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TE 801 Week 3

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TE 801 Week 3 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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TE 801 Week 3. Cultivating Practices of Equity and Cultural Relevance . Education of Ms. Groves. As you watch the video pay attention to: The conflict between what Ms. Groves has learned and what Ms. Groves needs to learn How Ms. Groves learns

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te 801 week 3

TE 801 Week 3

Cultivating Practices of Equity and Cultural Relevance

education of ms groves
Education of Ms. Groves
  • As you watch the video pay attention to:
    • The conflict between what Ms. Groves has learned and what Ms. Groves needs to learn
    • How Ms. Groves learns
    • The role of the student in Ms. Grove’s learning
    • What you are learning
    • Similarities and/or differences between this situation and your school placement
culture and cultural relevance
Culture and Cultural Relevance
  • What do we mean by culture?
  • What do we mean when we say “culturally responsive” teaching and learning in mathematics?
  • What is meant by the “cultural deficit model?”
  • Do you have examples of superficially culturally relevant teaching/learning?
  • How do you know they are superficial?
  • What do you need to do to teach in a culturally relevant manner?

Perimeter of Hexagon Trains

Find the perimeter of each of the hexagon trains below. Look for a pattern that will help you find the perimeter of the 12th train in the sequence.

Find the perimeter of the 12th train using the pattern you discovered, but without drawing the 12th train.

Train # 1 Train # 2 Train # 3 Train # 4

project one parts 1 3
Project One Parts 1-3
  • Saving Files
  • Naming Files LastnamePPT2 LastnameObs
  • Observation of teaching
  • Part III
  • Feedback/grades
  • Missing Work
three quotes
Three Quotes
  • The part of this quote that I question is if I would ask my parents what kind of math they are doing at home with their children. I feel that some parents may feel intimidated by this question. Others may think that it is my job as a teacher to teach their child and that it is not my place to push this on them as parents. I think that the method that I use to discuss mathematics with my students’ parents should be determined after I form relationships with the parents and understand where they are coming from.
three quotes1
Three Quotes
  • there are boundaries set between the teachers and the parents that appear crossed. Simply by its phrasing, the parents roles are undermined and somewhat disrespected (“Solicit”, “a little extra time”, “assume responsibility”). All parents are not ignorant to their child’s needs or are all them struggling to incorporate mathematical concepts into their everyday lives with their children. Some might not seek or want assistance from their children’s teachers. This is not to say that it is okay but it is realistic. The parents need the upmost respect.
three quotes2
Three Quotes
  • Many of the parents do not speak English and I do not speak very much Spanish so I will need to come up with ways that I can communicate with the parents to show that I want their involvement in their child's education. I have also been told that many of them are not educated past elementary school so I hope to find ways that they can be included without feeling ill-equipped for the job. I do not want to come across as superior. I want to be in partnership with them in educating their child.
three quotes3
Three Quotes
  • Although I felt that family nights were a great idea, I don't think every teacher has the opportunity to visit their students' homes.
  • Yes, you are right about not being invasive part of the family's lives. If we, as teachers, overstep our boundaries, it could create a negative association between us and the parents. If we are looked a upon unfavorably, there's more hurt to the student than help. Teachers
three quotes4
Three Quotes
  • the other day a parent came in and said her daughter did not finish her homework because the mom did not know how to do it.
  • I have heard a few of my students say my mom did this for me. 
  • Just the other day a parent said her child could not do the homework because it was not written in Spanish so the parent was unable to help out
three quotes5
Three Quotes
  • Bringing food into the classroom to use for props can get the kids attention while still being fun.  
  • The parents at my elementary school are very busy with working multiple jobs and supporting a number of children.
  • In class today a student came up to the board and my CT pressed her to explain her answer and how she got it. The student stood there for literally 5 minutes saying that she did not know how she got it and did not want to explain.
three quotes6
Three Quotes
  • The article goes on to explain that she gives other students the opportunity to correct each other.  While I am slightly questioning of this, I appreciate the idea that she allows the students to think through their own ideas.
  • The more math you can relate to the real world, the better the understanding.  Often, math seems so intimidating because it seems like its something you can't relate to.