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LOGISTICS ACHIEVER AWARDS 2009. [Company Name] [Submission Title]. Judging Process. Round 1: Pre-selection against Minimum LAA Entry Criteria

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[Company Name] [Submission Title]

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[Company Name]

[Submission Title]

judging process
Judging Process
  • Round 1: Pre-selection against Minimum LAA Entry Criteria
  • Each company, wishing to submit an entry to LAA, must submit an Entry Form with a brief overview of their entry (Problem/Objective, Solution and Results)
  • Judges review the entry summaries.
    • All entries which meet minimum criteria, are invited to submit a full Entry Template and notified to schedule a date for a site visit. These Entry Templates to be received by closing date.
    • Those entrants not meeting minimum criteria, will be contacted by one of the judges with a "recovery" suggestion or a suggestion to delay the entry for a year.
  • Round 2: Site Visits
  • A Champion Judge is assigned to each entry with a minimum of 2 judges attending the site visit.
  • At a special Judges meeting, the Champion Judges give feedback on visits and a short-list selection is made.
  • Short Listed entrants are invited to present to the full Judging Panel.
  • Round 3: Evaluation against Final Presentation
  • All Judges score each entry during the Final Presentations
  • Round 4: Final Scoring Meeting
  • Final list of entries is discussed - Judges have the responsibility to submit their scores after listening to inputs from others. Final results are made after this scoring process.