SICK Using 2D Code

  15. IMSTM Software • IMSTM 2701 • IMSTM 4001 Using 2D Code LMS System w/IMS 4001 Software

  16. IMSTM 2701 Software • Device interface software providing 2D code and barcode capabilities to ink jet printers and laser marking systems. • Ability to custom tailor bar codes to achieve ANSI Grade “B” or better on most surfaces. • User password protected. Using 2D Code

  17. IMSTM 2701 Software • Controls Domino, Videojet, Imaje and other industrial inkjet printers • Provides 2D and 1D code printing capabilities • Supports automatic inspection & verification of printed 2D and 1D codes • Individual Device Status is constantly displayed Using 2D Code

  18. IMSTM 4001 Software • Provides motion control (X/Y/Z) to moving print head systems. • Supports Read – Mark – Inspect part marking process. • Provides alphanumeric text, 2D and 1D code and logo printing capabilities. • Supports low cycle time, multiple part marking. Using 2D Code

  19. Conclusion Implementing 2D codes into your manufacturing operation requires many upfront decisions. JET’s expertise in 2D code technology and product marking can provide invaluable knowledge and experience. Contact JET at info@jetec.com for assistance. Using 2D Code

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