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How to make and use videos in presentations

Hints on how to make interesting videos. A powerpoint presentation that utilizes videos and movement to create interest in presentations.Originally designed as an In-Service for people not familiar with using video cameras to create short movies for use in power points presentations.AH Michael

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How to make and use videos in presentations

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  1. Video In-Service

  2. What Makes a Good Video? A few random thoughts on - Getting Started - Telling a story - Equipment - The art of shooting - The art of Editing

  3. Pre-Production • Script/Plan/Story • Profession films require them • Some videos need a story board • Causal project may just need a short narrative with well conceived CONCEPT • “an organized idea that turns a bunch of footage in to a coherent program”

  4. II - Shoot to Edit (The Three C’s) • Coverage- provide enough footage to show viewers all the essentials of the place and events • Continuity - Continuous flow of action created by cutting separate shots together invisibly • Cutability - Matching action and screen direction to enhance the cutability of two shots: so the transition is invisible to audience

  5. Orient the viewer (they can only see what you show them) Shoot to Edit ‘Coverage’ • Establishing shot - pan if necessary • Essential shots - necessary for viewer to to understand the situation • Medium & Close shots - close up and personal (waist up and two person shots) work well. • Really close,“The Insert” - close-up of the information.

  6. III - Camera & Shooting(Deadly Sins) 1 - Don’t - Over use zoom • Constant zooming in and out is difficult to watch! • Motorzooming • Use when subject is far away • Be careful of the nausea-cam • Consider ‘dollying’ instead

  7. III - Camera & Shooting( Deadly Sins) 2 - Subject (keep them out of center) • Divide the TV into thirds and place the subject there • Keep the subject in the frame • Keep the eyes in the top 1/3 of the frame

  8. Give some head room

  9. Keep eyes of subject at I/3 down from top

  10. Leave room for movement

  11. III - Camera & Shooting (Deadly Sins) Steady Shooting 3 - Use a tripod • Zooming magnifies any shake or movement • Get as close as possible when shooting handheld video • When moving do it slowly and deliberately • Use any solid surface as platform • Tripods, monopods, Flying Supports, Image Stabilization

  12. III - Camera & Shooting (Deadly Sins) 4 - The Five Second Rule • Start recording 5 seconds before the action • Stop 5 seconds after the action • Useful for editing, transitions • Remember tape is cheap roll lots of it • Concentrate and anticipate • Snapshot shooting (2 - 3 seconds) !!!

  13. Do you really need a movie? Using The Power of PowerPoint

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  19. Welcome to Landisville

  20. Thank you Alan H Michael Ahmichael4@yahoo.com

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