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Weibel History

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Weibel History - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Weibel History. Established in 1977 by Erik T. Larsen Based on M.P. Weibel from 1936 Peder R. Pedersen is CEO and President In Weibel since 1983 Finn Kobberø is Sales Manager In Weibel since 1987 Weibel is privately owned

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weibel history
Weibel History
  • Established in 1977 by Erik T. Larsen
    • Based on M.P. Weibel from 1936
  • PederR. Pedersen is CEO and President
    • In Weibel since 1983
  • Finn Kobberø is Sales Manager
    • In Weibel since 1987
  • Weibel is privately owned
  • Offers more than 30 years of radar experience – R&D, Design& Production.
  • Currently +2500 Radar systems in operation world wide
  • Currently MVRS Systems
    • +2500 MVRS in operation
    • +2000 in order
    • +15 years in operation
    • +20 deployed countries

Weibel proprietary

weibel scientific a s
Weibel Scientific A/S

Weibel Scientific is the global leader in the

market for advanced Doppler radar systems.

For over seventy years, we have been designing, manufacturing, and delivering cutting-edge velocity and position measuring instruments to customers around the world.

Weibel proprietary

certification iso9001 2008
Certification ISO9001:2008
  • Weibel operates a modern QA system covering
    • R&D , manufacturing and sales activities
    • Test and calibration done at the factory or performed in the field
    • After sale through life maintenance and support
    • ISO 9001:2008 Certified and audited by a DANAK accredited institution
  • The QA system ensures
    • Sustained and reliable performance conformal to the specifications and requirements
    • Calibration and accuracy traceable to national standards
    • Focus on customer requirements and contractual requirements
    • On time delivery
    • Access to after sales support and maintenance for through life support

Weibel proprietary

cw doppler principle
CW Doppler Principle

Weibel was the first company to use FFT for velocity calculations in small Muzzle Velocity radars, back in 1982

Weibel proprietary

the mvrs 700 family
THE MVRS-700 Family

A Weibel Product

Weibel proprietary

features in the mvrs
Features in the MVRS


  • Variable Frequency (NEW)
    • New Doppler module
    • Parallel operation of several systems without interference
  • Self Calibrating Technology
    • Reduces logistics cost
  • Motion Compensation
    • Compensates MV result for the actual gun Jump
  • Detachable Display (D-700)
    • For operation without the fire control computer


  • Few circuit boards
    • And connections
  • Ethernet & RS-422 interface
  • Standby mode
  • High reliability

Weibel proprietary

moco motion compensation
MoCo – Motion Compensation

Gun Jump

  • Being mounted on the gun itself, the MVR is exposed to the gun jump and moves with the gun immediately after firing.
  • The radar therefore measures the sum of projectile velocity and the gun jump
  • The gun jump alone can cause as much as a 2 m/s error in the reported MV
  • The actual gun jump varies with several parameters:
    • Muzzle velocity
    • Firing elevation
    • Ground conditions
    • Etc.
  • Therefore it is necessary to measure and compensate for the actual gun jump
    • To provide MV results with the required high accuracy
    • Typically 0.05%

Weibel proprietary

measured gun jump 155 mm
Measured Gun Jump – 155 mm

NOTE: The Gun Jump - Affects the entire 0.5 sec measurement

Weibel proprietary

compensated and raw velocity
Compensated and Raw Velocity

- 1.16 m/s difference

- 0.14% MV error

Weibel proprietary

improved accuracy
Improved accuracy


■ The precision with motion compensation is 15-20 times higher than without

■ The gun jump effect varies ≈40% with a 17% change in the muzzle velocity.

Weibel proprietary

seca self calibration
SeCa – Self Calibration


  • By ensuring the velocity readings are always calibrated the SeCa option eliminates the need for scheduled calibration and check outs.
  • The system can remain installed on the gun through it entire service life
  • Thus reducing the cost of ownership

Weibel proprietary

accurasy and measurents
Accurasy and measurents

Weibel proprietary

setup and using
Setup and using


  • 1 cable 3 functions
  • >10sec startup
  • Intuitive user interface (Up-down, left-right, enter, menu & power)
  • Robust construction (if you drop it, it will break your feet)
  • Combined weight is 12kg, meaning 1 guy can carry the set
  • No parameter settings
  • Arm & fire
  • Self calibration means reliable and thrusts worthy results
  • Training can be done in 2 days, and passed on (we recommend 4-5 days)

Weibel proprietary

where it s being used
Where it’s being used
  • MVRS-700
  • MVRS-700C,
  • MVRS-700SC &
  • MVRS-700SCD models
  • Feeds MV data directly to the fire control systems as an integrated part of all modern artillery systems
    • PzH-2000, KMW, Germany
    • 155/52, Santa Barbara Sistemas, Spain
    • Paladin, Northrop Grumman/US Army
    • FH2000, Singapore
    • M-777, Selex, Edingburg/Canadian Army
    • G6, Denel, South africa
    • AMOS, PATRIA & BAE Landsystems, Finland/Sweden
    • ARCHER, BAE Bofors, Sweden
    • KRAB, HSW, Poland
    • And many others…

Weibel proprietary

swiss army
Swiss Army
  • Since 1992
  • First customer for MVR
  • Selected based on thorough testing
  • Self-Calibration important
  • Lowest TCO (total Cost of Ownership)

Weibel proprietary

further on
Further on
  • Dutch Army,Since 1994
  • Lowest priced technical compliant solution
  • German Army & Navy, Since 1996
  • Selected for the PzH-2000 based on technical performance
  • Acceptable price/performance
  • Danish Army, Since 1997
  • Lowest priced technical compliant solution
  • Singapore Army, Since 1998
  • Selected after thorough testing, including field testing in Australia

Weibel proprietary

even further on
Even further on…
  • Finnish Defense Forces, Since 2002
  • Selected for based on technical performance
  • Though climatic and mechanical performance requirement
  • Acceptable price/performance
  • In 2011 Weibel provided a firmware modification to the systems to accommodate new requirements
  • Norwegian Army & Navy, Since 2002
  • Selected based on Price/performance
  • Greek Army,
  • Since 2005
  • Procured with the German PzH-2000
  • Chilean Army,
  • Since 2005
  • Selected based on Price/performance
  • New Zealand Army, Since 2006
  • Selected based on Price/performance
  • Italian Army & Navy, Since 2004
  • Procured with the German PzH-2000
  • Swedish Army,
  • Since 2008
  • Selected based on Price/performance
  • After performance verification on the new BAE Systems ARCHER Howitzer system
  • The Swedish army previously used a MV radar from AWL that had significant lag of performance on the ARCHER system

2004 - Italy

2006 - Canada

2011 - USA

2008 - Sweden

2004 - Norway

2005 - Chile

2006 - New Zealand

2002 - Finland

2005 - Greece

2003 - USA

Weibel proprietary

success story 1
Success story 1
  • Canadian Army,Since2006
  • Selected based on extensive field testing under winter conditions
  • RSL failed to provide the required support during the trail and did not achieve any valid measurement
  • Weibel was selected based on the outstanding technical performance, and competitive price
  • Weibel achieved the required expedited procurement to meet the requirement for the Canadian armed forces campaign in Afghanistan
  • 16 system has been deployed to Afghanistan and used extensively for 5 years with only a single minor defect (fuse)

Weibel proprietary

success story usa
Success story USA
  • US Army, Since 2003
  • Replaced the RSL radar on the M109A6 Paladin, the RSL MVR had serious performance issues
  • During the original qualification trails in 1993, the MVRS-700 was the only technical compliant solution
  • This is the only MVR contract Weibel has lost in open competition during the last 19 years.
  • The RSL radar was originally purchased following a formal protest and retesting, delaying the acquisition procedure
  • Selected for based on technical performance
  • 1100 units delivered and operational

Weibel proprietary

usa continued
USA Continued
  • U.S: ARMY ; M777A2 & M119A2, 2011
  • The MVRS-700SC was selected as the only technical acceptable MV radar after a competitive selection process with RSL and EDH as competing systems
  • The army required a high accuracy with a 100% of the time
  • Inaccurate data “potentially has a cumulative effect of increasing the likelihood of a fired round either falling short or over shootings its intended target” which in either case “significantly increases the changes of fractricide and/or striking civilian-populated areas”
  • The RSL failed to provide accurate MV on 35 of 94 (37% fault rate) rounds fired
  • The Weibel MVRS-700 performed accurately on the required 100%
  • The price was found to be competitive
  • Again RSL filed a formal complaint with GAO delaying the Army’s acquisition process, the complaint was rejected
  • As publiced on March 28, 2011

Weibel proprietary

real usage
Real usage


Weibel proprietary

about the support
About the support
  • More than 2500 MVR systems in operation
  • Weibel conducts 3rd or 4th level maintenance
    • for all fielded units
  • Documentation and training for
    • 1st and 2nd level maintenance
  • 1st and 3rd level spares
  • More than 300 units pr. year are being produced
  • More than 2000 units are ordered

Weibel service concept:

“We are where the customer needs us

and wants us to be”.

Weibel proprietary

we know about radar s
We know about radar’s
  • Muzzle Velocity Radar Systems
  • Active Protection Radar System
  • Doppler Radar Systems
  • Tracking Radar Systems
  • Multi Frequency Tracking Radar Systems
  • Mobile TSPI / Debris Instrumentation Radars
  • Ranging Radar for 3rd party Platform

Weibel proprietary