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2013 Camp Card Kickoff PowerPoint Presentation
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2013 Camp Card Kickoff

2013 Camp Card Kickoff

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2013 Camp Card Kickoff

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  1. 2013 Camp Card Kickoff

  2. Why Camp Card? • The Camp Card Sale helps ensure every Scout has the opportunity to attend and earn his way to a summer camp program; Scouts who attend Summer Camp stay in Scouting longer, reaping all of the Scouting program benefits. • Whether the unit needs an additional fundraiser or not, the sale of Camp Cards can help Scouts’ parents offset the expenses associated with paying for summer camp. • Commission from the sale of Camp Cards may be used for unit needs as the unit committee sees fit. • Funds generated from the Camp Card sales will help Circle Ten Council support multiple camp maintenance projects at each of our 4 Camps.

  3. 2013 Camp Card Style & Vendors

  4. 2013 Camp Card Style & Vendors

  5. 2013 Camp Card Style & Vendors • Kroger—Save $5.00 off a $50.00 purchase • Bass Pro Shops—Save $5.00 off a $50.00 purchase • Mobil 1 Lube Express—Save $5.00 off any service • Texas Rangers—Save up to 40% off select game tickets • 6 Flags over Texas—Everyone Pays Kids’ Price! • Sports Clips Haircuts—Save $5.00 off an MVP Haircut • Good Eats—Save $2.00 off a $10.00 purchase • Frisco RoughRiders-$10 Food Credit FREE on select tickets • Papa John’s Pizza—25% off entire order • El Chico Café—Save $2.00 off a $10.00 purchase • SeaLife—Free Child’s ticket with purchase standard full-price admission ticket • Hurricane Harbor—Everyone Pays Kids’ Price! • LegoLand—Free Child’s ticket with purchase standard full-price admission ticket

  6. How the Camp Card Sale Works • The 2013 Camp Card is designed to help youth fund their way to 2013 Camp programs. • This is a Risk Free Unit Sales project where all Scouts can earn their way to Camp, Philmont, other activities or simply support unit program or supplies needs. • Each Camp Card will sell for only $5.00 to the general public and will have multiple food, service and entertainment discounts for the customer to use throughout the year. • The participating unit will keep 50% commission of the sales for each Camp Card sold; units keep commission on the front end and only pay Circle Ten for 50%. • With the $5.00 Kroger discount, the Camp Card PAYS FOR ITSELF! • Commissions from the sales are encouraged to be applied toward directly sending youth to Summer Camp programs, but they may be used as the unit committee sees fit.

  7. The Value of Selling Camp Cards Participating in the Camp Card allows each Scout to directly fund their way to various Camp programs ProgramCostSales per Youth (in cards) Cub Scout Day/Twilight Camp $60 = 24 Cards per youth to sell Parent & Pal Weekend $60 = 24 Cards per youth to sell Webelos Camp $125= 50 Cards per youth to sell Boy Scout Summer Camp $220 = 88 Cards per youth to sell National High Adventure Bases $800 = 320 Cards per youth to sell

  8. Incentives Unit Sales Incentives: • Sign-up by February 19th and settle your account by May 24th to receive 50% commission throughout the entire sale • Sign-up by February 19th, settle your account by May 24th and sell a minimum of 250 Camp Cards and be in a drawing for a $250 Visa Gift Card Youth Sales Incentives: • Sell 25 Camp Cards and you will be eligible for the weekly drawings for a $25 Wal-mart Gift Card. For every 25 cards you sell you will be entered in to the drawing. (Included in your handout) • To be entered into the weekly drawings: Fax the Camp Card Verification Form to Circle Ten Council: 214-902-6789, or scan and email to lyn.graham@scouting.orgby Friday at 5 pm. • You only need to send 1 time for each 25 Camp Cards Sold • In addition to being entered into the weekly drawings for every 25 Camp Cards you sell, you will be entered into our grand prize drawing for your choice of an iPod, iPad or X-Box 360; drawing will be held on June 14th.

  9. 3 primary avenues to sell Camp Cards • Door to Door • Show and Sell • Kroger Sales • Do Not Contact Any Kroger Store Directly. • To sell at a local Kroger visit immediately following this meeting to sign-up for sales slots in front of your local Kroger; Do Not Wait—Kroger locations will fill up quickly. • Be Courteous to other units; Do Not overbook Kroger Store Sales; only sign up for dates and times you know you can cover. • Each unit can sign-up for 5 slots initially. We will communicate by e-mail when you can sign-up for more slots. • Other Locations • Make sure to think of and secure locations in addition to Kroger. • Sales at Locations other than Kroger need to be set up individually. Bass Pro Shops for Garland location contact Elise Zelanko; 469.221.2600, for Bass Pro Grapevine location contact Becky French at • Corporate Sales • All of the above—Don’t limit yourself! Try to sell more than 1 Camp Card to each customer!

  10. Your Support • Unit Camp Card Coach—You have been assigned a coach to support you in your sales efforts. • District Camp Card Chair—Lead district volunteer in Camp Card sales efforts • District Executive—Your District Executive is always more than willing to support you! • For any and all questions, do not hesitate to contact your coach or District Executive. • Visit for support forms and a copy of this presentation.

  11. Unit Camp Card Chair Job Description • Ensure your unit is signed-up for the 2013 Camp Card sales by February 19th. • Set a challenging sales goal for your unit that pays for the unit’s camp and program needs • Understand and communicate the impact your unit’s participation has on Scouting at all levels • Boy/Parent Level - Get your full camp experience paid for through the sales • Unit Level - More Scouts that have a summer camp experience stay in Scouting • Council Level – Supports the Council through supporting the Circle Ten Camps • National Level- More boys have the opportunity to go to High Adventure Camps • Understand the sale deadlines, unit incentives, youth incentives and how to fill out the paperwork/tracking forms • Set up your Unit’s “Sale Calendar & Schedule” • Enthusiastically promote the sale – to both youth and parents

  12. Unit Camp Card Chair Job Description (cont.) • Attend the Council Camp Card Kickoff on March 4th @ 7:00 p.m. • Plan and conduct your unit’s Camp Card Kickoff (ideally to be held by March 9th) • Reconcile unit account between May 10th - May 24th. This includes: • Collecting all money for sold cards and unsold cards not returned • Collecting all unsold cards • Reconciling check out receipts • Ensuring everything is turned in on time to Circle Ten Council • Remember, units keep their commission on the front end; 100% of unsold cards must be collected and turned in with payment; units are responsible for payment of sold cards and any unsold cards not returned.

  13. Camp Card Timeline • February 19 DLD 100% Units signed up to sell Camp Cards for full commission • March 4 Council Camp Card Kickoff – 6 locations (Camp Cards Distributed) • March 4 Camp Card Sale Begins • May 3 Camp Card Sale Ends • May 10 Units to begin turning in money and unsold Camp Cards (*Note—Units keep commissions and only turn in unsold cards & money due council) • May 24 Last day for Units to turn in money and unsold Camp Cards • May 31 Commission drops to 35% commission • June 7 Commission drops to 25% commission • June 14 Sales Incentive Drawings Held

  14. Camp Card Packet • Unit Camp Card Handout/Forms Review – Leaders Guide Camp Card Info – Camp Card Contest Verification Form -- Youth Camp Card Receipt (sample) – Camp Card Tracking Sheet – Booth Sale Etiquette – Kroger Information – Calendar 2. Unit Camp Card Packet– Youth Sales Folders – Youth Camp Card Receipts – Cards 3. Unit Camp Card Receipt (at table w/cards)4. All Forms and Sales Support Materials will be available to print at

  15. Other • Settle your unit account by May 24 at either Circle Ten Council Service Center • Keep your 50% commission • Pay Circle Ten Council 50% commission for total sales and any unreturned Camp Card • Return any unsold Camp Cards • To avoid lines, don’t wait until May 24th to settle your account (please have your Unit Camp Card Receipt with you and your returned cards counted in groups of 25 to make the process easier) • If you sell all of your camp cards early you may settle your account at any time for all the cards issued to your unit and receive additional cards. (Based on additional reserve supply at the Council offices) • Control your Camp Cards by not issuing all your cards to your families at the beginning of the sale. • If you need additional Camp Cards after you sell the cards issued to you please let your District Executive know; Circle Ten Council will do our best to accommodate your needs. • Make sure your Scouts are selling; if you find you have too many Camp Cards, please inform your District Executive to potentially help accommodate other unit’s needs. • PLEASE-DO NOT SWAP OR TRADE CAMP CARDS with other units.

  16. Action Items • Pick Up your Camp Card Sales Packet at your district table before departing the building. • Pick up your cards and count them before you leave. • Sign Unit Camp Card Receipt verifying you received your order—will be used to settle your account at end of sale. (Please count your cards before you go) • Original Top Copy Stays at Checkout Table • Middle Copy Goes to Your District Executive • Keep Bottom Copy for Your Records • Return your Unit Camp Card Receipt to get your Camp Card Sales packet. (manila envelope and cards) • Kickoff your unit sales within 1 week of Today! • Make sure to enter your Scouts selling 25 or more cards into each weekly drawing (may enter for every 25 cards sold).

  17. Thank You for the important role you are serving to help make each and every young person’s Scouting experience fun and memorable! You are making a difference!

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