the one best way frank and lillian gilbreth n.
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The One Best Way Frank and Lillian Gilbreth PowerPoint Presentation
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The One Best Way Frank and Lillian Gilbreth

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The One Best Way Frank and Lillian Gilbreth - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The One Best Way Frank and Lillian Gilbreth. Troy D. Bethards. Who Influenced the Gilbreths?. Fredrick Taylor E.J. Marey Adam Smith Charles Babbage. What Influenced the Gilbreths?. Electric availability Advancements in manufacturing technology. Manufacturing Technology.

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Presentation Transcript
who influenced the gilbreths
Who Influenced the Gilbreths?
  • Fredrick Taylor
  • E.J. Marey
  • Adam Smith
  • Charles Babbage
what influenced the gilbreths
What Influenced the Gilbreths?
  • Electric availability
  • Advancements in manufacturing technology
manufacturing technology
Manufacturing Technology

Changed the following:

  • Managements presence
  • Pay issues
  • Working conditions
  • Labor problems
gilbreths contributions to management theory
Gilbreths’ Contributions to Management Theory
  • Drifting process
  • Motion study

“Analyzing an activity into its smallest possible elements, and from the results synthesizing a method of performing the activity that shall be more efficient.”

--Frank Gilbreth

gilbreths study of motion
Gilbreths’ Study of Motion
  • Doctors
  • Disabled persons
  • Baseball players
  • Golfers
  • Brick layers
  • Homemakers
gilbreths main goals in working with companies
Gilbreths’ Main Goals in Working with Companies
  • Increase efficiency by removing unnecessary movements
  • Reduce fatigue for employees
gilbreths contributions to management
Gilbreths’ Contributions to Management
  • Employer and employee must cooperate in the work process for benefits to occur.
positions employees occupy in the organization
Positions Employees Occupy in the Organization
  • The job he had – the teacher
  • The job he has – the teacher & learner
  • The job he will have – the learner
gilbreths contributions to management theory1
Gilbreths’ Contributions to Management Theory
  • Frank and Lillian integrated science into management by:
    • Proper planning
    • Gathering
    • Arranging
    • Systematizing information
gilbreths methods of data collection
Gilbreths’ Methods of Data Collection
  • Pictures
  • Motion pictures
  • Cyclographs
  • Chronocyclographs
gilbeths methods of analyzing data
Gilbeths’ Methods of Analyzing Data
  • Therbligs
    • System developed to analyze the basic movements of the body.
    • Simo chart (Simultaneous motion chart)
therblig groupings
Therblig Groupings
  • Effective classifications
    • Physical basic divisions
      • Reach
      • Move
      • Grasp
      • Release
      • Preposition
therblig groupings1
Therblig Groupings
  • Effective classifications
    • Objective Basic Divisions
      • Use
      • Assemble
      • Disassemble
therblig groupings2
Therblig Groupings
  • Ineffective classifications
    • Mental or semimental basic divisions
      • Search
      • Select
      • Position
      • Inspect
      • Plan
therblig groupings3
Therblig Groupings
  • Ineffective classifications
    • Delay
      • Unavoidable delay
      • Avoidable delay
      • Rest to overcome fatigue
      • Hold
gilbreths contribution to management theory
Gilbreths’ Contribution to Management Theory
  • Items to determine the “one best way”
    • Motion study
    • Fatigue study
    • Skill study
    • Time study
gilbreths contributions to management theory2
Gilbreths’ Contributions to Management Theory
  • Skill study – The best way of acquiring or transferring a skill.
gilbreths contributions to management theory3
Gilbreths’ Contributions to Management Theory
  • Three steps to improving the teaching process
    • Determine the most effective way to do the work
    • In the shortest time possible, convey the best way to do a task
    • Use a presentation method that will be remembered the longest
criticisms of gilbreths work
Criticisms of Gilbreths’ Work
  • Skill is required for some therblig movements
  • Too many variables to establish one best way
  • Therbligs do not fully explain the movement
criticisms of gilbreths work1
Criticisms of Gilbreths’ Work
  • Not necessarily good to standardize everything
  • Consider human element in work
  • Motion study can be frustrating