bridging the gap coordinating caf until national ecaf l.
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“Bridging the Gap” – Coordinating CAF until national eCAF PowerPoint Presentation
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“Bridging the Gap” – Coordinating CAF until national eCAF

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“Bridging the Gap” – Coordinating CAF until national eCAF - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“Bridging the Gap” – Coordinating CAF until national eCAF. Margaret Cole. Impact of National Announcement 25 th July 2007.

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“Bridging the Gap” – Coordinating CAF until national eCAF

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impact of national announcement 25 th july 2007
Impact of National Announcement 25th July 2007

announcing the support that “the Government will provide to front-line professionals in children's services by implementing a single national IT system to support the Common Assessment Framework (eCAF)” (Hansard)

  • Suspended our local eCAF system procurement
  • Decision taken by Leicester City, Leicestershire & Rutland NOT to go ahead with a local eCAF system
  • What do we do in the meantime to help practitioners to implement CAF?
caf local ecaf national ecaf
CAF local eCAF national eCAF

Confused? We have just said that there isn’t going to be a local eCAF?

X - a single local eCAF computer system installed and implemented across the three authorities for everyone to use

Y - electronic means of recording the CAF assessment and sending it where it needs to go- worked out at a local level depending on what is already in place and what the practitioners want

why not just wait now for national ecaf
  • There is no timetable yet available for national eCAF so the interim period could be a number of years
  • “All local authority areas are expected to implement the CAF, along with the lead professional role and information sharing, between April 2006 and March 2008”(DCSF)
  • Inconvenience of the manual processes around the CAF form for the practitioners
  • Risks of a purely paperbased system
  • If we’ve got technology why don’t we use it (if it will make life easier, improve monitoring and control and therefore IMPROVE OUTCOMES! )
local ecaf
Local eCAF

e –


  • Data capture using the WORD version of the CAF form
  • Communication of the form using secure means (eg secure email, AVCO encryption tools)
  • Storage of the CAF data on the Bridges Access database for monitoring & coordination
  • Analysis of the CAF data on the Bridges Access database for statistical purposes & future service commission
  • Flag on local Case Management Systems to show that the child has a CAF

Whenis this going to happen?

  • CAF is being implemented NOW
  • WORD version of the CAF form is available NOW (by download from Bridges website)
  • BRIDGES ACCESS database is already in use
  • A revised version of the WORD form (version 2) will be available in the New Year
  • Planning & Testing secure communications links has started
  • In 2008 the rollout of CAF will include instructions on how and when to work electronically in their locality